Antidepressant-like effects of insulin and IGF-1 are mediated by IGF-1 receptors in the brain.


:Depression is associated with uncontrolled diabetes, which indicates a lack of insulin effect, yet the role of the insulin receptor in mediating depression is not clearly established because insulin receptors are not required for glucose entry into the brain. However, insulin receptors are important for brain function since insulin receptor knockout mice have depressive-like activity. Depression and cognitive problems are also associated with low insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the elderly. Rodent studies showed chronic IGF-1 administration had antidepressant-like (AD) activity. We asked if insulin in the brain might act through the IGF-1 receptor, as it does in some tissues. We used acute insulin or IGF-1 infusions into the 3rd ventricle (icv) in rats and tested animals in a forced swim test. We found that antidepressive-like behavior is mediated by insulin and IGF-1. Further, administration of the IGF-1 receptor antagonist JB-1 blocked the antidepressive-like activity of the insulin and IGF-1, indicating a strong relationship between insulin, IGF-1 and depression. Insulin acts at least partially through the IGF-1 receptor and is responsive to receptor antagonism. The model offers promise for future studies of the mechanism of depression, and therapy to increase insulin sensitivity and IGF-1 action including exercise and nutrition.


Brain Res Bull


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Mueller PL,Pritchett CE,Wiechman TN,Zharikov A,Hajnal A




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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Parkinson's disease (PD) is a frequent degenerative disease of the nervous system with undefined pathogenesis. This study explored the protective effect of microRNA (miR)-218-5p on dopaminergic neuron injury in substantia nigra (SN) of rats with PD through the regulation of LIM and SH3 domain protein 1 (LASP1...

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  • The "olfactostriatum" of snakes: a basal ganglia vomeronasal structure in tetrapods.

    abstract::The olfactostriatum is a portion of the basal ganglia of snakes situated ventromedially to the nucleus accumbens proper. It receives a major vomeronasal input from the nucleus sphericus, the primary target of accessory olfactory bulb efferents. Recently, the ophidian olfactostriatum has been characterized on the basis...

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