Atorvastatin provides a new lipidome improving early regeneration after partial hepatectomy in osteopontin deficient mice.


:Osteopontin (OPN), a multifunctional cytokine that controls liver glycerolipid metabolism, is involved in activation and proliferation of several liver cell types during regeneration, a condition of high metabolic demands. Here we investigated the role of OPN in modulating the liver lipidome during regeneration after partial-hepatectomy (PH) and the impact that atorvastatin treatment has over regeneration in OPN knockout (KO) mice. The results showed that OPN deficiency leads to remodeling of phosphatidylcholine and triacylglycerol (TG) species primarily during the first 24 h after PH, with minimal effects on regeneration. Changes in the quiescent liver lipidome in OPN-KO mice included TG enrichment with linoleic acid and were associated with higher lysosome TG-hydrolase activity that maintained 24 h after PH but increased in WT mice. OPN-KO mice showed increased beta-oxidation 24 h after PH with less body weight loss. In OPN-KO mice, atorvastatin treatment induced changes in the lipidome 24 h after PH and improved liver regeneration while no effect was observed 48 h post-PH. These results suggest that increased dietary-lipid uptake in OPN-KO mice provides the metabolic precursors required for regeneration 24 h and 48 h after PH. However, atorvastatin treatment offers a new metabolic program that improves early regeneration when OPN is deficient.


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Nuñez-Garcia M,Gomez-Santos B,Saenz de Urturi D,Mestre D,Gonzalez-Romero F,Buque X,Gutiérrez-de Juan V,Martinez-Chantar ML,Syn WK,Fresnedo O,Aspichueta P




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