Divergent Matrix-Remodeling Strategies Distinguish Developmental from Neoplastic Mammary Epithelial Cell Invasion Programs.


:Metastasizing breast carcinoma cells have been hypothesized to mobilize tissue-invasive activity by co-opting the proteolytic systems employed by normal mammary epithelial cells undergoing branching morphogenesis. However, the critical effectors underlying morphogenesis remain unidentified, and their relationship to breast cancer invasion programs is yet to be established. Here, we identify the membrane-anchored matrix metalloproteinase, Mmp14/MT1-MMP, but not the closely related proteinase Mmp15/MT2-MMP, as the dominant proteolytic effector of both branching morphogenesis and carcinoma cell invasion in vivo. Unexpectedly, however, epithelial cell-specific targeting of Mmp14/MT1-MMP in the normal mammary gland fails to impair branching, whereas deleting the proteinase in carcinoma cells abrogates invasion, preserves matrix architecture, and completely blocks metastasis. By contrast, in the normal mammary gland, extracellular matrix remodeling and morphogenesis are ablated only when Mmp14/MT1-MMP expression is specifically deleted from the periductal stroma. Together, these findings uncover the overlapping but divergent strategies that underlie developmental versus neoplastic matrix remodeling programs.


Dev Cell


Developmental cell


Feinberg TY,Zheng H,Liu R,Wicha MS,Yu SM,Weiss SJ




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  • A Cell/Cilia Cycle Biosensor for Single-Cell Kinetics Reveals Persistence of Cilia after G1/S Transition Is a General Property in Cells and Mice.

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  • Targeted De Novo Centromere Formation in Drosophila Reveals Plasticity and Maintenance Potential of CENP-A Chromatin.

    abstract::Centromeres are essential for accurate chromosome segregation and are marked by centromere protein A (CENP-A) nucleosomes. Mis-targeted CENP-A chromatin has been shown to seed centromeres at non-centromeric DNA. However, the requirements for such de novo centromere formation and transmission in vivo remain unknown. He...

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  • Model organisms as a guide to mammalian aging.

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  • Grp1 plays a key role in linking insulin signaling to glut4 recycling.

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  • Aging Suppresses Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Chaperone ApoM in Circulation Resulting in Maladaptive Organ Repair.

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  • CNS myelin wrapping is driven by actin disassembly.

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  • The Alternative Splicing Regulator Nova2 Constrains Vascular Erk Signaling to Limit Specification of the Lymphatic Lineage.

    abstract::The correct assignment of cell fate within fields of multipotent progenitors is essential for accurate tissue diversification. The first lymphatic vessels arise from pre-existing veins after venous endothelial cells become specified as lymphatic progenitors. Prox1 specifies lymphatic fate and labels these progenitors;...

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  • HEC of a job regulating stem cells.

    abstract::In this issue of Developmental Cell, Schuster et al. (2014) describe the signals regulated by the bHLH transcription factor HEC1 during Arabidopsis stem cell maintenance. HEC1 acts antagonistically with other factors, integrating multiple cues to provide a balance between cellular differentiation and proliferation. ...

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  • Anillin Promotes Cell Contractility by Cyclic Resetting of RhoA Residence Kinetics.

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  • Coats, tethers, Rabs, and SNAREs work together to mediate the intracellular destination of a transport vesicle.

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  • Opposing Action of Hedgehog and Insulin Signaling Balances Proliferation and Autophagy to Determine Follicle Stem Cell Lifespan.

    abstract::Egg production declines with age in many species, a process linked with stem cell loss. Diet-dependent signaling has emerged as critical for stem cell maintenance during aging. Follicle stem cells (FSCs) in the Drosophila ovary are exquisitely responsive to diet-induced signals including Hedgehog (Hh) and insulin-IGF ...

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  • Radial WNT5A-Guided Post-mitotic Filopodial Pathfinding Is Critical for Midgut Tube Elongation.

    abstract::The early midgut undergoes intensive elongation, but the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms are unknown. The early midgut epithelium is pseudostratified, and its nuclei travel between apical and basal surfaces in concert with cell cycle. Using 3D confocal imaging and 2D live imaging, we profiled behaviors of...

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  • Extracellular Vesicles: Satellites of Information Transfer in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology.

    abstract::The generation and shedding of extracellular vesicles (EVs), including exosomes and microvesicles (MVs), by cells has emerged as a form of intercellular communication with important roles in several physiological processes and diseases such as cancer. These membrane-enclosed packets can transfer specific proteins, RNA...

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    authors: Desrochers LM,Antonyak MA,Cerione RA

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  • Regulation of activin/nodal signaling by Rap2-directed receptor trafficking.

    abstract::We show that Rap2, a member of the Ras GTPase family, positively regulates Activin/Nodal signaling activity by controlling the trafficking of its receptors. In the absence of ligand activation, Rap2 directs internalized Activin/Nodal receptors into a recycling pathway, thereby preventing their degradation and maintain...

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  • The Vertebrate Protein Dead End Maintains Primordial Germ Cell Fate by Inhibiting Somatic Differentiation.

    abstract::Maintaining cell fate relies on robust mechanisms that prevent the differentiation of specified cells into other cell types. This is especially critical during embryogenesis, when extensive cell proliferation, patterning, and migration events take place. Here we show that vertebrate primordial germ cells (PGCs) are pr...

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    authors: Gross-Thebing T,Yigit S,Pfeiffer J,Reichman-Fried M,Bandemer J,Ruckert C,Rathmer C,Goudarzi M,Stehling M,Tarbashevich K,Seggewiss J,Raz E

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  • Skin and Its Regenerative Powers: An Alliance between Stem Cells and Their Niche.

    abstract::Tissues have a natural capacity to replace dying cells and to heal wounds. This ability resides in resident stem cells, which self-renew, preserve, and repair their tissue during homeostasis and following injury. The skin epidermis and its appendages are subjected to daily assaults from the external environment. A hig...

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