New mud dragons from Svalbard: three new species of Cristaphyes and the first Arctic species of Pycnophyes (Kinorhyncha: Allomalorhagida: Pycnophyidae).


Background:Kinorhynchs are marine, microscopic invertebrates inhabiting the seafloors. Their segmented trunk equipped with spines and processes has inspired scientists to give them the common name "mud dragons." Even though kinorhynchs have been known since the 19th century, less than 300 species are known to science, and it is still considered a largely understudied animal group-in particular in the Arctic, from which only 23 species are known so far. Methods:Samples were collected at eight stations around Svalbard and in the fjords of Spitsbergen. Meiofauna was extracted from the sediment cores with LUDOX centrifugation method, and kinorhynchs were picked up and mounted for light- and scanning electron microscopy. Results:Four new species of the kinorhynch family Pycnophyidae are described from Svalbard: Cristaphyes dordaidelosensis sp. nov., C. glaurung sp. nov., C. scatha sp. nov., and Pycnophyes ancalagon sp. nov. The new species are generally recognized by their distribution of setae along the trunk segments. Discussion:After the discovery of the new species, Pycnophyidae becomes with 14 species the most diverse kinorhynch genus in the Arctic, closely followed by Echinoderidae with 13 species. So far, these are the only kinorhynch families with an Arctic distribution.






Sørensen MV,Grzelak K




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2018-09-28 00:00:00












  • Efficacy of a new dietary supplement in dogs with advanced chronic kidney disease.

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  • Physician consultation in young children with recurrent pain-a population-based study.

    abstract::Background. Recurrent pain is a common experience in childhood, but only few children with recurrent pain attend a physician. Previous studies yielded conflicting findings with regard to predictors of health care utilization in children with recurrent pain. Methods. The present study analyzes data from the German Heal...


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  • The effects of set volume during isolated lumbar extension resistance training in recreationally trained males.

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  • Dissociating predictability, plausibility and possibility of sentence continuations in reading: evidence from late-positivity ERPs.

    abstract::Late positive event-related potential (ERP) components occurring after the N400, traditionally linked to reanalysis due to syntactic incongruence, are increasingly considered to also reflect reanalysis and repair due to semantic difficulty. Semantic problems can have different origins, such as a mismatch of specific p...


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  • Do N-arachidonyl-glycine (NA-glycine) and 2-arachidonoyl glycerol (2-AG) share mode of action and the binding site on the β2 subunit of GABAA receptors?

    abstract::NA-glycine is an endogenous lipid molecule with analgesic properties, which is structurally similar to the endocannabinoids 2-AG and anandamide but does not interact with cannabinoid receptors. NA-glycine has been suggested to act at the G-protein coupled receptors GPR18 and GPR92. Recently, we have described that NA-...


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  • Genetic recombination and diversity of sapovirus in pediatric patients with acute gastroenteritis in Thailand, 2010-2018.

    abstract:Background:Human sapovirus (SaV) is an etiologic agent of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) in all age groups worldwide. Genetic recombination of SaV has been reported from many countries. So far, none of SaV recombinant strain has been reported from Thailand. This study examined the genetic recombination and genotype divers...


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