Heterogeneity of a landscape influences size of home range in a North American cervid.


:In the northeastern United States, chronic wasting disease has recently been detected in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) populations, and understanding the relationship between landscape configuration and home range may improve disease surveillance and containment efforts. The objectives of our study were to compare size of home range for deer occupying a continuum of forested landscapes and to investigate relationships between size of home range and measures of landscape configuration. We used a movement-based kernel density estimator to estimate home range at five spatial scales among deer across study areas. We developed 7 linear regression models that used measures of the configuration of the forested landscape to explain size of home range. We observed differences in size of home range between sexes among areas that differed based on landscape configuration. We documented size of home range changed with various metrics that identifying connectivity of forested patches. Generally, size of home range increased with an increasing proportion of homogenous forest. Our results suggest that deer in our region occupy a landscape at hierarchically-nested scales that is controlled by the connectivity of the forested landscape across local or broad geographical regions.


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Walter WD,Evans TS,Stainbrook D,Wallingford BD,Rosenberry CS,Diefenbach DR




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2018-10-02 00:00:00












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    abstract::Structural characteristics of the active layers in organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices play a critical role in charge generation, separation and transport. Here we report on morphology and structural control of p-DTS(FBTTh2)2:PC71BM films by means of thermal annealing and 1,8-diiodooctane (DIO) solvent additive process...

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  • Transcriptome analyses provide insights into the phylogeny and adaptive evolution of the mangrove fern genus Acrostichum.

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  • Lattice dynamics and elasticity for ε-plutonium.

    abstract::Lattice dynamics and elasticity for the high-temperature ε phase (body-centered cubic; bcc) of plutonium is predicted utilizing first-principles electronic structure coupled with a self-consistent phonon method that takes phonon-phonon interaction and strong anharmonicity into account. These predictions establish the ...

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  • Feature integration in the mapping of multi-attribute visual stimuli to responses.

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  • Traditional versus blended CPR training program: A randomized controlled non-inferiority study.

    abstract::Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training and its quality are critical in improving the survival rate of cardiac arrest. This randomized controlled study investigated the efficacy of a newly developed CPR training program for the public in a Taiwanese setting. A total of 832 adults were randomized to either a tradi...

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    authors: Chien CY,Fang SY,Tsai LH,Tsai SL,Chen CB,Seak CJ,Weng YM,Lin CC,Chien WC,Huang CH,Lin CY,Chaou CH,Liu PH,Tseng HJ,Chen JC,Peng SY,Cheng TH,Hsu KH,Ng CJ

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  • Comprehensive Multi-Dimensional MRI for the Simultaneous Assessment of Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology.

    abstract::Diagnostic testing often assesses the cardiovascular or respiratory systems in isolation, ignoring the major pathophysiologic interactions between the systems in many diseases. When both systems are assessed currently, multiple modalities are utilized in costly fashion with burdensome logistics and decreased accessibi...

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