Studies on the intestine of Daphnidae (Crustacea, Cladocera) ultrastructure of the midgut of Daphnia magna and Daphnia obtusa.


:The fine structure of midgut cells in two species of Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) has unique features when it is compared to that in the midguts of other arthropods. Features which suggest that food is absorbed in digested form are: the presence of the peritrophic membrane, the glycocalyx, the almost complete absence of pinocytotic vesicles, and the large surface area of a great number of microvilli. Digested products presumably pass into the hemolymph through the network of extracellular canals and cisterns surrounding the basal ends of intestinal epithelial cells. Cells of the midgut in Cladocera differ from those of other arthropods in the simplicity of their basal plasma membranes, which are not highly folded. The small number of membrane invaginations suggests that water reabsorption is very slight, as is the usual condition in aquatic animals. The origin and evolution of peculiar structures we call "multivesicular-like bodies" have been investigated. These display a variety of different morphological features. Some contain acid phosphatase activity and are considered as specialized lysosomes.


J Morphol


Journal of morphology


Quaglia A,Sabelli B,Villani L




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  • Gonadal cnidocytes in the cubozoan Tripedalia cystophora Conant, 1897 (Cnidaria: Cubozoa).

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  • Ectocranial suture fusion in primates: pattern and phylogeny.

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  • Histology and ultrastructure of the caudal courtship glands of the red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus (Amphibia: Plethodontidae).

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  • Development of respiratory structures in embryos and first and second instars of the bark scorpion, Centruroides gracilis (Scorpiones: Buthidae).

    abstract::The SEM was used to study the development of respiratory structures in successive stages in relation to the overall changes occurring in the scorpions. Book lung development is a slow process, starting with spiracles and a sac-like atrium in the early embryo and continuing lamellar formation to 150 or more in the adul...

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  • Placentation in garter snakes. III. Transmission EM of the omphalallantoic placenta of Thamnophis radix and T. sirtalis.

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  • Ultrastructure variation in the spermatozoa of Pseudopaludicola frogs (Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae), with brief comments on its phylogenetic relevance.

    abstract::The taxonomic history of the small frogs of the genus Pseudopaludicola from South America has been controversial. Phylogenetic inferences based on molecular data have identified four Pseudopaludicola clades, correlating with the known variation in karyotypes (2n = 22, 20, 18, and 16). In this study, the ultrastructure...

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  • The filter pads and filtration mechanisms of the devil rays: Variation at macro and microscopic scales.

    abstract::Three lineages of cartilaginous fishes have independently evolved filter feeding (Lamniformes: Megachasma and Cetorhinus, Orectolobiformes: Rhincodon, and Mobulidae: Manta and Mobula); and the structure of the branchial filters is different in each group. The filter in Rhincodon typus has been described; species withi...

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  • Follicular dynamics and germinal bed activity during the annual ovarian cycle of the lizard, Calotes versicolor.

    abstract::Changes in size frequency distribution of extrastromal follicles, atretric follicles (AF), and the number of oogonia, oocytes, and primordial follicles in the ovaries are studied in Calotes versicolor during its annual reproductive cycle. Extrastromal follicles were graded into stages I to VI based on their diemeter. ...

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  • Fine structure of the thymus in the adult cling fish Sicyases sanguineus (Pisces, Gobiesocidae).

    abstract::The structure of the thumus in adult specimens of a marine teleost, the cling fish Sicyases sanguineus, has been studied by light and transmission electron microscopy. Most cling fishes have an outer thymus located beneath the opercular epithelium. A few of them, however, have a large inner thymus besides a poorly dev...

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  • The auditory region of dermoptera: Morphology and function relative to other living mammals.

    abstract::The dermopteran basicranium combines a primitively constructed and oriented auditory bulla formed by ectotympanic, rostral entotympanic, and tubal cartilage with derived features of the middle ear transformer and internal carotid circulation. Living dermopterans possess a primitive eutherian auditory region that has b...

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  • New insights into the spermatogenesis of the black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon.

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  • Taste bud form and distribution on lips and in the oropharyngeal cavity of cardinal fish species (Apogonidae, Teleostei), with remarks on their dentition.

    abstract::The oral dentition and type and number of taste buds (TB) on the lips and in the oropharyngeal cavity were compared by means of SEM in 11 species of cardinal fishes (Apogonidae) belonging to five genera. The occurrence of a dense cover of skin papillae on the lips of some species (e.g., Apogon frenatus), as well as di...

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  • Epidermal differentiation in the developing scales of embryos of the Australian scincid lizard Lampropholis guichenoti.

    abstract::Formation of the first epidermal layers in the embryonic scales of the lizard Lampropholis guichenoti was studied by optical and electron microscopy. Morphogenesis of embryonic scales is similar to the general process in lizards, with well-developed overlapping scales being differentiated before hatching. The narrow o...

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  • Microscopic anatomy of the orbital Harderian gland in the common tree shrew (Tupaia glis).

    abstract::The orbital Harderian gland of the common tree shrew (Tupaia glis) was investigated at the macroscopic and microscopic levels. In the glands of both sexes only one acinar cell type was found. The cell is characterized by the presence of numerous lipid vacuoles of variable size and by a small number of PAS-positive, el...

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  • Embryonic stages of Gastrotheca riobambae (Fowler) during maternal incubation and comparison of development with that of other egg-brooding hylid frogs.

    abstract::A table of development (25 stages) for the period of incubation in the pouch was constructed for Gastrotheca riobambae; it can be used to stage embryos of other egg-brooding hylids. Analysis of embryonic weights during incubation shows that the mother does not contribute nutrients, but gases and other factors are prob...

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  • Morphogenetic and constructional differences of the carapace of aquatic and terrestrial turtles and their evolutionary significance.

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  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of the odontophoral cartilages of Caenogastropoda (Mollusca: Gastropoda) using micro-CT: Morphology and phylogenetic significance.

    abstract::Odontophoral cartilages are located in the molluscan buccal mass and support the movement of the radula during feeding. The structural diversity of odontophoral cartilages is currently known only from limited taxa, but this information is important for interpreting phylogeny and for understanding the biomechanical ope...

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    abstract::Interspecific variations in rhabdom structure between various oplophorid shrimps are described and the differences are related to the light environment at different depths within the mesopelagic zone. The ultrastructure of the distal rhabdom in these species is described for the first time. Quantitative measurements s...

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  • Myoanatomy and serotonergic nervous system of plumatellid and fredericellid Phylactolaemata (Lophotrochozoa, Ectoprocta).

    abstract::The phylogenetic position of the Ectoprocta within the Lophotrochozoa is discussed controversially. For gaining more insight into ectoproct relationships and comparing it with other potentially related phyla, we analysed the myoanatomy and serotonergic nervous system of adult representatives of the Phylactolaemata (Pl...

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  • Morphology and evolution of the snake cornea.

    abstract::To investigate whether the thickness of the cornea in snakes correlates with overall anatomy, habitat or daily activity pattern, we measured corneal thickness using optical coherence tomography scanning in 44 species from 14 families (214 specimens) in the collection at the Natural History Museum (Denmark). Specifical...

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  • Sexual, habitat-constrained and parasite-induced dimorphism in the shell of a freshwater mussel (Anodonta anatina, Unionidae).

    abstract::Intraspecific trends in freshwater mussel (unionoid) shells that are consistently associated with differences in the mussels' sex and/or parasitic infestation can potentially be used to reconstruct sex ratios or parasitic levels of modern and ancient unionoid populations. In contrast to morphological patterns within m...

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  • Ectal mandibular gland in Polistes dominulus (Christ) (Hymenoptera, vespidae): ultrastructural modifications over the secretory cycle.

    abstract::An ultrastructural study was carried out on the secretory activity of the ectal mandibular gland in the wasp Polistes dominulus (foundress and worker females as well as males). Secretory activity in foundresses proceeds slowly during hibernation and early spring, becoming prominent in late spring and then falling shar...

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  • Homology and evolution of the deep dorsal thigh musculature in birds and other reptilia.

    abstract::Data from adult birds, crocodilians, Sphenodon, squamates, turtles, and from the chick embryo are compared to test conflicting hypotheses of homology of the deep dorsal thigh muscles of birds and other reptiles. This comparison suggests that: (1) avian Mm. iliofemoralis externus and iliotrochantericus caudalis (herein...

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  • The caudal neurosecretory system and its afferent synapses in the goldfish, Carassius auratus: morphology, immunohistochemistry, and fine structure.

    abstract::Morphological features of the goldfish caudal neurosecretory system were investigated by means of immunohistochemical localization of urotensins I and II (UI and UII) and electron microscopic examination of the caudal neurosecretory neurons, the urophysis, and the synaptic neuropil. The aim of the work is to provide a...

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  • Coelomic pouch formation in the starfish Pisaster ochraceus (Echinodermata: Asteroidea).

    abstract::The process of coelomic pouch formation in Pisaster ochraceus was studied with light microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy and time-lapse cinemicrography as well as with the drug cytochalasin B. As in most asteroids, the paired coelomic pouches of Pisaster ochraceus are formed from outpocketing of ...

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  • Evaluation of a pictorial method to obtain subject-specific inertial properties in equine limb segments.

    abstract::Data describing segmental masses and moments of inertia (MOI) of limb segments are required for inverse dynamic calculations. In horses, these values are usually calculated using regression equations that have been developed from a limited number of horses representing a small number of breeds. The objective of the pr...

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  • Morphology of the thoracic skeleton and muscles of the mosquito, Culiseta inornata (Williston), (Diptera: Culicidae).

    abstract::The objectives of this research were to investigate the morphology of the thoracic skeleton and muscles of the mosquito, Culiseta inornata (Williston). The results are presented in 25 text figures and descriptions of each skeletal part and muscle. Undescribed exoskeletal structures are the postmediotergite, intersegme...

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  • Mastication in springhares, Pedetes capensis: A cineradiographic study.

    abstract::Analysis of lateral and dorsoventral radiographic films shows that ingestion, transport, and mastication in Pedetes capensis (Rodentia) are cyclic and their movement patterns are essentially similar for the three food types offered. During the ingestion cycle, closing of the mouth is accompanied by a backward translat...

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  • Comparative skull osteology of Karsenia koreana (Amphibia, Caudata, Plethodontidae).

    abstract::The recent discovery of a plethodontid salamander, Karsenia koreana, in Korea challenged our understanding of the biogeographic history of the family Plethodontidae, by far the largest family of salamanders, which otherwise is distributed in the New World with a few European species. Molecular studies suggest that Kar...

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    authors: Buckley D,Wake MH,Wake DB

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  • The cephalic sensory organ in veliger larvae of pulmonates (Gastropoda: Mollusca).

    abstract::The apical area of larvae of four primitive pulmonate species was investigated by means of serial ultrathin and light microscope sections. Cephalic sensory organs (CSOs) were found in the larvae of Onchidium cf. branchiferum (Onchidiidae) and Laemodonta octanfracta (Ellobiidae), while no trace of the organ was present...

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    authors: Ruthensteiner B,Schaefer K

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