Non-invasive nanosecond electroporation for biocontrol of surface infections: an in vivo study.


:Invasive infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria are frequently responsible for fatal sepsis, morbidity and mortality rates. In this work, we propose a new methodology based on nanosecond high frequency electric field bursts, which enables successful eradication of bacteria in vivo. High frequency (15 kHz) 15-25 kV/cm 300-900 ns pulsing bursts were used separately and in combination with acetic acid (0.1-1%) to treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a murine model. Acetic acid 1% alone was effective resulting in almost 10-fold reduction of bacteria viability, however combination of nanosecond electric field and acetic acid 1% treatment was the most successful showing almost full eradication (0.01% survival compared to control) of the bacteria in the contaminated area. The short duration of the pulses (sub-microsecond) and high frequency (kHz range) of the burst enabled reduction of the muscle contractions to barely detectable level while the proposed applicators ensured predominantly topical treatment, without electroporation of deeper tissues. The results of our study have direct application for treatment of wounds and ulcers when chemical treatment is no longer effective.


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Novickij V,Zinkevičienė A,Perminaitė E,Čėsna R,Lastauskienė E,Paškevičius A,Švedienė J,Markovskaja S,Novickij J,Girkontaitė I




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  • Smad9 is a new type of transcriptional regulator in bone morphogenetic protein signaling.

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  • Molecular characterization of woodchuck IFI16 and AIM2 and their expression in woodchucks infected with woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV).

    abstract::IFI16 and AIM2 are important DNA sensors in antiviral immunity. To characterize these two molecules in a woodchuck model, which is widely used to study hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, we cloned and analyzed the complete coding sequences (CDSs) of woodchuck IFI16 and AIM2, and found that AIM2 was highly conserved in...

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  • Publisher Correction: Sensory attenuation in Parkinson's disease is related to disease severity and dopamine dose.

    abstract::A correction to this article has been published and is linked from the HTML and PDF versions of this paper. The error has been fixed in the paper. ...

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  • Obesity-promoting and anti-thermogenic effects of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in mice.

    abstract::Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL, lipocalin 2 or LCN2) is an iron carrier protein whose circulating level is increased by kidney injury, bacterial infection and obesity, but its metabolic consequence remains elusive. To study physiological role of LCN2 in energy homeostasis, we challenged female Lcn2 k...

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  • Classification of Articulator Movements and Movement Direction from Sensorimotor Cortex Activity.

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