Genomics of drug sensitivity in bladder cancer: an integrated resource for pharmacogenomic analysis in bladder cancer.


BACKGROUND:Bladder cancer has numerous genomic features that are potentially actionable by targeted agents. Nevertheless, both pre-clinical and clinical research using molecular targeted agents have been very limited in bladder cancer. RESULTS:We created the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Bladder Cancer (GDBC) database, an integrated database (DB) to facilitate the genomic understanding of bladder cancer in relation to drug sensitivity, in order to promote potential therapeutic applications of targeted agents in bladder cancer treatment. The GDBC database contains two separate datasets: 1) in-house drug sensitivity data, in which 13 targeted agents were tested against 10 bladder cancer cell lines; 2) data extracted and integrated from public databases, including the Cancer Therapeutics Research Portal, Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, and the Cancer Gene Census databases, as well as bladder cancer genomics data and synthetic lethality/synthetic dosage lethality connections. CONCLUSIONS:GDBC is an integrated DB of genomics and drug sensitivity data with a specific focus on bladder cancer. With a user-friendly web-interface, GDBC helps users generate genomics-based hypotheses that can be tested experimentally using drugs and cell lines included in GDBC.


BMC Med Genomics


BMC medical genomics


Ansari AA,Park I,Kim I,Park S,Ahn SM,Lee JL




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  • Blood signatures for second stage human African trypanosomiasis: a transcriptomic approach.

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  • Birt-Hogg-Dubé renal tumors are genetically distinct from other renal neoplasias and are associated with up-regulation of mitochondrial gene expression.

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  • Using gene expression signatures to identify novel treatment strategies in gulf war illness.

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  • The similarity of inherited diseases (II): clinical and biological similarity between the phenotypic series.

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  • Identification of exon skipping events associated with Alzheimer's disease in the human hippocampus.

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  • Evaluation of the imputation performance of the program IMPUTE in an admixed sample from Mexico City using several model designs.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We explored the imputation performance of the program IMPUTE in an admixed sample from Mexico City. The following issues were evaluated: (a) the impact of different reference panels (HapMap vs. 1000 Genomes) on imputation; (b) potential differences in imputation performance between single-step vs. two-step (...

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  • Key genes for modulating information flow play a temporal role as breast tumor coexpression networks are dynamically rewired by letrozole.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Genes do not act in isolation but instead as part of complex regulatory networks. To understand how breast tumors adapt to the presence of the drug letrozole, at the molecular level, it is necessary to consider how the expression levels of genes in these networks change relative to one another. METHODS:Usin...

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  • LDSplitDB: a database for studies of meiotic recombination hotspots in MHC using human genomic data.

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  • CNAReporter: a GenePattern pipeline for the generation of clinical reports of genomic alterations.

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  • DNA methylation differences in monozygotic twin pairs discordant for schizophrenia identifies psychosis related genes and networks.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite their singular origin, monozygotic twin pairs often display discordance for complex disorders including schizophrenia. It is a common (1%) and often familial disease with a discordance rate of ~50% in monozygotic twins. This high discordance is often explained by the role of yet unknown environmental...

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  • Logistic regression over encrypted data from fully homomorphic encryption.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:One of the tasks in the 2017 iDASH secure genome analysis competition was to enable training of logistic regression models over encrypted genomic data. More precisely, given a list of approximately 1500 patient records, each with 18 binary features containing information on specific mutations, the idea was f...

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  • Characterization of global transcription profile of normal and HPV-immortalized keratinocytes and their response to TNF treatment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Persistent infection by high risk HPV types (e.g. HPV-16, -18, -31, and -45) is the main risk factor for development of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical cancer. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is a key mediator of epithelial cell inflammatory response and exerts a potent cytostatic effect on norma...

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  • Primary microcephaly case from the Karachay-Cherkess Republic poses an additional support for microcephaly and Seckel syndrome spectrum disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Primary microcephaly represents an example of clinically and genetically heterogeneous condition. Here we describe a case of primary microcephaly from the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, which was initially diagnosed with Seckel syndrome. CASE PRESENTATION:Clinical exome sequencing of the proband revealed a nov...

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  • Screening significantly hypermethylated genes in fetal tissues compared with maternal blood using a methylated-CpG island recovery assay-based microarray.

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  • LncRNA-miRNA-mRNA expression variation profile in the urine of calcium oxalate stone patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:To explore long-non-coding RNA (lncRNA), microRNA (miRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) expression profiles and their biological functions in the urine samples in calcium oxalate (CaOx) patients. METHODS:Five CaOx kidney stone patients were recruited in CaOx stone group and six healthy people were included as co...

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  • Gene profiling of the erythro- and megakaryoblastic leukaemias induced by the Graffi murine retrovirus.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Acute erythro- and megakaryoblastic leukaemias are associated with very poor prognoses and the mechanism of blastic transformation is insufficiently elucidated. The murine Graffi leukaemia retrovirus induces erythro- and megakaryoblastic leukaemias when inoculated into NFS mice and represents a good model to...

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  • Developing a healthcare dataset information resource (DIR) based on Semantic Web.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The right dataset is essential to obtain the right insights in data science; therefore, it is important for data scientists to have a good understanding of the availability of relevant datasets as well as the content, structure, and existing analyses of these datasets. While a number of efforts are underway ...

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  • Pan-cancer analysis of differential DNA methylation patterns.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:DNA methylation is a key epigenetic regulator contributing to cancer development. To understand the role of DNA methylation in tumorigenesis, it is important to investigate and compare differential methylation (DM) patterns between normal and case samples across different cancer types. However, current pan-c...

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  • Genome-wide DNA methylome reveals the dysfunction of intronic microRNAs in major psychosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:DNA methylation is thought to be extensively involved in the pathogenesis of many diseases, including major psychosis. However, most studies focus on DNA methylation alteration at promoters of protein-coding genes, despite the poor correlation between DNA methylation and gene expression. METHODS:We analyzed...

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  • Molecular conservation of estrogen-response associated with cell cycle regulation, hormonal carcinogenesis and cancer in zebrafish and human cancer cell lines.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The zebrafish is recognized as a versatile cancer and drug screening model. However, it is not known whether the estrogen-responsive genes and signaling pathways that are involved in estrogen-dependent carcinogenesis and human cancer are operating in zebrafish. In order to determine the potential of zebrafis...

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  • DNA methylation differences at growth related genes correlate with birth weight: a molecular signature linked to developmental origins of adult disease?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Infant birth weight is a complex quantitative trait associated with both neonatal and long-term health outcomes. Numerous studies have been published in which candidate genes (IGF1, IGF2, IGF2R, IGF binding proteins, PHLDA2 and PLAGL1) have been associated with birth weight, but these studies are difficult t...

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  • New insights into DNA methylation signatures: SMARCA2 variants in Nicolaides-Baraitser syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nicolaides-Baraitser syndrome (NCBRS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by pathogenic sequence variants in SMARCA2 which encodes the catalytic component of the chromatin remodeling BAF complex. Pathogenic variants in genes that encode epigenetic regulators have been associated with genome-wide changes ...

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    authors: Chater-Diehl E,Ejaz R,Cytrynbaum C,Siu MT,Turinsky A,Choufani S,Goodman SJ,Abdul-Rahman O,Bedford M,Dorrani N,Engleman K,Flores-Daboub J,Genevieve D,Mendoza-Londono R,Meschino W,Perrin L,Safina N,Townshend S,Scherer S

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  • Gene expression signatures in childhood acute leukemias are largely unique and distinct from those of normal tissues and other malignancies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Childhood leukemia is characterized by the presence of balanced chromosomal translocations or by other structural or numerical chromosomal changes. It is well know that leukemias with specific molecular abnormalities display profoundly different global gene expression profiles. However, it is largely unknown...

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    authors: Andersson A,Edén P,Olofsson T,Fioretos T

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  • Identification of sequence variants associated with severe microtia-astresia by targeted sequencing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Microtia-atresia is characterized by abnormalities of the auricle (microtia) and aplasia or hypoplasia of the external auditory canal, often associated with middle ear abnormalities. To date, no causal genetic mutations or genes have been identified in microtia-atresia patients. METHODS:We designed a panel ...

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    authors: Wang P,Wang Y,Fan X,Liu Y,Fan Y,Liu T,Chen C,Zhang S,Chen X

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  • What is the right sequencing approach? Solo VS extended family analysis in consanguineous populations.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Testing strategies is crucial for genetics clinics and testing laboratories. In this study, we tried to compare the hit rate between solo and trio and trio plus testing and between trio and sibship testing. Finally, we studied the impact of extended family analysis, mainly in complex and unsolved cases. MET...

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    authors: Alfares A,Alsubaie L,Aloraini T,Alaskar A,Althagafi A,Alahmad A,Rashid M,Alswaid A,Alothaim A,Eyaid W,Ababneh F,Albalwi M,Alotaibi R,Almutairi M,Altharawi N,Alsamer A,Abdelhakim M,Kafkas S,Mineta K,Cheung N,Abdall

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  • The International Conference on Intelligent Biology and Medicine (ICIBM) 2018: genomics meets medicine.

    abstract::During June 10-12, 2018, the International Conference on Intelligent Biology and Medicine (ICIBM 2018) was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. The conference included 11 scientific sessions, four tutorials, one poster session, four keynote talks and four eminent scholar talks that covered a wide range of topics rang...

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  • Transcriptional profiling of mycobacterial antigen-induced responses in infants vaccinated with BCG at birth.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Novel tuberculosis (TB) vaccines recently tested in humans have been designed to boost immunity induced by the current vaccine, Mycobacterium bovis Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG). Because BCG vaccination is used extensively in infants, this population group is likely to be the first in which efficacy trials o...

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  • Study design and data analysis considerations for the discovery of prognostic molecular biomarkers: a case study of progression free survival in advanced serous ovarian cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Accurate discovery of molecular biomarkers that are prognostic of a clinical outcome is an important yet challenging task, partly due to the combination of the typically weak genomic signal for a clinical outcome and the frequently strong noise due to microarray handling effects. Effective strategies to reso...

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