Use of epinephrine in emergency department depends on anaphylaxis severity in children.


:Despite multiple recommendations, intramuscular epinephrine is poorly prescribed in emergency department receiving pediatric anaphylaxis. To evaluate the role of severity symptoms on this use, we included all admissions for a diagnosis linked to possible allergy in the two pediatric emergency departments of our institution between January 2010 and December 2015. Selection and analysis were restricted to children under 18 years fulfilling Sampson's criteria for anaphylaxis. We retrospectively ranked these admissions with the Ring and Messmer anaphylaxis severity score and compared the use of epinephrine according to this classification. Among 422,483 admissions, 204 (0.05%) fulfilled the anaphylaxis criteria (170 (83.3%) grade II anaphylaxis, and 34 (16.7%) grade III; mean age 7.9 years). Previous allergy, anaphylaxis, and asthma were found in respectively 60.8%, 36.8%, and 35.1%. Food allergy was the main suspected causal trigger. Epinephrine was used in 32.7% (n = 65/199), before admission (11.4% (n = 23/201)) or in the emergency department (22.2% (n = 45/202)). Epinephrine was more frequently prescribed in grade III than in grade II anaphylaxis (84.8% vs 22.3%, p < 0.001; OR = 19.05 [7.05-54.10]). Upon discharge, epinephrine auto-injectors prescription and allergy referral were rare (31.7% and 44.2%).Conclusion: Pediatricians intuitively adapt their epinephrine use to the severity of the anaphylaxis and contribute to epinephrine underuse in pediatric anaphylaxis. What is known: • Intramuscular epinephrine is the recommended treatment for pediatric anaphylaxis. However, most of the European and North-American studies show a low prescription rate of epinephrine in both prehospital and pediatric emergency department management. • Reasons for such a low prescription rate are unknown. What is new: • This study confirms that intramuscular epinephrine is poorly prescribed in pediatric anaphylaxis (about one case among 10 before admission and one among 5 in pediatric emergency departments). • Despite recommendations, pediatricians intuitively adapt their prescription to the clinical severity of anaphylaxis, with a fourfold increase prescription in grade III compared to grade II anaphylaxis. This medical behavior ascertainment may be in part explained by the delay between the ED admission/management and the anaphylactic episode onset.


Eur J Pediatr


Dubus JC,Lê MS,Vitte J,Minodier P,Boutin A,Carsin A,Viudes G,Noel G




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