Case series and systematic review of acquired diaphragmatic hernia after liver transplantation.


BACKGROUND:ADH is a rare and potentially fatal complication following LT. In this study, a systematic review was completed to identify risk factors which may contribute to ADH. METHODS:Transplant databases at three LT programs were reviewed. Four pediatric and zero adult cases were identified. Next, a systematic review was completed. Fourteen studies describing 41 patients with ADH were identified. Patient demographics, transplant characteristics, and features of ADH diagnosis were examined. RESULTS:The majority (90.2%) of ADH were in children. In pediatric LT, 95.1% received a segmental allograft. ADH occurred in the right P diaphragm 92.7% of the time, and 87.8% were repaired primarily. Patient demographics, post-transplant complications, and immunosuppression regimens were broad and failed to predict ADH. Most patients presented with either respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms. There were two pediatric deaths related to undiagnosed ADH. The combined worldwide incidence of ADH in pediatric LT is 1.5% (34/2319 patients). CONCLUSION:ADH is a rare complication post-LT that primarily occurs in pediatric recipients. When diagnosed early, ADH can be repaired primarily with good outcomes.


Pediatr Transplant


Emamaullee JA,Nekrasov V,Gilmour S,Kneteman N,Yanni G,Kohli R,Thomas D,Genyk Y




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  • Evaluation of a three-session biliary dilation protocol following transplant-related biliary stricture in pediatric patients.

    abstract::To evaluate whether a serial biliary dilation protocol improves outcomes and decreases total biliary drainage time for biliary strictures following pediatric liver transplantation. From 2006 to 2016, 213 orthotopic deceased and living related liver transplants were performed in 199 patients with a median patient age o...

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  • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: whom and when should we transplant?

    abstract::To date, the evidence upon which a decision is made to transplant a child with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia either in first or subsequent remission has rarely been based on randomized trial data. Modern era management of infection and graft-versus-host disease lessens risks but procedure-related deaths still remain h...

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  • Successful liver retransplantation for recurrent hepatopulmonary syndrome.

    abstract::HPS is defined as arterial hypoxemia because of pulmonary vasodilation as a result of cirrhotic or non-cirrhotic portal hypertension. This report describes a teenager with HPS because of primary sclerosing cholangitis/autoimmune hepatitis overlap syndrome requiring OLT. HPS resolved completely within three months of O...

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  • Recurrent and de novo disease after renal transplantation: a report from the Renal Allograft Disease Registry.

    abstract::Recurrent and de novo disease is an increasing problem and is known to negatively impact transplant graft survival. Immunosuppressive medications have not had an impact on the prevalence of recurrent and de novo disease. Renal Allograft Disease Registry (RADR) was established to study the prevalence, impact and risk f...

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