Construction of the REACHES climate database based on historical documents of China.


:This paper describes the methodology of an ongoing project of constructing an East Asian climate database REACHES based on Chinese historical documents. The record source is Compendium of Meteorological Records of China in the Last 3000 Years which collects meteorology and climate related records from mainly official and local chronicles along with a small number of other documents. We report the digitization of the records covering the period 1644-1795. An example of the original records is translated to illustrate the typical contents which contain time, location and type of events. Chinese historical times and location names are converted into Gregorian calendar and latitudes and longitudes. A hierarchical database system is developed that consists of the hierarchies of domains, main categories, subcategories, and further details. Historical events are then digitized and categorized into such a system. Code systems are developed at all levels such that the original descriptive entries are converted into digitized records suitable for treatment by computers. Statistics and characteristics of the digitized records in the database are described.


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Wang PK,Lin KE,Liao YC,Liao HM,Lin YS,Hsu CT,Hsu SM,Wan CW,Lee SY,Fan IC,Tan PH,Ting TT




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