Oxytocin and excitation/inhibition balance in social recognition.


:Social recognition is the sensitive domains of complex behavior critical for identification, interpretation and storage of socially meaningful information. Social recognition develops throughout childhood and adolescent, and is affected in a wide variety of psychiatric disorders. Recently, new data appeared on the molecular mechanisms of these processes, particularly, the excitatory-inhibitory (E/I) ratio which is modified during development, and then E/I balance is established in the adult brain. While E/I imbalance has been proposed as a mechanism for schizophrenia, it also seems to be the common mechanism in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In addition, there is a strong suggestion that the oxytocinergic system is related to GABA-mediated E/I control in the context of brain socialization. In this review, we attempt to summarize the underpinning molecular mechanisms of E/I balance and its imbalance, and related biomarkers in the brain in healthiness and pathology. In addition, because there are increasing interest on oxytocin in the social neuroscience field, we will pay intensive attention to the role of oxytocin in maintaining E/I balance from the viewpoint of its effects on improving social impairment in psychiatric diseases, especially in ASD.






Lopatina OL,Komleva YK,Gorina YV,Olovyannikova RY,Trufanova LV,Hashimoto T,Takahashi T,Kikuchi M,Minabe Y,Higashida H,Salmina AB




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  • PACAP and VIP affect NF1 expression in rat malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST) cells.

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    abstract::The distributions of four prodynorphin-derived peptides, dynorphin A (1-17), dynorphin A (1-8), dynorphin B, and alpha-neo-endorphin were determined in 10 cortical regions and the striatum of the old world monkey (Macaca nemestrina). alpha-neo-endorphin was the most abundant peptide in both cortex and striatum. The co...


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  • The galanin peptide family in inflammation.

    abstract::The immune system defends the organism against invading pathogens. In recent decades it became evident that elimination of such pathogens, termination of inflammation, and restoration of host homeostasis all depend on bidirectional crosstalk between the immune system and the neuroendocrine system. This crosstalk is me...


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  • Characterization of human placental opioid receptors by 3H-ethylketocyclazocine and 3H-naloxone binding.

    abstract::The human placenta contains membrane bound opioid receptors. The binding of the antagonist naloxone and the fairly kappa-selective agonist EKC were studied in the microvillous membrane fraction. In both cases high affinity binding sites were detected with Kd values in the nanomolar range. A series of kappa-selective l...


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