Capacity of tissue water regulation is impaired in an osmoconformer living in impacted estuaries?


:Estuarine osmoconformes rely on their ability to perform tissue and cell water regulation to cope with daily osmotic challenges that occur in the estuary. In addition, these animals currently must deal with pollutants present in the estuarine environment, which can disturb their capacity of water regulation. We collected the mangrove oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae in two tropical estuaries in the Northeast region of Brazil with different degrees of human interference: the Paraíba Estuary (impacted) and the Mamanguape Estuary (preserved). Tissue water content was analyzed after exposure to salinities 12, 24 and 36 for 24 h. Gill cell volume regulation was analyzed in vitro upon hypo- and hyper-osmotic conditions. We also analyzed gill MXR (multi-xenobiotic resistance) mechanism, as reference of environmental pollution. Gill and muscle of oysters from two sites of Paraíba Estuary, and from one site of Mamanguape Estuary were not able to maintain tissue water content upon hypo- and hyper-osmotic conditions. Gill cells of oyster from the same sites exhibited swelling followed by regulatory volume decrease upon hypo-osmotic condition. Gill MXR activity was increased in oysters from these sites. The best tissue and cell water regulation, and the lowest MXR activity, was found in oyster from downstream of Mamanguape Estuary, our reference site and the one most preserved. Tissue and cell water regulation proved to be a sensitive parameter to environmental pollution and could be considered as biomarker of aquatic contamination.


Ecotoxicol Environ Saf


David DD,Lima OG,Nóbrega AMCS,Amado EM




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