Investigations into neuroprotectivity, stability, and water solubility of 7-O-cinnamoylsilibinin, its hemisuccinate and dehydro derivatives.


:Derivatives of the recently described potent neuroprotective 7-O-cinnamoylsilibinin ester were prepared: its hemisuccinate to improve water solubility and the dehydrosilibinin ester that was shown to form in assay media to investigate its role in overall neuroprotective effects. 7-O-Cinnamoyl-2,3-dehydrosilibinin is less neuroprotective than 7-O-cinnamoylsilibinin in a murine hippocampal cell line (HT-22) and we conclude that the dehydrosilibinin derivatives are not the actual carriers of neuroprotective properties, at least in the assay applied. Solubility of the test compounds was determined in shake-flask experiments and the ester's solubility was greatly improved by introduction of a hemisuccinate at the 23-position of silibinin. Time-stability curves in assay media were recorded. The hemisuccinate ester did not act as a prodrug to release 7-O-cinnamoylsilibinin but is the second ester bond to be cleaved. Nevertheless, it still exhibits significant neuroprotection. Therefore, its greatly increased solubility might effectively counterbalance lower in vitro neuroprotection.


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Schramm S,Gunesch S,Lang F,Saedtler M,Meinel L,Högger P,Decker M




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