Effect of Fe(II) on reactivity of heterotrophic denitrifiers in the remediation of nitrate- and Fe(II)-contaminated groundwater.


:Heterotrophic denitrifiers, capable of simultaneous nitrate reduction and Fe(II) oxidation, can be applied for the remediation of nitrate and Fe(II) combined contamination in groundwater. Under strictly anaerobic condition, denitrifying microbial communities were enriched with the coexistence of soluble nitrate, Fe(II) and associated nutrient elements to monitor the denitrification process. Low abundance of Fe(II) (e.g., 10 mg L-1 in this study) tended to stimulate the activity of denitrifying microbial communities. However, elevated Fe(II) concentration (50 and 100 mg L-1 in this study), acted as a stress, strongly inhibited the activity and reproduction of denitrifiers. Besides, through thermodynamics calculations, methanol rather than Fe(II) was proved to be the preferable electron donors for both energy metabolism and anabolism. Betaproteobacteria was found to be the most predominant (sub)phylum in all enriched microbial assemblages. Methylovesartilis was the most predominant group mainly catalyzed for methanol based denitrification, and others denitrifiers included Methylophilaceae, Dechloromonas and Denitratisoma. Excessive Fe(II) in the solution greatly reduced the proportions of these denitrifying groups, while the influence seemed to be less apparent on functional genes composition. As such, a conceptional metabolism pathway of the most dominant genus (i.e., Methylovesartilis) for nitrate reducing as well as methanol and Fe(II) oxidation confirmed that biotic nitrate reducing and Fe(II) oxidizing were potentially proceeded in cytoplasm by enzymes such as NarGHI. The Fe(II) oxidation rate depended on the rate of Fe(II) entering into the cell. These findings provide a clear mechanistic understanding of heterotrophic denitrification coupling with Fe(II) oxidation, and environmental implication for the bioremediation of nitrate and Fe(II) contaminated groundwater.


Ecotoxicol Environ Saf


Liu Y,Feng C,Sheng Y,Dong S,Chen N,Hao C




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2018-12-30 00:00:00












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