Food Sources for Homeless Youth: An Evaluation of Food Availability at a Homeless Youth Drop-In Center.


OBJECTIVE:We utilized a validated food inventory questionnaire to assess the types and quality of food available at a homeless youth drop-in center. METHODS:Scores for 13 food categories were computed; higher scores indicated a greater availability of foods found in that category. A summative score was computed to assess the presence of obesogenic foods. RESULTS:Dry cereal, vegetables, and meat, were the most available foods; 83.3%, 60.9%, and 56.3% of food items in each category, respectively, were available. The food categories with least available items included candy and dairy: 26.6% and 25.4% of items in those categories, respectively. Mean obesogenic food availability score was 31 ± 4.2 (range 23-34), out of a possible score of 71. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS:It is possible for a drop-in center to provide healthful foods to homeless youth. Further studies examining the extent to which drop-in centers contribute to the homeless youth food environment are warranted.


J Nutr Educ Behav


Yarcusko E,Slesnick N,Hatsu I




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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether family food and mealtime practices experienced in adolescence are carried forward into parenthood. DESIGN:Baseline (Project Eating and Activity in Teens and Young Adults [EAT]-I) and 15-year follow-up (EAT-IV) survey data from a population-based cohort study (Project EAT). PARTICIPANTS:...

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  • Using computer-based assessments to evaluate interactive multimedia nutrition education among low-income predominantly Hispanic participants.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This research was conducted to measure the effectiveness of interactive multimedia (IMM) with low-income Hispanic persons. DESIGN:The effectiveness of the program was examined using a quasi-experimental pretest/post-test control group design. SETTING:Subjects were recruited from nutrition, health, and Engli...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Investigate food choice, food access, and food insecurity among seniors. METHODS:Eight focus groups were conducted in 2 counties with high and low Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participation rates. A total of 62 seniors (aged ≥ 60 years) were recruited and each attended 1 focus group at a ...

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  • The Impact of a Healthy Weight Intervention Embedded in a Home-Visiting Program on Children's Weight and Mothers' Feeding Practices.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine whether a healthy weight intervention embedded in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visiting program, which was previously found to improve mothers' body mass index (BMI) and obesity-related behaviors, changed the BMI of preschool children or maternal feeding practices. METHODS:This stratified ra...

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