Sexual dimorphism in immunity across animals: a meta-analysis.


:In animals, sex differences in immunity are proposed to shape variation in infection prevalence and intensity among individuals in a population, with females typically expected to exhibit superior immunity due to life-history trade-offs. We performed a systematic meta-analysis to investigate the magnitude and direction of sex differences in immunity and to identify factors that shape sex-biased immunocompetence. In addition to considering taxonomic and methodological effects as moderators, we assessed age-related effects, which are predicted to occur if sex differences in immunity are due to sex-specific resource allocation trade-offs with reproduction. In a meta-analysis of 584 effects from 124 studies, we found that females exhibit a significantly stronger immune response than do males, but the effect size is relatively small, and became non-significant after controlling for phylogeny. Female-biased immunity was more pronounced in adult than immature animals. More recently published studies did not report significantly smaller effect sizes. Among taxonomic and methodological subsets of the data, some of the largest effect sizes were in insects, further supporting previous suggestions that testosterone is not the only potential driver of sex differences in immunity. Our findings challenge the notion of pervasive biases towards female-biased immunity and the role of testosterone in driving these differences.


Ecol Lett


Ecology letters


Kelly CD,Stoehr AM,Nunn C,Smyth KN,Prokop ZM




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2018-12-01 00:00:00












  • Means and extremes: building variability into community-level climate change experiments.

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  • Prediction of forest aboveground net primary production from high-resolution vertical leaf-area profiles.

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  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic influences on life history expression: metabolism and parentally induced temperature influences on embryo development rate.

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  • Opposing effects of floral visitors and soil conditions on the determinants of competitive outcomes maintain species diversity in heterogeneous landscapes.

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  • Insect predators affect plant resistance via density- and trait-mediated indirect interactions.

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  • Shared morphological consequences of global warming in North American migratory birds.

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  • Cuticular hydrocarbons as a basis for chemosensory self-referencing in crickets: a potentially universal mechanism facilitating polyandry in insects.

    abstract::Females of many species obtain benefits by mating polyandrously, and often prefer novel males over previous mates. However, how do females recognise previous mates, particularly in the face of cognitive constraints? Female crickets appear to have evolved a simple but effective solution: females imbue males with their ...

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  • Rapid decreases in relative testes mass among monogamous birds but not in other vertebrates.

    abstract::Larger testes produce more sperm and therefore improve reproductive success in the face of sperm competition. Adaptation to social mating systems with relatively high and low sperm competition are therefore likely to have driven changes in relative testes size in opposing directions. Here, we combine the largest verte...

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  • A practical guide to measuring local adaptation.

    abstract::Patterns of local adaptation are expected to emerge when selection is spatially heterogeneous and sufficiently strong relative to the action of other evolutionary forces. The observation of local adaptation thus provides important insight into evolutionary processes and the adaptive divergence of populations. The dete...

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  • Toxic cascades: multiple anthropogenic stressors have complex and unanticipated interactive effects on temperate reefs.

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  • Time, transients and elasticity.

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  • Assembly history dictates ecosystem functioning: evidence from wood decomposer communities.

    abstract::Community assembly history is increasingly recognized as a fundamental determinant of community structure. However, little is known as to how assembly history may affect ecosystem functioning via its effect on community structure. Using wood-decaying fungi as a model system, we provide experimental evidence that large...

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  • Genetic and demographic founder effects have long-term fitness consequences for colonising populations.

    abstract::Colonisation is a fundamental ecological and evolutionary process that drives the distribution and abundance of organisms. The initial ability of colonists to establish is determined largely by the number of founders and their genetic background. We explore the importance of these demographic and genetic properties fo...

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  • Kin competition accelerates experimental range expansion in an arthropod herbivore.

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  • Eating down the food chain: generalism is not an evolutionary dead end for herbivores.

    abstract::The role of trophic specialisation in taxonomic diversification remains unclear. Plant specialists diversify faster than omnivores and animalivores, but at shorter macroevolutionary scales this pattern sometimes reverses. Here, we estimate the effect of diet diversification on speciation rates in noctilionoid bats, co...

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  • Contact networks structured by sex underpin sex-specific epidemiology of infection.

    abstract::Contact networks are fundamental to the transmission of infection and host sex often affects the acquisition and progression of infection. However, the epidemiological impacts of sex-related variation in animal contact networks have rarely been investigated. We test the hypothesis that sex-biases in infection are rela...

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  • Different axes of environmental variation explain the presence vs. extent of cooperative nest founding associations in Polistes paper wasps.

    abstract::Ecological constraints on independent breeding are recognised as major drivers of cooperative breeding across diverse lineages. How the prevalence and degree of cooperative breeding relates to ecological variation remains unresolved. Using a large data set of cooperative nesting in Polistes wasps we demonstrate that d...

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  • Latitudinal gradients in climatic-niche evolution accelerate trait evolution at high latitudes.

    abstract::Despite the importance of divergent selection to the speed of evolution, it remains poorly understood if divergent selection is more prevalent in the tropics (where species richness is highest), or at high latitudes (where paleoclimate change has been most intense). We tested whether the rate of climatic-niche evoluti...

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  • Diversity-stability relationship varies with latitude in zooplankton.

    abstract::Analyses of temporal patterns of diversity across a wide range of taxa have found that more diverse communities often show smaller compositional changes over time. This generality indicates that high diversity is associated with greater temporal stability in species composition. We examined patterns of diversity and c...

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  • Latitudinal patterns of herbivore pressure in a temperate herb support the biotic interactions hypothesis.

    abstract::The longstanding biotic interactions hypothesis predicts that herbivore pressure declines with latitude, but the evidence is mixed. To address gaps in previous studies, we measured herbivory and defence in the same system, quantified defence with bioassays, and considered effects of leaf age. We quantified herbivory a...

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  • Global patterns in fine root decomposition: climate, chemistry, mycorrhizal association and woodiness.

    abstract::Fine root decomposition constitutes a critical yet poorly understood flux of carbon and nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems. Here, we present the first large-scale synthesis of species trait effects on the early stages of fine root decomposition at both global and local scales. Based on decomposition rates for 279 pla...

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  • Ecological intensification to mitigate impacts of conventional intensive land use on pollinators and pollination.

    abstract::Worldwide, human appropriation of ecosystems is disrupting plant-pollinator communities and pollination function through habitat conversion and landscape homogenisation. Conversion to agriculture is destroying and degrading semi-natural ecosystems while conventional land-use intensification (e.g. industrial management...

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  • Size-abundance rules? Evolution changes scaling relationships between size, metabolism and demography.

    abstract::Body size often strongly covaries with demography across species. Metabolism has long been invoked as the driver of these patterns, but tests of causal links between size, metabolism and demography within a species are exceedingly rare. We used 400 generations of artificial selection to evolve a 2427% size difference ...

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  • Microbial responses to warming enhance soil carbon loss following translocation across a tropical forest elevation gradient.

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  • Global shifts towards positive species interactions with increasing environmental stress.

    abstract::The study of positive species interactions is a rapidly evolving field in ecology. Despite decades of research, controversy has emerged as to whether positive and negative interactions predictably shift with increasing environmental stress as hypothesised by the stress-gradient hypothesis (SGH). Here, we provide a syn...

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  • Quantifying multivariate plasticity: genetic variation in resource acquisition drives plasticity in resource allocation to components of life history.

    abstract::Acquisition and allocation of resources are central to life-history theory. However, empirical work typically focuses only on allocation despite the fact that relationships between fitness components may be governed by differences in the ability of individuals to acquire resources across environments. Here, we outline...

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