[Potential malignancy of cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast. A contribution to the histogenesis of fibrosarcoma].


:The present case report, which describes the transformation of a cystosarcoma phylloides into a "borderline case" and subsequently a fibrosarcoma, makes it clear that fibrosarcoma of the breast cannot always be regarded as a tumor which has developed primarily from mesenchymal breast tissue. Just as a benign cystosarcoma can turn malignant if therapy is inadequate, it can also turn into a purely sarcomatous tumor. The clinical consequences of this are that a cystosarcoma should not only be shelled out, but excised generously, with a wide border of healthy tissue. The "borderline" type of cystosarcoma phylloides, or respectively the fibrosarcoma, requires far more aggressive therapy, i.e., mastectomy. In fibrosarcoma cases additional selective lymphadenectomy may be considered, although the metastasization pattern is predominantly hematogenic. Overall, however, the prognosis for fibrosarcoma cases is better than for those with breast cancer.


Kühn W,Rummel HH,Kübler H




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  • [Cytologic studies after insertion of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD) (author's transl)].

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  • [Estrogen and progesterone receptors in corpus uteri carcinoma and their clinical significance].

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    abstract::Following the originally dominant matriarchate, patriarchy took over and still reigns in present-day society, although we are now in the midst of a period of transition towards a man/woman relationship on partnership basis. This principle of "two units combining to form one", this unification of two opposing and compl...

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  • ICG Fluorescence Technique for the Detection of Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer: Results of a Prospective Open-label Clinical Trial.

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  • [The value of colposcopy and portio biopsy in preventive examination].

    abstract::133 patients attending the colposcopy-laser outpatient consultations were examined simultaneously by cytology, colposcopy and punch biopsy. A cone biopsy was taken 25 patients and one patient was hysterectomised later. A comparison between cytology and histology revealed 17.1% false negative smear results. Cytology an...

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  • [4 decades of surgery of cervix cancer].

    abstract::An impressive breakthrough of Wertheim's original intentions became evident on analysing the observations, experiences and results obtained from the early 'forties right up to the 'eighties of this century in various hospitals such as the Pathological Institute of the famous Berlin "Charité" Hospital and the Departmen...

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  • [Pregnancy and labor in acute intermittent porphyria].

    abstract::We report on the pregnancy and delivery of a 33-year old nullipara suffering from acute intermittent porphyria. Despite high risk of mortality and exacerbation of the disease, no complications occurred, since basic therapeutic principles were followed. ...

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