Analysis of the regulation of gene expression during Bacillus subtilis sporulation by manipulation of the copy number of spo-lacZ fusions.


:The control of expression of the Bacillus subtilis spoIIA locus was analyzed by titrating gene expression against gene copy number. A plasmid integrated into the B. subtilis chromosome and carrying the spoIIA control region fused to Escherichia coli lacZ was forced to form tandem repeats by the selection of clones that grow on high levels of chloramphenicol, the antibiotic against which the plasmid determines resistance. DNA from the clones was digested with BglII, which did not cut in the reiterated region, and the size of the fragment was determined by orthogonal-field-alternation gel electrophoresis to determine the copy number. Most clones had fairly homogeneous copy numbers. Gene expression was monitored by beta-galactosidase activity. The results indicate that spoIIA was under positive control by a moiety present at about five copies per chromosome. Spore formation was not affected by amplification, so spoIIA-lacZ reiteration did not sequester a molecule required elsewhere for sporulation.


J Bacteriol


Journal of bacteriology


Piggot PJ,Curtis CA




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1987-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Quantification of group A colicin import sites.

    abstract::Pore-forming colicins are soluble bacteriocins which form voltage-gated ion channels in the inner membrane of Escherichia coli. To reach their target, these colicins first bind to a receptor located on the outer membrane and then are translocated through the envelope. Colicins are subdivided into two groups according ...

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  • The tdh and serA operons of Escherichia coli: mutational analysis of the regulatory elements of leucine-responsive genes.

    abstract::The tdh promoter of Escherichia coli is induced seven- to eightfold when cells are grown in the presence of exogenous leucine. A scheme was devised to select mutants that exhibited high constitutive expression of the tdh promoter. The mutations in these strains were shown to lie within a previously identified gene (lr...

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