No associations exists between red blood cell distribution width and serum uric acid in both sexes.


:The aim of this study was to determine whether there was a significant association between red blood cell distribution width (RDW) and uric acid (UA) in a large Chinese population.This was a cross-sectional study with an enrollment of 80,298 ostensibly healthy participants (48,971 males, 31,327 females) during the period from 2011 to 2015. In the study, database was grouped by sex and the association between RDW and UA was analyzed by quartiles of RDW.UA values between different sexes and RDW subgroups were analyzed by 2-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni t tests. Prevalence of hyperuricemia in different sexes was calculated. The relationship between risks of hyperuricemia and RDW level was analyzed by binary logistic regression with or without adjustment for age and body mass index.UA values were not all the same between different sexes and RDW subgroups. Males had significantly higher hyperuricemia prevalence than females (20.00% vs 6.48%, P < .01). In addition, hyperuricemia prevalence in males decreased slightly across RDW quartiles, but was stable in females. No significant association between hyperuricemia risk and RDW was found in both sexes according to the results of multivariate logistic regression analysis. Similarly, negative results were also observed in multivariate linear analysis when both RDW and UA were considered as continuous variable.We could not find any significant relationship between RDW and UA in both sexes.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Zhang C,Meng Z,Li X,Liu M,Ren X,Zhu M,He Q,Zhang Q,Song K,Jia Q,Chen Q




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