The Kinase Activity of Hematopoietic Progenitor Kinase 1 Is Essential for the Regulation of T Cell Function.


:We examined hematopoietic protein kinase 1 (HPK1), whose reliance on scaffold versus kinase functions for negative immune cell regulation is poorly understood and critical to its assessment as a viable drug target. We identify kinase-dependent roles for HPK1 in CD8 T cells that restrict their anti-viral and anti-tumor responses by using HPK1 kinase-dead (HPK1.kd) knockin mice. Loss of HPK1 kinase function enhanced T cell receptor signaling and cytokine secretion in a T-cell-intrinsic manner. In response to chronic lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection or tumor challenge, viral clearance and tumor growth inhibition were enhanced in HPK1.kd mice, accompanied by an increase in effector CD8 T cell function. Co-blockade of PD-L1 further enhanced T effector cell function, resulting in superior anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity over single target blockade. These results identify the importance of HPK1 kinase activity in the negative regulation of CD8 effector functions, implicating its potential as a cancer immunotherapy target.


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Hernandez S,Qing J,Thibodeau RH,Du X,Park S,Lee HM,Xu M,Oh S,Navarro A,Roose-Girma M,Newman RJ,Warming S,Nannini M,Sampath D,Kim JM,Grogan JL,Mellman I




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  • The Arginine Methyltransferase PRMT6 Regulates DNA Methylation and Contributes to Global DNA Hypomethylation in Cancer.

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  • LRIG1-Mediated Inhibition of EGF Receptor Signaling Regulates Neural Precursor Cell Proliferation in the Neocortex.

    abstract::Here, we ask how neural stem cells (NSCs) transition in the developing neocortex from a rapidly to a slowly proliferating state, a process required to maintain lifelong stem cell pools. We identify LRIG1, known to regulate receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in other cell types, as a negative regulator of cortical NSC ...

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  • B Cell Diversification Is Uncoupled from SAP-Mediated Selection Forces in Chronic Germinal Centers within Peyer's Patches.

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  • HJURP involvement in de novo CenH3(CENP-A) and CENP-C recruitment.

    abstract::Although our understanding of centromere maintenance, marked by the histone H3 variant CenH3(CENP-A) in most eukaryotes, has progressed, the mechanism underlying the de novo formation of centromeres remains unclear. We used a synthetic system to dissect how CenH3(CENP-A) contributes to the accumulation of CENP-C and C...

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  • NOX1-Dependent mTORC1 Activation via S100A9 Oxidation in Cancer Stem-like Cells Leads to Colon Cancer Progression.

    abstract::Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are associated with the refractory nature of cancer, and elucidating the targetable pathways for CSCs is crucial for devising innovative antitumor therapies. We find that the proliferation of CSC-enriched colon spheroids from clinical specimen is dependent on mTORC1 kinase, which is activated ...

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  • The Dachsous/Fat/Four-Jointed Pathway Directs the Uniform Axial Orientation of Epithelial Cells in the Drosophila Abdomen.

    abstract::The achievement of the final form of an individual requires not only the control of cell size and differentiation but also integrative directional cues to instruct cell movements, positions, and orientations. In Drosophila, the adult epidermis of the abdomen is created de novo by histoblasts. As these expand and fuse,...

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  • HIV-1-Infected CD4+ T Cells Facilitate Latent Infection of Resting CD4+ T Cells through Cell-Cell Contact.

    abstract::HIV-1 is transmitted between T cells through the release of cell-free particles and through cell-cell contact. Cell-to-cell transmission is more efficient than cell-free virus transmission, mediates resistance to immune responses, and facilitates the spread of virus among T cells. However, whether HIV cell-to-cell tra...

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  • Yorkie and JNK Control Tumorigenesis in Drosophila Cells with Cytokinesis Failure.

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  • Mpn1, mutated in poikiloderma with neutropenia protein 1, is a conserved 3'-to-5' RNA exonuclease processing U6 small nuclear RNA.

    abstract::Clericuzio-type poikiloderma with neutropenia (PN) is a rare genodermatosis associated with mutations in the C16orf57 gene, which codes for the uncharacterized protein hMpn1. We show here that, in both fission yeasts and humans, Mpn1 processes the spliceosomal U6 small nuclear RNA (snRNA) posttranscriptionally. In Mpn...

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  • Pericytes Stimulate Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Differentiation during CNS Remyelination.

    abstract::The role of the neurovascular niche in CNS myelin regeneration is incompletely understood. Here, we show that, upon demyelination, CNS-resident pericytes (PCs) proliferate, and parenchymal non-vessel-associated PC-like cells (PLCs) rapidly develop. During remyelination, mature oligodendrocytes were found in close prox...

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  • Analysis of the S. pombe Meiotic Proteome Reveals a Switch from Anabolic to Catabolic Processes and Extensive Post-transcriptional Regulation.

    abstract::Meiotic progression in S. pombe is regulated by stage-specific gene expression and translation, changes in RNA stability, expression of anti-sense transcripts, and targeted proteolysis of regulatory proteins. We have used SILAC labeling to examine the relative levels of proteins in diploid S. pombe cells during meiosi...

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  • Sensory Afferents Use Different Coding Strategies for Heat and Cold.

    abstract::Primary afferents transduce environmental stimuli into electrical activity that is transmitted centrally to be decoded into corresponding sensations. However, it remains unknown how afferent populations encode different somatosensory inputs. To address this, we performed two-photon Ca2+ imaging from thousands of dorsa...

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  • Intratumoral myeloid cells regulate responsiveness and resistance to antiangiogenic therapy.

    abstract::Antiangiogenic therapy is commonly used in the clinic, but its beneficial effects are short-lived, leading to tumor relapse within months. Here, we found that the efficacy of angiogenic inhibitors targeting the VEGF/VEGFR pathway was dependent on induction of the angiostatic and immune-stimulatory chemokine CXCL14 in ...

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  • Dysregulated expression of neuregulin-1 by cortical pyramidal neurons disrupts synaptic plasticity.

    abstract::Neuregulin-1 (NRG1) gene variants are associated with increased genetic risk for schizophrenia. It is unclear whether risk haplotypes cause elevated or decreased expression of NRG1 in the brains of schizophrenia patients, given that both findings have been reported from autopsy studies. To study NRG1 functions in vivo...

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  • Cdk4 and Cdk6 Couple the Cell-Cycle Machinery to Cell Growth via mTORC1.

    abstract::Cell growth is coupled to cell-cycle progression in mitotically proliferating mammalian cells, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are not well understood. CyclinD-Cdk4/6 is known to phosphorylate RB to promote S-phase entry, but recent work suggests they have additional functions. We show here that CyclinD-Cdk4/6...

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  • Comprehensive identification of host modulators of HIV-1 replication using multiple orthologous RNAi reagents.

    abstract::RNAi screens have implicated hundreds of host proteins as HIV-1 dependency factors (HDFs). While informative, these early studies overlap poorly due to false positives and false negatives. To ameliorate these issues, we combined information from the existing HDF screens together with new screens performed with multipl...

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  • Lysine-specific demethylase 1 has dual functions as a major regulator of androgen receptor transcriptional activity.

    abstract::Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1, KDM1A) functions as a transcriptional corepressor through demethylation of histone 3 lysine 4 (H3K4) but has a coactivator function on some genes through mechanisms that are unclear. We show that LSD1, interacting with CoREST, associates with and coactivates androgen receptor (AR) ...

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  • Sub-minute Phosphoregulation of Cell Cycle Systems during Plasmodium Gamete Formation.

    abstract::The transmission of malaria parasites to mosquitoes relies on the rapid induction of sexual reproduction upon their ingestion into a blood meal. Haploid female and male gametocytes become activated and emerge from their host cells, and the males enter the cell cycle to produce eight microgametes. The synchronized natu...

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  • Plasma Membrane Association but Not Midzone Recruitment of RhoGEF ECT2 Is Essential for Cytokinesis.

    abstract::Cytokinesis, the final step of cell division, begins with the formation of a cleavage furrow. How the mitotic spindle specifies the furrow at the equator in animal cells remains unknown. Current models propose that the concentration of the RhoGEF ECT2 at the spindle midzone and the equatorial plasma membrane directs f...

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  • Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase-Mediated Monounsaturated Fatty Acid Availability Supports Humoral Immunity.

    abstract::Immune cells can metabolize glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids (FAs) to generate energy. The roles of different FA species and their impacts on humoral immunity remain poorly understood. Here, we report that proliferating B cells require monounsaturated FAs (MUFAs) to maintain mitochondrial metabolism and mTOR acti...

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  • PIAS1 Promotes Lymphomagenesis through MYC Upregulation.

    abstract::The MYC proto-oncogene is a transcription factor implicated in a broad range of cancers. MYC is regulated by several post-translational modifications including SUMOylation, but the functional impact of this post-translational modification is still unclear. Here, we report that the SUMO E3 ligase PIAS1 SUMOylates MYC. ...

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    authors: Rabellino A,Melegari M,Tompkins VS,Chen W,Van Ness BG,Teruya-Feldstein J,Conacci-Sorrell M,Janz S,Scaglioni PP

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  • KDM4C and ATF4 Cooperate in Transcriptional Control of Amino Acid Metabolism.

    abstract::The histone lysine demethylase KDM4C is often overexpressed in cancers primarily through gene amplification. The molecular mechanisms of KDM4C action in tumorigenesis are not well defined. Here, we report that KDM4C transcriptionally activates amino acid biosynthesis and transport, leading to a significant increase in...

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    authors: Zhao E,Ding J,Xia Y,Liu M,Ye B,Choi JH,Yan C,Dong Z,Huang S,Zha Y,Yang L,Cui H,Ding HF

    更新日期:2016-01-26 00:00:00

  • Parabrachial Interleukin-6 Reduces Body Weight and Food Intake and Increases Thermogenesis to Regulate Energy Metabolism.

    abstract::Chronic low-grade inflammation and increased serum levels of the cytokine IL-6 accompany obesity. For brain-produced IL-6, the mechanisms by which it controls energy balance and its role in obesity remain unclear. Here, we show that brain-produced IL-6 is decreased in obese mice and rats in a neuroanatomically and sex...

    journal_title:Cell reports

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    authors: Mishra D,Richard JE,Maric I,Porteiro B,Häring M,Kooijman S,Musovic S,Eerola K,López-Ferreras L,Peris E,Grycel K,Shevchouk OT,Micallef P,Olofsson CS,Wernstedt Asterholm I,Grill HJ,Nogueiras R,Skibicka KP

    更新日期:2019-03-12 00:00:00

  • Posttranscriptional control of the stem cell and neurogenic programs by the nonsense-mediated RNA decay pathway.

    abstract::The mechanisms dictating whether a cell proliferates or differentiates have undergone intense scrutiny, but they remain poorly understood. Here, we report that UPF1, a central component in the nonsense-mediated RNA decay (NMD) pathway, plays a key role in this decision by promoting the proliferative, undifferentiated ...

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    authors: Lou CH,Shao A,Shum EY,Espinoza JL,Huang L,Karam R,Wilkinson MF

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  • TMEM163 Regulates ATP-Gated P2X Receptor and Behavior.

    abstract::Fast purinergic signaling is mediated by ATP and ATP-gated ionotropic P2X receptors (P2XRs), and it is implicated in pain-related behaviors. The properties exhibited by P2XRs vary between those expressed in heterologous cells and in vivo. Several modulators of ligand-gated ion channels have recently been identified, s...

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    authors: Salm EJ,Dunn PJ,Shan L,Yamasaki M,Malewicz NM,Miyazaki T,Park J,Sumioka A,Hamer RRL,He WW,Morimoto-Tomita M,LaMotte RH,Tomita S

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  • Identifying network motifs that buffer front-to-back signaling in polarized neutrophils.

    abstract::Neutrophil polarity relies on local, mutual inhibition to segregate incompatible signaling circuits to the leading and trailing edges. Mutual inhibition alone should lead to cells having strong fronts and weak backs or vice versa. However, analysis of cell-to-cell variation in human neutrophils revealed that back pola...

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    authors: Wang Y,Ku CJ,Zhang ER,Artyukhin AB,Weiner OD,Wu LF,Altschuler SJ

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  • RHON1 Co-transcriptionally Resolves R-Loops for Arabidopsis Chloroplast Genome Maintenance.

    abstract::Preventing transcription-replication head-on conflict (HO-TRC)-triggered R-loop formation is essential for maintaining genome integrity in bacteria, plants, and mammals. The R-loop eraser RNase H can efficiently relax HO-TRCs. However, it is not clear how organisms resist HO-TRC-triggered R-loops when RNase H proteins...

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    authors: Yang Z,Li M,Sun Q

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  • Neutrophil Caspase-11 Is Essential to Defend against a Cytosol-Invasive Bacterium.

    abstract::Either caspase-1 or caspase-11 can cleave gasdermin D to cause pyroptosis, eliminating intracellular replication niches. We previously showed that macrophages detect Burkholderia thailandensis via NLRC4, triggering the release of interleukin (IL)-18 and driving an essential interferon (IFN)-γ response that primes casp...

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