Enhanced Recovery after Surgery for Gastric Cancer Patients Improves Clinical Outcomes at a US Cancer Center.


Purpose:Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols for gastric cancer patients have shown improved outcomes in Asia. However, data on gastric cancer ERAS (GC-ERAS) programs in the United States are sparse. The purpose of this study was to compare perioperative outcomes before and after implementation of an GC-ERAS protocol at a National Comprehensive Cancer Center in the United States. Materials and Methods:We reviewed medical records of patients surgically treated for gastric cancer with curative intent from January 2012 to October 2016 and compared the GC-ERAS group (November 1, 2015-October 1, 2016) with the historical control (HC) group (January 1, 2012-October 31, 2015). Propensity score matching was used to adjust for age, sex, number of comorbidities, body mass index, stage of disease, and distal versus total gastrectomy. Results:Of a total of 95 identified patients, matching analysis resulted in 20 and 40 patients in the GC-ERAS and HC groups, respectively. Lower rates of nasogastric tube (35% vs. 100%, P<0.001) and intraabdominal drain placement (25% vs. 85%, P<0.001), faster advancement of diet (P<0.001), and shorter length of hospital stay (5.5 vs. 7.8 days, P=0.01) were observed in the GC-ERAS group than in the HC group. The GC-ERAS group showed a trend toward increased use of minimally invasive surgery (P=0.06). There were similar complication and 30-day readmission rates between the two groups (P=0.57 and P=0.66, respectively). Conclusions:The implementation of a GC-ERAS protocol significantly improved perioperative outcomes in a western cancer center. This finding warrants further prospective investigation.


J Gastric Cancer


Desiderio J,Stewart CL,Sun V,Melstrom L,Warner S,Lee B,Schoellhammer HF,Trisal V,Paz B,Fong Y,Woo Y




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  • Perioperative Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin, and Capecitabine Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer: Safety and Feasibility in an Interim Survival Analysis.

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  • Prospective Multicenter Feasibility Study of Laparoscopic Sentinel Basin Dissection after Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Early Gastric Cancer: SENORITA 2 Trial Protocol.

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  • At which stage of gastric cancer progression do levels of carcinoembryonic antigen and carbohydrate antigen 19-9 increase? Application in advanced gastric cancer treatment.

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  • A rare presentation of metastasis of prostate adenocarcinoma to the stomach and rectum.

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  • Ewing's Sarcoma of the Stomach; Rare Case of Ewing's Sarcoma and Suggestion of New Treatment Strategy.

    abstract::Ewing's sarcoma is a neoplasm of the undifferenciated small round cells, which generally affects the bone and deep soft tissues of children and adolescents. We present a case of gastric Ewing's sarcoma; a 35-year-old female who had no symptoms. While she was at a routine medical checkup, a protruding mass in her gastr...

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  • Evaluation of Submucosal or Lymphovascular Invasion Detection Rates in Early Gastric Cancer Based on Pathology Section Interval.

    abstract:Purpose:The guidelines for pathological evaluation of early gastric cancer (EGC) recommend wider section intervals for surgical specimens (5-7 mm) than those for endoscopically resected specimens (2-3 mm). Studies in surgically resected EGC specimens showed not negligible lymph node metastasis risks in EGCs meeting the...

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  • Preoperative plasma fibrinogen level is a useful predictor of adjacent organ involvement in patients with advanced gastric cancer.

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  • Advanced Gastric Cancer Perforation Mimicking Abdominal Wall Abscess.

    abstract::Surgeons occasionally encounter a patient with a gastric cancer invading an adjacent organ, such as the pancreas, liver, or transverse colon. Although there is no established guideline for treatment of invasive gastric cancer, combined resection with radical gastrectomy is conventionally performed for curative purpose...

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  • Multiregion Comprehensive Genomic Profiling of a Gastric Mixed Neuroendocrine-Nonneuroendocrine Neoplasm with Trilineage Differentiation.

    abstract::Mixed neuroendocrine-nonneuroendocrine neoplasms (MiNENs) are a group of rare tumors previously known as mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinomas (MANECs). The neuroendocrine component is high-grade and may consist of small-cell carcinoma or large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. The nonneuroendocrine component may consist ...

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  • Can Robotic Gastrectomy Surpass Laparoscopic Gastrectomy by Acquiring Long-Term Experience? A Propensity Score Analysis of a 7-Year Experience at a Single Institution.

    abstract:PURPOSE:It is hypothesized that robotic gastrectomy may surpass laparoscopic gastrectomy after the operators acquire long-term experience and skills in the manipulation of robotic arms. This study aimed to evaluate the long-term learning curve of robotic distal gastrectomy (RDG) for gastric cancer compared with laparos...

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  • ATM Signaling Pathway Is Implicated in the SMYD3-mediated Proliferation and Migration of Gastric Cancer Cells.

    abstract:Purpose:We previously found that the histone methyltransferase suppressor of variegation, enhancer of zeste, trithorax and myeloid-nervy-deformed epidermal autoregulatory factor-1 domain-containing protein 3 (SMYD3) is a potential independent predictive factor or prognostic factor for overall survival in gastric cancer...

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  • Chronic Gastric Volvulus with Laparoscopic Gastropexy after Endoscopic Reduction: A Case Report.

    abstract::Gastric volvulus is an uncommon clinical entity. There are three types of gastric volvulus; organoaxial, mesenteroaxial and combined type. This condition can lead to a closed-loop obstruction or strangulation. Traditional surgical therapy for gastric volvulus is based on an open approach. Here we report a successful c...

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  • Advantages of ypTNM Staging in Post-surgical Prognosis for Initially Unresectable or Stage IV Gastric Cancers.

    abstract:Purpose:For unresectable or initially metastatic gastric cancer, conversion surgery (CVS), after systemic chemotherapy, has received attention as a treatment strategy. This study evaluated the prognostic value of ypTNM stage and the oncologic outcomes in patients receiving CVS. Materials and Methods:A retrospective re...

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  • Erratum: Advantages of Distal Subtotal Gastrectomy Over Total Gastrectomy in the Quality of Life of Long-Term Gastric Cancer Survivors.

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 176 in vol. 20, PMID: 32596001.]. ...

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  • Pylorus-Preserving Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer.

    abstract::Pylorus-preserving gastrectomy (PPG) is a function-preserving surgery for the treatment of early gastric cancer (EGC), aiming to decrease the complication rate and improve postoperative quality of life. According to the Japanese gastric cancer treatment guidelines, PPG can be performed for cT1N0M0 gastric cancer locat...

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  • Complications leading reoperation after gastrectomy in patients with gastric cancer: frequency, type, and potential causes.

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  • Disadvantages of Complete No. 10 Lymph Node Dissection in Gastric Cancer and the Possibility of Spleen-Preserving Dissection: Review.

    abstract::Splenic hilar lymph node dissection has been the standard treatment for advanced proximal gastric cancer. Splenectomy is typically performed as part of this procedure. However, splenectomy has some disadvantages, such as increased risk of postoperative complications, especially pancreatic fistula. Moreover, patients w...

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  • Mixed adenoneuroendocrine gastric carcinoma: a case report and review of the literature.

    abstract::We present a rare case of a gastric mixed adenoneuroendocrine tumor and review the related English literature. A 77-year-old Caucasian woman was admitted to our department with nausea, anorexia, weight loss, and anemia. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy showed a large (>7 cm) ulcerative mass in the greater curvature of the s...

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  • Which Is the Optimal Extent of Resection in Middle Third Gastric Cancer between Total Gastrectomy and Subtotal Gastrectomy?

    abstract:PURPOSE:In resectable gastric cancer, choice regarding the extent of resection depends on tumor size, location, and distance from resection margin. However, there remains controversy for choice of resection for tumors in the middle third of the stomach. This study investigated patients who underwent gastrectomy in orde...

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  • Lessons learned from a comparative analysis of surgical outcomes of and learning curves for laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Before expanding our indications for laparoscopic gastrectomy to advanced gastric cancer and adopting reduced port laparoscopic gastrectomy, we analyzed and audited the outcomes of laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy (LADG) for adenocarcinoma; this was done during the adoptive period at our institution thro...

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  • Korean Gastric Cancer Association Nationwide Survey on Gastric Cancer in 2014.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The Korean Gastric Cancer Association (KGCA) has conducted nationwide surveys every 5 years, targeting patients who received surgical treatment for gastric cancer. We report the results of the 2014 nationwide survey and compare them to those of the 1995, 1999, 2004, and 2009 surveys. MATERIALS AND METHODS:From...

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    authors: Information Committee of Korean Gastric Cancer Association.

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  • External Validation of a Gastric Cancer Nomogram Derived from a Large-volume Center Using Dataset from a Medium-volume Center.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Recently, a nomogram predicting overall survival after gastric resection was developed and externally validated in Korea and Japan. However, this gastric cancer nomogram is derived from large-volume centers, and the applicability of the nomogram in smaller centers must be proven. The purpose of this study is to...

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