Deep learning in omics: a survey and guideline.


:Omics, such as genomics, transcriptome and proteomics, has been affected by the era of big data. A huge amount of high dimensional and complex structured data has made it no longer applicable for conventional machine learning algorithms. Fortunately, deep learning technology can contribute toward resolving these challenges. There is evidence that deep learning can handle omics data well and resolve omics problems. This survey aims to provide an entry-level guideline for researchers, to understand and use deep learning in order to solve omics problems. We first introduce several deep learning models and then discuss several research areas which have combined omics and deep learning in recent years. In addition, we summarize the general steps involved in using deep learning which have not yet been systematically discussed in the existent literature on this topic. Finally, we compare the features and performance of current mainstream open source deep learning frameworks and present the opportunities and challenges involved in deep learning. This survey will be a good starting point and guideline for omics researchers to understand deep learning.


Brief Funct Genomics


Zhang Z,Zhao Y,Liao X,Shi W,Li K,Zou Q,Peng S




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  • Cancers with wrong HATs: the impact of acetylation.

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  • Transcription attenuation in bacteria: theme and variations.

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  • Systematic review of next-generation sequencing simulators: computational tools, features and perspectives.

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  • Noncoding RNAs: modulators and modulatable players during infection-induced stress response.

    abstract::The human genome has an almost equal distribution of unique and transposable genetic elements. Although at the transcriptome level, a relatively higher contribution from transposable elements derived RNA has been reported. This is further highlighted with evidence from pervasive transcription. Of the total RNA, noncod...

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  • Catching RNAs on chromatin using hybridization capture methods.

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  • Long noncoding RNAs in regulation of human breast cancer.

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  • Gene set enrichment; a problem of pathways.

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  • Epigenetic memory in the context of nuclear reprogramming and cancer.

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  • Heart genetics in a small package, exploiting the condensed genome of Ciona intestinalis.

    abstract::Defects in the initial establishment of cardiogenic cell fate are likely to contribute to pervasive human congenital cardiac abnormalities. However, the molecular underpinnings of nascent cardiac fate induction have proven difficult to decipher. In this review we explore the participation of extracellular, cellular an...

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  • Next-generation sequencing for understanding and accelerating crop domestication.

    abstract::Next generation Sequencing (NGS) provides a powerful tool for discovery of domestication genes in crop plants and their wild relatives. The accelerated domestication of new plant species as crops may be facilitated by this knowledge. Re-sequencing of domesticated genotypes can identify regions of low diversity associa...

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