Characterization of a novel MICB variant in an individual from the Chinese Uyghur population, MICB*005:09, by cloning and sequencing.


:A new allelic variant in MICB*005 lineage, MICB*005:09, has been identified in a male Uyghur individual recruited from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China by PCR-sequence-based typing (Sanger sequencing) and confirmed by cloning and sequencing. Aligned with MICB*005:03, this new allelic variant shows a synonymous T substitution at nucleotide position 8 in exon 2, corresponding to codon 3 (CAC→CAT) of the mature MICB mRNA transcript.


Int J Immunogenet


Tursun M,Wang Z,Guo W,Hasim A,Tian W




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    abstract::We report here the novel variant of HLA-DRB1*09:01, DRB1*09:01:08, discovered in a Taiwanese volunteer bone marrow donor by a sequence-based typing (SBT) method. The DNA sequence of DRB1*09:01:08 is identical to the sequence of DRB1*09:01:02 in exon 2 except a silent mutation at nucleotide position 261(C→T) (GCC→GCT a...

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  • Promoter polymorphism of IL-18 gene in pulmonary tuberculosis in South Indian population.

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