Octopamine and cyclic AMP mediate release of adipokinetic hormone I and II from isolated locust neuroendocrine tissue.


:Octopamine serves as a neurotransmitter in the glandular lobe of the locust corpus cardiacum where it regulates adipokinetic hormone (AKH) secretion from intrinsic neurosecretory cells. Two AKHs (AKH I and II) from the corpus cardiacum of Locusta have been sequenced and synthesized. We have now demonstrated that octopamine mediates release of both AKH I and II from Locusta corpora cardiaca in vitro. Octopamine, IBMX, and forskolin have previously been shown to elevate levels of cAMP in the glandular lobe. In this paper we demonstrate that IBMX and forskolin mediate secretion of AKH I and AKH II thus mimicking the effects of octopamine in this tissue. The cAMP analogs dibutyryl cAMP and 8-bromo cAMP also elicit release of AKH and a subthreshold concentration of IBMX potentiates the effects of octopamine. These observations demonstrate that cAMP participates in regulating AKH release and support the hypothesis that octopamine mediates hormone release at least in part via changes in intracellular levels of cAMP. The release of AKH I and AKH II is apparently regulated by similar mechanisms. The hyperlipemic activity of AKH II released into the perfusates following stimulation by octopamine and agents which elevate cAMP levels is significantly lower than that of AKH I. This differential response is probably due both to the reduced lipid-mobilizing effect of AKH II relative to AKH I, as well as to the release of greater amounts of AKH I.


Mol Cell Endocrinol


Pannabecker T,Orchard I




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1986-12-01 00:00:00














  • MicroRNA-126 upregulation, induced by training, plays a role in controlling microcirculation in dexamethasone treated rats.

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  • Regulation of c-fos expression by IGF-I in bovine chromaffin cells: desensitization following cholinergic activation.

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  • Porcine Dax-1 gene: isolation and expression during gonadal development.

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  • Adrenal cholesterol utilization.

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  • Recruitment of the oncoprotein v-ErbA to aggresomes.

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  • Hyaluronan in the bovine oviduct--modulation of synthases and receptors during the estrous cycle.

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  • A synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 9-30 of the extracellular domain of the follitropin (FSH) receptor specifically binds FSH.

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  • Early environmental regulation of hippocampal glucocorticoid receptor gene expression: characterization of intracellular mediators and potential genomic target sites.

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  • Human growth hormone but not ovine or bovine growth hormones exhibits galactopoietic prolactin-like activity in organ culture from bovine lactating mammary gland.

    abstract::Explants from the mammary gland of 6 lactating cows were cultured in M-199 medium containing insulin (1.0 micrograms/ml) and hydrocortisone (0.5 micrograms/ml) and supplemented with bPRL (0.2-1.0 micrograms/ml) or oGH (0.1, 0.5 and 2.5 micrograms/ml) or bGH or hGH (0.2 and 1.0 micrograms/ml). It was found that neither...

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  • Differences in B7 and CD28 family gene expression in the peripheral blood between newly diagnosed young-onset and adult-onset type 1 diabetes patients.

    abstract::Type-1 diabetes (T1D) is a heterogeneous autoimmune disease, and there are pathogenetic differences between young- and adult-onset T1D patients. We hypothesized that the expressions of genes involved in costimulatory immune system pathways in peripheral blood are differently regulated in young- and adult-onset T1D. St...

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  • Effect of transforming growth factor-beta 1 on the insulin-like growth factor system in cultured porcine Leydig cells.

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    abstract::The involvement of continuous protein synthesis in the mechanisms of crustacean steroidogenesis was investigated using crayfish molting glands (Y-organs). During intermolt, Y-organ steroidogenic activity is low. Eyestalk ablation initiates premolt which is characterized by a rapid increase in the production of ecdyste...

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  • New evidence for the involvement of prostaglandin receptor EP4b in ovulation of the medaka, Oryzias latipes.

    abstract::A cDNA for a prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)) receptor subtype 4, EP4b (Ptger4b), was cloned from the medaka ovary. The effect of PGE(2) was examined using COS-7 cells expressing the recombinant Ptger4b protein. An increase in intracellular cAMP levels was observed when the cells were incubated with PGE(2), but the increas...

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  • Vitamin D and the brain: Genomic and non-genomic actions.

    abstract::1,25(OH)2D3 (vitamin D) is well-recognized as a neurosteroid that modulates multiple brain functions. A growing body of evidence indicates that vitamin D plays a pivotal role in brain development, neurotransmission, neuroprotection and immunomodulation. However, the precise molecular mechanisms by which vitamin D exer...

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  • A review on the mechanism of iodide metabolic dysfunction in differentiated thyroid cancer.

    abstract::The incidence of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) has been increasing rapidly worldwide, and the risk factors remain unclear. With the growing number of patients with DTC, the related issues have been gradually highlighted. 131Iodide (131I) is an important treatment for DTC and has the potential to reduce the risk ...

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  • Function of Cyp11a1 in animal models.

    abstract::CYP11A1 encodes the P450scc enzyme that catalyzes the first and rate-limiting step of steroid biosynthesis. It is expressed in the adrenals and gonads under the control of pituitary peptide hormones. Transcription factor SF-1, which binds to the CYP11A1 promoter, plays an important role in the tissue-specific and horm...

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  • Modeling of human P450 oxidoreductase structure by in silico mutagenesis and MD simulation.

    abstract::P450 oxidoreductase (POR) is the obligate electron donor for microsomal cytochrome P450s and mutations in POR cause several metabolic disorders. We have modeled the structure of human P450 oxidoreductase by in silico amino acid replacements in the rat POR crystal structure. The rat POR has 94% homology with human POR ...

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  • Insulin receptor gene expression is reduced in cells from a progeric patient.

    abstract::We have studied a 15-year-old girl (P1) suffering from the Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome (progeria) associated with a severe insulin resistance. Insulin binding activity to P1 erythrocytes was 85% reduced when compared to that measured in ten normal controls matched for sex and age. This finding was confirmed in Epstein...

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