Sepsis-induced Takotsubo syndrome in young premenopausal women: Two case reports.


RATIONALE:Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) most commonly occurs in postmenopausal women who have been exposed to a triggering event such as acute physical or emotional distress. Sepsis-induced TTS in young premenopausal women were rarely reported. In particular, the relationship between sepsis-induced TTS and sepsis-induced cardiomyopathy (SIC) remains to be illuminated. PATIENT CONCERNS:Two young premenopausal women were admitted to the hospital with sepsis and myocardial involvement. DIAGNOSIS:Both patients fully met the Mayo Clinic criteria for TTS. INTERVENTIONS:Both patients received anti-infection and fluid infusion treatment. OUTCOMES:Both patients were discharged without complications and the follow-up ultrasonic echocardiography showed normal results. LESSONS:In this report, we describe 2 young premenopausal women with sepsis-induced TTS. There is an overlap between sepsis-induced TTS and SIC, and SIC could be a special type of TTS, which occurs under the stress of sepsis.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Wang F,Wen W




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