Genome-wide discovery of somatic regulatory variants in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.


:Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is an aggressive cancer originating from mature B-cells. Prognosis is strongly associated with molecular subgroup, although the driver mutations that distinguish the two main subgroups remain poorly defined. Through an integrative analysis of whole genomes, exomes, and transcriptomes, we have uncovered genes and non-coding loci that are commonly mutated in DLBCL. Our analysis has identified novel cis-regulatory sites, and implicates recurrent mutations in the 3' UTR of NFKBIZ as a novel mechanism of oncogene deregulation and NF-κB pathway activation in the activated B-cell (ABC) subgroup. Small amplifications associated with over-expression of FCGR2B (the Fcγ receptor protein IIB), primarily in the germinal centre B-cell (GCB) subgroup, correlate with poor patient outcomes suggestive of a novel oncogene. These results expand the list of subgroup driver mutations that may facilitate implementation of improved diagnostic assays and could offer new avenues for the development of targeted therapeutics.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Arthur SE,Jiang A,Grande BM,Alcaide M,Cojocaru R,Rushton CK,Mottok A,Hilton LK,Lat PK,Zhao EY,Culibrk L,Ennishi D,Jessa S,Chong L,Thomas N,Pararajalingam P,Meissner B,Boyle M,Davidson J,Bushell KR,Lai D,Farinha




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  • Postsynaptic current bursts instruct action potential firing at a graded synapse.

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  • Ultra-fast self-assembly and stabilization of reactive nanoparticles in reduced graphene oxide films.

    abstract::Nanoparticles hosted in conductive matrices are ubiquitous in electrochemical energy storage, catalysis and energetic devices. However, agglomeration and surface oxidation remain as two major challenges towards their ultimate utility, especially for highly reactive materials. Here we report uniformly distributed nanop...

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    更新日期:2016-08-12 00:00:00

  • Budding-like division of all-aqueous emulsion droplets modulated by networks of protein nanofibrils.

    abstract::Networks of natural protein nanofibrils, such as cytoskeletal filaments, control the shape and the division of cells, yet mimicking this functionality in a synthetic setting has proved challenging. Here, we demonstrate that artificial networks of protein nanofibrils can induce controlled deformation and division of al...

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  • Plasmonic antenna coupling to hyperbolic phonon-polaritons for sensitive and fast mid-infrared photodetection with graphene.

    abstract::Integrating and manipulating the nano-optoelectronic properties of Van der Waals heterostructures can enable unprecedented platforms for photodetection and sensing. The main challenge of infrared photodetectors is to funnel the light into a small nanoscale active area and efficiently convert it into an electrical sign...

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    authors: Castilla S,Vangelidis I,Pusapati VV,Goldstein J,Autore M,Slipchenko T,Rajendran K,Kim S,Watanabe K,Taniguchi T,Martín-Moreno L,Englund D,Tielrooij KJ,Hillenbrand R,Lidorikis E,Koppens FHL

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  • A regulatory circuit of miR-125b/miR-20b and Wnt signalling controls glioblastoma phenotypes through FZD6-modulated pathways.

    abstract::Molecularly defined subclassification is associated with phenotypic malignancy of glioblastoma (GBM). However, current understanding of the molecular basis of subclass conversion that is often involved in GBM recurrence remain rudimentary at best. Here we report that canonical Wnt signalling that is active in proneura...

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