Effect of statins on experimental postoperative adhesion: a systematic review and meta-analysis.


:Adhesion is a significant concern after surgery. Many researchers studied the anti-adhesive effect of statin, of which results were inconsistent. Thus, we purposed to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the effect of statins on postoperative adhesion in an experimental study. A comprehensive search was conducted using MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Google Scholar to identify animal studies that investigated the postoperative anti-adhesive effect of statins applied at the surgical area. Primary outcome measure was gross adhesion score. Secondary outcomes included microscopic adhesion score and tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) activity. Totally, 298 rats from 9 animal studies (172 rats received statin therapy and 126 rats received placebo or no treatment) were included in the final analysis. The combined results showed that gross and microscopic adhesion scores were significantly lower in the statin group in comparison to the control group (standardized mean difference [SMD] = 1.65, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.02 to 2.28, Pchi2 < 0.001, I2 = 77.9%; SMD = 1.90, 95% CI: 1.10 to 2.79, Pchi2 < 0.001, I2 = 84.5%, respectively). However, there was no evidence of a difference in t-PA activity (SMD = -3.43, 95% CI: -7.95 to 1.09, Pchi2 < 0.001, I2 = 95.5%). In conclusion, statins were effective in preventing postoperative adhesion, as assessed based on gross and microscopic adhesion scores in rats.


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Choi GJ,Park HK,Kim DS,Lee D,Kang H




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2018-10-03 00:00:00












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