Observation of Coulomb gap in the quantum spin Hall candidate single-layer 1T'-WTe2.


:The two-dimensional topological insulators host a full gap in the bulk band, induced by spin-orbit coupling (SOC) effect, together with the topologically protected gapless edge states. However, it is usually challenging to suppress the bulk conductance and thus to realize the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect. In this study, we find a mechanism to effectively suppress the bulk conductance. By using the quasiparticle interference technique with scanning tunneling spectroscopy, we demonstrate that the QSH candidate single-layer 1T'-WTe2 has a semimetal bulk band structure with no full SOC-induced gap. Surprisingly, in this two-dimensional system, we find the electron-electron interactions open a Coulomb gap which is always pinned at the Fermi energy (EF). The opening of the Coulomb gap can efficiently diminish the bulk state at the EF and supports the observation of the quantized conduction of topological edge states.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Song YH,Jia ZY,Zhang D,Zhu XY,Shi ZQ,Wang H,Zhu L,Yuan QQ,Zhang H,Xing DY,Li SC




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2018-10-04 00:00:00












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  • Methylglyoxal couples metabolic and translational control of Notch signalling in mammalian neural stem cells.

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  • Quantifying the polygenic contribution to variable expressivity in eleven rare genetic disorders.

    abstract::Rare genetic disorders (RGDs) often exhibit significant clinical variability among affected individuals, a disease characteristic termed variable expressivity. Recently, the aggregate effect of common variation, quantified as polygenic scores (PGSs), has emerged as an effective tool for predictions of disease risk and...

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  • Highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction via facile bubble transport realized by three-dimensionally stack-printed catalysts.

    abstract::Despite highly promising characteristics of three-dimensionally (3D) nanostructured catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzers (PEMWEs), universal design rules for maximizing their performance have not been explored. Here we show that woodpile (WP)-structured ...

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  • Using metacommunity ecology to understand environmental metabolomes.

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