Implications of prostate inflammation on male fertility.


:The prostate is the seat of three major causes of morbidity: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer and prostatitis, three conditions in which inflammation has been implicated. A state of inflammation of the prostate gland, originally incited by an infection, an autoimmune response, a neurogenic stimulus or another trigger may have consequences on prostate functionality. In fact, male fertility depends intrinsically on the content of prostatic fluid factors secreted by the prostatic epithelium. Taking into account that the prostate gland is the major male accessory gland that exerts essential functions for male fertility, a state of local inflammation can alter male fertility by either directly impairing sperm quality or, indirectly, by causing prostate dysfunction. In the present review, we summarise the current knowledge regarding prostatitis due to well-known infections such as Escherichia coli, Chlamydia trachomatis and other commonly identified microorganisms focusing on inflammatory markers detected during these infections and seminal quality and male fertility alterations reported. We also focused on type III prostatitis or chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome, of unknown aetiology, in which inflammation of an autoimmune origin, neurogenic stimuli or another trigger have been proposed and fertility alterations reported.






Motrich RD,Salazar FC,Breser ML,Mackern-Oberti JP,Godoy GJ,Olivera C,Paira DA,Rivero VE




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  • The medical treatment of male infertility.

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  • The evaluation of free-L-carnitine, zinc and fructose in the seminal plasma of patients with varicocele and normozoospermia.

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  • Pentoxifylline increases sperm penetration into zona-free hamster oocytes without increasing the acrosome reaction.

    abstract::Several drugs have been used to stimulate human sperm motility, including 3-deoxy-adenosine, caffeine, and pentoxifylline. Pentoxifylline is an inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase and may stimulate sperm motility by increasing the intracellular levels of cAMP. In this study we have evaluated the effect of pentoxifyllin...


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  • Deregulation of Aurora kinase gene expression in human testicular germ cell tumours.

    abstract::The Aurora kinases regulate chromosome segregation and cytokinesis, and alterations in their expression associate with cell malignant transformation. In this study, we demonstrated by qRT-PCR analysis of 14 seminomas that Aurora-A mRNA was, with respect to control tissues, augmented in five of 14 tumour tissues by 2.1...


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  • Outcome of microsurgical testicular sperm extraction in familial idiopathic nonobstructive azoospermia.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to evaluate the sperm retrieval rate by microsurgical testicular sperm extraction (TESE) in familial idiopathic nonobstructive azoospermia (NOA). One hundred and nineteen patients with idiopathic NOA who underwent microsurgical TESE over the past 5 years were included. Patients were then divid...


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  • Quercetin mitigates fenitrothion-induced testicular toxicity in rats.

    abstract::Fenitrothion (FNT) is a widely used organophosphorus pesticide in agriculture. Quercetin (QR), a plant-derived flavonoid, has a free radical scavenging property. This study investigated the protective effect of QR on FNT-induced testicular toxicity in rats. Twenty-four male rats were divided into four groups. Group I ...


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  • Generation of antisera against mouse and human synthetic ZP3 peptides.

    abstract::The ZP3 protein is a zona pellucida glycoprotein which plays a major role in sperm binding and induction of the acrosome reaction. ZP3 proteins occur in various mammalian zonae pellucidae; their primary structures are highly conserved as revealed by cDNA cloning. We generated antisera against synthetic peptides that a...


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  • Evaluation of various doses of testosterone on accessory reproductive organs and plasma testosterone in intact and gonadectomized rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).

    abstract::The effect of 10 days i.m. treatment of testosterone propionate (TP) on plasma testosterone and accessory reproductive organs were studied in adult (6 to 6 1/2 kg) male rhesus monkeys, housed under natural light conditions using six different dose levels. The study was scheduled in the month of September and October. ...


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  • Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase from the fungal strain Humicola lutea 103 improves ram spermatozoa functions in vitro.

    abstract::In this study we determined the effect of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation during incubation in media at 39 degrees C on ram spermatozoa and the protection by exogenously added antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD). A novel Cu/Zn-SOD, isolated from the fungal strain Humicola lutea 103 (HLSOD), was use...


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  • Reversible testosterone-induced azoospermia in a 45-year-old man attending an infertility outpatient clinic.

    abstract::A 45-year-old male with azoospermia was presented to us with primary infertility. We found that he had been taking testosterone due to erectile dysfunction. Upon its discontinuation, the normozoospermia was restored. This led to a pregnancy. In men aged 40-50, the diagnostic work up of testosterone deficiency should b...


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  • In vivo effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) extract on reproductive functions in the rat.

    abstract::An aqueous extract of Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali; TA) roots is traditionally used to enhance male sexuality. Because previous studies are limited to only few sperm parameters or testosterone concentration, this study investigated the in vivo effects of TA on body and organ weight as well as functional sperm para...


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  • Progressively motile human spermatozoa are well protected against in vitro lipid peroxidation imposed by induced oxidative stress.

    abstract::Semen samples of 24 patients were analysed. Volumes were measured and the numbers of progressively motile (PMS), motile (MS) and nonmotile spermatozoa (NMS) were determined. These 24 samples appeared to show a large variation in motility percentages and numbers. Spermatozoa of these semen samples were isolated from th...


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  • Use of microbeads for the detection of binding sites on the human zona pellucida: a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) assay.

    abstract::One prerequisite for fertilization is the specific binding of spermatozoa to the zona pellucida. However, the factors and mechanisms involved in this gamete contact are not well understood. Gamete recognition and binding are species-specific and are controlled by oligosaccharides of the zona and their corresponding ca...


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  • Paternal lifestyle factors in relation to semen quality and in vitro reproductive outcomes.

    abstract::This prospective-cohort study aimed at investigating the influence of paternal lifestyle factors on semen parameters and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcomes. The influence of paternal lifestyle factors on seminal quality and ICSI outcomes was investigated in male patients undergoing conventional semen ana...


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  • Effects of continuous long-term testosterone therapy (TTh) on anthropometric, endocrine and metabolic parameters for up to 10 years in 115 hypogonadal elderly men: real-life experience from an observational registry study.

    abstract::Subnormal levels of testosterone are associated with significant negative health consequences, with higher risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. The numbers of studies reporting on the benefits of normalisation of testosterone is increasing but longer-term data on (elderly) men receiving testosterone treatm...


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  • A human morphologically normal spermatozoon may have noncondensed chromatin.

    abstract::According to numerous assisted reproductive medicine practitioners, semen with normal characteristics might not require further investigation. However, on the scale of the individual spermatozoon, it is well known that normal morphology does not guarantee optimal nuclear quality. Here, for 20 patients with normal sper...


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  • Quantitative and ultrastructural study of germinal epithelium in testicular biopsies with "mixed atrophy".

    abstract::In 17 cases of male sterility with so-called "mixed atrophy" in testicular biopsies, the germinal epithelium was investigated by quantitative as well as by ultrastructural means. In 13 cases, the number of spermatids only was reduced, in 2 cases earlier stages of germinal cells were diminished also. Normal quantitativ...


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  • Effect of lycopene on testicular androgenic and anti-oxidative enzymes in cyproterone acetate-induced male infertile Wistar strain albino rats: An in vitro study.

    abstract::Incidents of male infertility are mushrooming worldwide. Oxidative stress plays a prime role for its onset. Considering this background, the study was designed to focus the direct role of lycopene on cyproterone acetate (CPA) induced testicular hypofunction in rat. Four groups have been considered including the vehicl...


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  • Augmentation of luteinizing hormone action by prostaglandin E2 in the prevention of antispermatogenic effect of indomethacin. Indomethacin & spermatogenesis.

    abstract::Administration of indomethacin exhibited antigonadal action by inhibiting the Leydig cells, sex-accessories and spermatocyte-spermatid conversion process. Administration of PGE2 or PGF2 alpha had no effect on Leydig cell nuclear volume or accessory organ weights, but PGE2 had a restorative effect on the efficiency of ...


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  • Azoospermia and maturation arrest: malfunction of valves in erect poster of humans leads to hypoxia in sperm production site.

    abstract::Maturation arrest (MA) of spermatogenesis is diagnosed on histology as interruption of spermatogenesis before the final stage without impairment of Sertoli or Leydig cells. It is considered a condition of irreversible or absolute infertility. Varicocele, which represents impairment in the testicular venous drainage sy...


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  • S100A7 is present in human sperm and a homologous pig sperm protein interacts with sperm-binding glycoprotein (SBG).

    abstract::In sows, the oviductal sperm-binding glycoprotein (SBG), which binds to the periacrosomal region of boar sperm, has been shown to be involved in sperm selection. In this work, we isolated porcine sperm proteins that interact with SBG. One of them is identified as a homologue of human S100A7 (psoriasin). Anti-human S10...


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  • The treatment of male subfertility with kallikrein.

    abstract::In a controlled double blind trial the effectiveness and tolerability of Kallikrein in patients suffering from astheno-oligozoospermia was examined in comparison to placebo. 30 patients with astheno-oligozoospermia of idiopathic origin entered the study; they were subdivided into two homogeneous groups of 15 patients ...


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    authors: Izzo PL,Canale D,Bianchi B,Meschini P,Esposito G,Menchini Fabris GF,Fasani R,Ohnmeiss H

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  • Electrophoretic characterization of mouse epididymal esterases in inbred lines and in a natural population.

    abstract::Esterase isozymes were studied in mouse epididymis of two inbred strains (C57BL, DBA/2) and in a natural population (Swiss OF1), by using vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and staining with alpha or beta-naphthyl acetate as a substrate. Eighteen (C57BL), 17 (DBA/2) or 16 (Swiss OF1) epididymal isozymes were ...


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    authors: Abou-Haila A,Fain-Maurel MA

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  • Enzyme levels in semen of men with different types of azoospermia.

    abstract::The levels of eight enzymes have been measured in the semen of 15 azoospermic subjects. The results indicate that the values of the enzymes Creatine kinase, and Alanine aminotransferase, just as the Aspartate aminotransferase/Alanine aminotransferase ratio are significantly different between excretory and secretory az...


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    authors: Gonzalez Buitrago JM,Garcia Diez LC

    更新日期:1982-01-01 00:00:00

  • Genetic analysis of HOXA11 gene in Chinese patients with cryptorchidism.

    abstract::Cryptorchidism is the most common congenital anomaly in male children. Its aetiology remains unknown in the majority of cases. Because HOXA11 plays a vital role in regulating testicular descent, genetic variants in HOXA11 genes may contribute to the risk of cryptorchidism. In this study, mutation analysis was performe...


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