Novel Functions of Death-Associated Protein Kinases through Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-Related Signals.


:Death associated protein kinase (DAPK) is a calcium/calmodulin-regulated serine/threonine kinase; its main function is to regulate cell death. DAPK family proteins consist of DAPK1, DAPK2, DAPK3, DAPK-related apoptosis-inducing protein kinases (DRAK)-1 and DRAK-2. In this review, we discuss the roles and regulatory mechanisms of DAPK family members and their relevance to diseases. Furthermore, a special focus is given to several reports describing cross-talks between DAPKs and mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK) family members in various pathologies. We also discuss small molecule inhibitors of DAPKs and their potential as therapeutic targets against human diseases.


Int J Mol Sci


Elbadawy M,Usui T,Yamawaki H,Sasaki K




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2018-10-04 00:00:00










  • Mycobacteriophages as Potential Therapeutic Agents against Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.

    abstract::The current emergence of multi-, extensively-, extremely-, and total-drug resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis poses a major health, social, and economic threat, and stresses the need to develop new therapeutic strategies. The notion of phage therapy against bacteria has been around for more than a century ...

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  • Recurrent structural motifs in non-homologous protein structures.

    abstract::We have extracted an extensive collection of recurrent structural motifs (RSMs), which consist of sequentially non-contiguous structural motifs (4-6 residues), each of which appears with very similar conformation in three or more mutually unrelated protein structures. We find that the proteins in our set are covered t...

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  • Genetic and Hormonal Regulation of Chlorophyll Degradation during Maturation of Seeds with Green Embryos.

    abstract::The embryos of some angiosperms (usually referred to as chloroembryos) contain chlorophylls during the whole period of embryogenesis. Developing embryos have photochemically active chloroplasts and are able to produce assimilates, further converted in reserve biopolymers, whereas at the late steps of embryogenesis, se...

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  • Ruscogenin Attenuates Cerebral Ischemia-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction by Suppressing TXNIP/NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and the MAPK Pathway.

    abstract::Ruscogenin, an important steroid sapogenin derived from Ophiopogon japonicus, has been shown to inhibit cerebral ischemic injury. However, its potential molecular action on blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction after stroke remains unclear. This study aimed to investigate the effects of ruscogenin on BBB dysfunction a...

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  • Dead but Not Dead End: Multifunctional Role of Dead Organs Enclosing Embryos in Seed Biology.

    abstract::Dry fruits consist of two types, dehiscent and indehiscent, whereby the fruit is splitting open or remains closed at maturity, respectively. The seed, the dispersal unit (DU) of dehiscent fruits, is composed of three major parts, the embryo and the food reserve, encapsulated by the maternally-derived organ, the seed c...

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  • Aptamers against the β-Conglutin Allergen: Insights into the Behavior of the Shortest Multimeric (Intra)Molecular DNA G-Quadruplex.

    abstract::In previous work, a 93-mer aptamer was selected against the anaphylactic allergen, β-conglutin and truncated to an 11-mer, improving the affinity by two orders of magnitude, whilst maintaining the specificity. This 11-mer was observed to fold in a G-quadruplex, and preliminary results indicated the existence of a comb...

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  • Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Siloxane for Temperature-Responsive Photonic Coatings.

    abstract::Temperature-responsive photonic coatings are appealing for a variety of applications, including smart windows. However, the fabrication of such reflective polymer coatings remains a challenge. In this work, we report the development of a temperature-responsive, infrared-reflective coating consisting of a polymer-stabi...

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  • Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow for NSCLC Critical Samples Using a Targeted Sequencing Approach by Ion Torrent PGM™ Platform.

    abstract::Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a cost-effective technology capable of screening several genes simultaneously; however, its application in a clinical context requires an established workflow to acquire reliable sequencing results. Here, we report an optimized NGS workflow analyzing 22 lung cancer-related genes to ...

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    authors: Vanni I,Coco S,Truini A,Rusmini M,Dal Bello MG,Alama A,Banelli B,Mora M,Rijavec E,Barletta G,Genova C,Biello F,Maggioni C,Grossi F

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  • Protective Effects of Euphrasia officinalis Extract against Ultraviolet B-Induced Photoaging in Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts.

    abstract::Ultraviolet (UV) radiation induces skin photoaging, which is associated with the elevation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and the impairment of collagen. The Euphrasia species play a well-known role in the treatment of certain eye disorders through their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activities. However, t...

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  • Resistance to Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Therapy in a Rat Model of Chronic Kidney Disease Associated Anemia.

    abstract::This study aimed to elucidate the mechanisms explaining the persistence of anemia and resistance to recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) therapy in a rat model of chronic kidney disease (CKD)-associated anemia with formation of anti-rHuEPO antibodies. The remnant kidney rat model of CKD induced by 5/6 nephrectomy...

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  • Comprehensive Analysis Reveals Novel Interactions between Circulating MicroRNAs and Gut Microbiota Composition in Human Obesity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The determinants that mediate the interactions between microRNAs and the gut microbiome impacting on obesity are scarcely understood. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate possible interactions between circulating microRNAs and gut microbiota composition in obesity. METHOD:The sample comprised 78 s...

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  • Clinical Outcomes of 217 Patients with Acute Erythroleukemia According to Treatment Type and Line: A Retrospective Multinational Study.

    abstract::Acute erythroleukemia (AEL) is a rare disease typically associated with a poor prognosis. The median survival ranges between 3-9 months from initial diagnosis. Hypomethylating agents (HMAs) have been shown to prolong survival in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and AML, but there is limited data of their ...

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    authors: Almeida AM,Prebet T,Itzykson R,Ramos F,Al-Ali H,Shammo J,Pinto R,Maurillo L,Wetzel J,Musto P,Van De Loosdrecht AA,Costa MJ,Esteves S,Burgstaller S,Stauder R,Autzinger EM,Lang A,Krippl P,Geissler D,Falantes JF,Pedr

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  • TRPV4: A Physio and Pathophysiologically Significant Ion Channel.

    abstract::Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels are a family of ion channels whose members are distributed among all kinds of animals, from invertebrates to vertebrates. The importance of these molecules is exemplified by the variety of physiological roles they play. Perhaps, the most extensively studied member of this fa...

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  • Phenotypic Screen with the Human Secretome Identifies FGF16 as Inducing Proliferation of iPSC-Derived Cardiac Progenitor Cells.

    abstract::Paracrine factors can induce cardiac regeneration and repair post myocardial infarction by stimulating proliferation of cardiac cells and inducing the anti-fibrotic, antiapoptotic, and immunomodulatory effects of angiogenesis. Here, we screened a human secretome library, consisting of 923 growth factors, cytokines, an...

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  • Vitamin D in Triple-Negative and BRCA1-Deficient Breast Cancer-Implications for Pathogenesis and Therapy.

    abstract::Several studies show that triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients have the lowest vitamin D concentration among all breast cancer types, suggesting that this vitamin may induce a protective effect against TNBC. This effect of the active metabolite of vitamin D, 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25(OH)2D), can be attr...

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  • Splicing and Polyadenylation of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 mRNAs.

    abstract::The human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) life cycle can be divided into an early stage in which the HPV16 genomic DNA is replicated, and a late stage in which the HPV16 structural proteins are synthesized and virions are produced. A strong coupling between the viral life cycle and the differentiation state of the infe...

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    authors: Wu C,Kajitani N,Schwartz S

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  • Cell Fitness: More Than Push-Ups.

    abstract::Cell competition (CC) is a feature that allows tumor cells to outcompete and eliminate adjacent cells that are deemed less fit. Studies of CC, first described in Drosophila melanogaster, reveal a diversity of underlying mechanisms. In this review, we will discuss three recent studies that expand our understanding of t...

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    authors: Ferrari AJ,Drapkin R,Gogna R

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  • Transcriptome Analysis of a Premature Leaf Senescence Mutant of Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

    abstract::Leaf senescence is an important agronomic trait that affects both crop yield and quality. In this study, we characterized a premature leaf senescence mutant of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) obtained by ethylmethane sulfonate (EMS) mutagenesis, named m68. Genetic analysis showed that the leaf senescence phenotype of m68...

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  • The miR396-GRF Regulatory Module Controls the Embryogenic Response in Arabidopsis via an Auxin-Related Pathway.

    abstract::In plants, microRNAs have been indicated to control various developmental processes, including somatic embryogenesis (SE), which is triggered in the in vitro cultured somatic cells of plants. Although a transcriptomic analysis has indicated that numerous MIRNAs are differentially expressed in the SE of different plant...

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    authors: Szczygieł-Sommer A,Gaj MD

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  • Neuroprotective effects of psychotropic drugs in Huntington's disease.

    abstract::Psychotropics (antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, anxiolytics, etc.) are commonly prescribed to treat Huntington's disease (HD). In HD preclinical models, while no psychotropic has convincingly affected huntingtin gene, HD modifying gene, or huntingtin protein expression, psychotropic neuroprotective e...

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    authors: Lauterbach EC

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  • Isolation and structural characterization of lignin from cotton stalk treated in an ammonia hydrothermal system.

    abstract::To investigate the potential for the utilization of cotton stalk, ammonia hydrothermal treatment was applied to fractionate the samples into aqueous ammonia-soluble and ammonia-insoluble portions. The ammonia-soluble portion was purified to yield lignin fractions. The lignin fractions obtained were characterized by we...

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  • Synergistic Effect of Beauveria bassiana and Trichoderma asperellum to Induce Maize (Zea mays L.) Defense against the Asian Corn Borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) and Larval Immune Response.

    abstract::Ostrinia furnacalis, is the major pest of maize causing significant yield losses. So far, many approaches have been used to increase the virulence of entomopathogenic fungal isolates. The current study is an attempt to estimate synergistic effect of Beauveria bassiana and Trichoderma asperellum in order to explore lar...

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  • Myosin Binding Protein-C Forms Amyloid-Like Aggregates In Vitro.

    abstract::This work investigated in vitro aggregation and amyloid properties of skeletal myosin binding protein-C (sMyBP-C) interacting in vivo with proteins of thick and thin filaments in the sarcomeric A-disc. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) found a rapid (5-10 min) formation of large...

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    authors: Bobyleva LG,Shumeyko SA,Yakupova EI,Surin AK,Galzitskaya OV,Kihara H,Timchenko AA,Timchenko MA,Penkov NV,Nikulin AD,Suvorina MY,Molochkov NV,Lobanov MY,Fadeev RS,Vikhlyantsev IM,Bobylev AG

    更新日期:2021-01-13 00:00:00

  • Exploring the Potential of Spherical Harmonics and PCVM for Compounds Activity Prediction.

    abstract::Biologically active chemical compounds may provide remedies for several diseases. Meanwhile, Machine Learning techniques applied to Drug Discovery, which are cheaper and faster than wet-lab experiments, have the capability to more effectively identify molecules with the expected pharmacological activity. Therefore, it...

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  • Biological Properties, Bioactive Constituents, and Pharmacokinetics of Some Capsicum spp. and Capsaicinoids.

    abstract::Pepper originated from the Capsicum genus, which is recognized as one of the most predominant and globally distributed genera of the Solanaceae family. It is a diverse genus, consisting of more than 31 different species including five domesticated species, Capsicum baccatum, C. annuum, C. pubescen, C. frutescens, and ...

    journal_title:International journal of molecular sciences

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    authors: Batiha GE,Alqahtani A,Ojo OA,Shaheen HM,Wasef L,Elzeiny M,Ismail M,Shalaby M,Murata T,Zaragoza-Bastida A,Rivero-Perez N,Magdy Beshbishy A,Kasozi KI,Jeandet P,Hetta HF

    更新日期:2020-07-22 00:00:00

  • Ethyl Acetate Extract of Scindapsus cf. hederaceus Exerts the Inhibitory Bioactivity on Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells through Modulating ER Stress.

    abstract::Unfolded protein response (UPR) is a cytoprotective mechanism that alleviates the protein-folding burden in eukaryotic organisms. Moderate activation of UPR is required for maintaining endoplasmic reticulum (ER) homeostasis and profoundly contributes to tumorigenesis. Defects in UPR signaling are implicated in the att...

    journal_title:International journal of molecular sciences

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Chou CK,Liu W,Hong YJ,Dahms HU,Chiu CH,Chang WT,Chien CM,Yen CH,Cheng YB,Chiu CC

    更新日期:2018-06-21 00:00:00

  • Polyalthia Clerodane Diterpene Potentiates Hypoglycemia via Inhibition of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4.

    abstract::Serine protease dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) is involved in self/non-self-recognition and insulin sensitivity. DPP-4 inhibitors are conventional choices for diabetic treatment; however, side effects such as headache, bronchus infection, and nasopharyngitis might affect the daily lives of diabetic patients. Notably, ...

    journal_title:International journal of molecular sciences

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    authors: Huang PK,Lin SR,Riyaphan J,Fu YS,Weng CF

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  • Anti-Apoptotic Effects of Recombinant Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor on Hepatocytes Were Associated with Intrahepatic Hemorrhage Suppression Indicated by the Preservation of Prothrombin Time.

    abstract::Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is an endogenously expressed bioactive substance that has a strong anti-apoptotic effect. In this study, we biochemically and histologically characterized the effects of rh-HGF on in vitro human hepatocyte injury and mouse acute liver failure (ALF) models, both of which were induced by a...

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    authors: Motoi S,Toyoda H,Obara T,Ohta E,Arita Y,Negishi K,Moriya K,Kuboi Y,Soejima M,Imai T,Ido A,Tsubouchi H,Kawano T

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  • The Effect of Sodium Butyrate on Adventitious Shoot Formation Varies among the Plant Species and the Explant Types.

    abstract::Histone acetylation plays an important role in plant growth and development. Here, we investigated the effect of sodium butyrate (NaB), a histone deacetylase inhibitor, on adventitious shoot formation from protoplast-derived calli and cotyledon explants of tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana) and tomato (Solanum lycopersic...

    journal_title:International journal of molecular sciences

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    authors: Lee MH,Lee J,Choi SH,Jie EY,Jeong JC,Kim CY,Kim SW

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  • TmSpz4 Plays an Important Role in Regulating the Production of Antimicrobial Peptides in Response to Escherichia coli and Candida albicans Infections.

    abstract::Spätzle family proteins activate the Toll pathway and induce antimicrobial peptide (AMP) production against microbial infections. However, the functional importance of Tmspätzle4 (TmSpz4) in the immune response of Tenebrio molitor has not been reported. Therefore, here, we have identified and functionally characterize...

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    authors: Edosa TT,Jo YH,Keshavarz M,Bae YM,Kim DH,Lee YS,Han YS

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