A Mendelian randomization study of the effects of blood lipids on breast cancer risk.


:Observational studies have reported inconsistent associations between circulating lipids and breast cancer risk. Using results from >400,000 participants in two-sample Mendelian randomization, we show that genetically raised LDL-cholesterol is associated with higher risk of breast cancer (odds ratio, OR, per standard deviation, 1.09, 95% confidence interval, 1.02-1.18, P = 0.020) and estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer (OR 1.14 [1.05-1.24] P = 0.004). Genetically raised HDL-cholesterol is associated with higher risk of ER-positive breast cancer (OR 1.13 [1.01-1.26] P = 0.037). HDL-cholesterol-raising variants in the gene encoding the target of CETP inhibitors are associated with higher risk of breast cancer (OR 1.07 [1.03-1.11] P = 0.001) and ER-positive breast cancer (OR 1.08 [1.03-1.13] P = 0.001). LDL-cholesterol-lowering variants mimicking PCSK9 inhibitors are associated (P = 0.014) with lower breast cancer risk. We find no effects related to the statin and ezetimibe target genes. The possible risk-promoting effects of raised LDL-cholesterol and CETP-mediated raised HDL-cholesterol have implications for breast cancer prevention and clinical trials.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Nowak C,Ärnlöv J




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2018-09-27 00:00:00












  • Lithium lanthanum titanate perovskite as an anode for lithium ion batteries.

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  • Shifting transcriptional machinery is required for long-term memory maintenance and modification in Drosophila mushroom bodies.

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  • Strong confinement-induced engineering of the g factor and lifetime of conduction electron spins in Ge quantum wells.

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  • Asymmetric remote C-H borylation of internal alkenes via alkene isomerization.

    abstract::Recent years have witnessed the growing interest in the remote functionalization of alkenes for it offers a strategy to activate the challenging C-H bonds distant from the initiation point via alkene isomerization/functionalization. However, the catalytic enantioselective isomerization/functionalization with one singl...

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  • Escape from nonsense-mediated decay associates with anti-tumor immunogenicity.

    abstract::Frameshift insertion/deletions (fs-indels) are an infrequent but highly immunogenic mutation subtype. Although fs-indels are degraded through the nonsense-mediated decay (NMD) pathway, we hypothesise that some fs-indels escape degradation and elicit anti-tumor immune responses. Using allele-specific expression analysi...

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  • A prophage tail-like protein is deployed by Burkholderia bacteria to feed on fungi.

    abstract::Some bacteria can feed on fungi, a phenomenon known as mycophagy. Here we show that a prophage tail-like protein (Bg_9562) is essential for mycophagy in Burkholderia gladioli strain NGJ1. The purified protein causes hyphal disintegration and inhibits growth of several fungal species. Disruption of the Bg_9562 gene abo...

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  • Site-specific electrodeposition enables self-terminating growth of atomically dispersed metal catalysts.

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  • Oscillatory surface rheotaxis of swimming E. coli bacteria.

    abstract::Bacterial contamination of biological channels, catheters or water resources is a major threat to public health, which can be amplified by the ability of bacteria to swim upstream. The mechanisms of this 'rheotaxis', the reorientation with respect to flow gradients, are still poorly understood. Here, we follow individ...

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  • Asymmetric construction of tetrahedral chiral zinc with high configurational stability and catalytic activity.

    abstract::Chiral metal complexes show promise as asymmetric catalysts and optical materials. Chiral-at-metal complexes composed of achiral ligands have expanded the versatility and applicability of chiral metal complexes, especially for octahedral and half-sandwich complexes. However, Werner-type tetrahedral complexes with a st...

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  • Polymer physics indicates chromatin folding variability across single-cells results from state degeneracy in phase separation.

    abstract::The spatial organization of chromosomes has key functional roles, yet how chromosomes fold remains poorly understood at the single-molecule level. Here, we employ models of polymer physics to investigate DNA loci in human HCT116 and IMR90 wild-type and cohesin depleted cells. Model predictions on single-molecule struc...

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  • A human genome-wide loss-of-function screen identifies effective chikungunya antiviral drugs.

    abstract::Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a globally spreading alphavirus against which there is no commercially available vaccine or therapy. Here we use a genome-wide siRNA screen to identify 156 proviral and 41 antiviral host factors affecting CHIKV replication. We analyse the cellular pathways in which human proviral genes are...

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  • Dynamical observations on the crack tip zone and stress corrosion of two-dimensional MoS2.

    abstract::Whether and how fracture mechanics needs to be modified for small length scales and in systems of reduced dimensionality remains an open debate. Here, employing in situ transmission electron microscopy, atomic structures and dislocation dynamics in the crack tip zone of a propagating crack in two-dimensional (2D) mono...

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  • A clinically applicable deep-learning model for detecting intracranial aneurysm in computed tomography angiography images.

    abstract::Intracranial aneurysm is a common life-threatening disease. Computed tomography angiography is recommended as the standard diagnosis tool; yet, interpretation can be time-consuming and challenging. We present a specific deep-learning-based model trained on 1,177 digital subtraction angiography verified bone-removal co...

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    authors: Shi Z,Miao C,Schoepf UJ,Savage RH,Dargis DM,Pan C,Chai X,Li XL,Xia S,Zhang X,Gu Y,Zhang Y,Hu B,Xu W,Zhou C,Luo S,Wang H,Mao L,Liang K,Wen L,Zhou L,Yu Y,Lu GM,Zhang LJ

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  • Integrative genomics of microglia implicates DLG4 (PSD95) in the white matter development of preterm infants.

    abstract::Preterm birth places infants in an adverse environment that leads to abnormal brain development and cerebral injury through a poorly understood mechanism known to involve neuroinflammation. In this study, we integrate human and mouse molecular and neuroimaging data to investigate the role of microglia in preterm white...

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  • CD19 CAR immune pressure induces B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia lineage switch exposing inherent leukaemic plasticity.

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  • A biochemically-interpretable machine learning classifier for microbial GWAS.

    abstract::Current machine learning classifiers have successfully been applied to whole-genome sequencing data to identify genetic determinants of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), but they lack causal interpretation. Here we present a metabolic model-based machine learning classifier, named Metabolic Allele Classifier (MAC), that...

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  • Intellectual synthesis in mentorship determines success in academic careers.

    abstract::As academic careers become more competitive, junior scientists need to understand the value that mentorship brings to their success in academia. Previous research has found that, unsurprisingly, successful mentors tend to train successful students. But what characteristics of this relationship predict success, and how...

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    authors: Liénard JF,Achakulvisut T,Acuna DE,David SV

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  • Regulation of RIPK1 activation by TAK1-mediated phosphorylation dictates apoptosis and necroptosis.

    abstract::Stimulation of TNFR1 by TNFα can promote three distinct alternative mechanisms of cell death: necroptosis, RIPK1-independent and -dependent apoptosis. How cells decide which way to die is unclear. Here, we report that TNFα-induced phosphorylation of RIPK1 in the intermediate domain by TAK1 plays a key role in regulati...

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    authors: Geng J,Ito Y,Shi L,Amin P,Chu J,Ouchida AT,Mookhtiar AK,Zhao H,Xu D,Shan B,Najafov A,Gao G,Akira S,Yuan J

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  • Structure of tRNA splicing enzyme Tpt1 illuminates the mechanism of RNA 2'-PO4 recognition and ADP-ribosylation.

    abstract::Tpt1 is an essential agent of fungal tRNA splicing that removes the 2'-PO4 at the splice junction generated by fungal tRNA ligase. Tpt1 catalyzes a unique two-step reaction whereby the 2'-PO4 attacks NAD+ to form an RNA-2'-phospho-ADP-ribosyl intermediate that undergoes transesterification to yield 2'-OH RNA and ADP-r...

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  • Oxidation of F-actin controls the terminal steps of cytokinesis.

    abstract::Cytokinetic abscission, the terminal step of cell division, crucially depends on the local constriction of ESCRT-III helices after cytoskeleton disassembly. While the microtubules of the intercellular bridge are cut by the ESCRT-associated enzyme Spastin, the mechanism that clears F-actin at the abscission site is unk...

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  • A genome-wide scan statistic framework for whole-genome sequence data analysis.

    abstract::The analysis of whole-genome sequencing studies is challenging due to the large number of noncoding rare variants, our limited understanding of their functional effects, and the lack of natural units for testing. Here we propose a scan statistic framework, WGScan, to simultaneously detect the existence, and estimate t...

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  • Non-canonical signalling mediates changes in fungal cell wall PAMPs that drive immune evasion.

    abstract::To colonise their host, pathogens must counter local environmental and immunological challenges. Here, we reveal that the fungal pathogen Candida albicans exploits diverse host-associated signals to promote immune evasion by masking of a major pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP), β-glucan. Certain nutrients, ...

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  • Direct observation of coordinated DNA movements on the nucleosome during chromatin remodelling.

    abstract::ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling enzymes (remodellers) regulate DNA accessibility in eukaryotic genomes. Many remodellers reposition (slide) nucleosomes, however, how DNA is propagated around the histone octamer during this process is unclear. Here we examine the real-time coordination of remodeller-induced DNA mov...

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  • Demonstration of a quantum error detection code using a square lattice of four superconducting qubits.

    abstract::The ability to detect and deal with errors when manipulating quantum systems is a fundamental requirement for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Unlike classical bits that are subject to only digital bit-flip errors, quantum bits are susceptible to a much larger spectrum of errors, for which any complete quantum error-...

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  • Driving diffusionless transformations in colloidal crystals using DNA handshaking.

    abstract::Many crystals, such as those of metals, can transform from one symmetry into another having lower free energy via a diffusionless transformation. Here we create binary colloidal crystals consisting of polymer microspheres, pulled together by DNA bridges, that induce specific, reversible attractions between two species...

    journal_title:Nature communications

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    authors: Casey MT,Scarlett RT,Rogers WB,Jenkins I,Sinno T,Crocker JC

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  • DRP1-mediated mitochondrial shape controls calcium homeostasis and muscle mass.

    abstract::Mitochondrial quality control is essential in highly structured cells such as neurons and muscles. In skeletal muscle the mitochondrial fission proteins are reduced in different physiopathological conditions including ageing sarcopenia, cancer cachexia and chemotherapy-induced muscle wasting. However, whether mitochon...

    journal_title:Nature communications

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Favaro G,Romanello V,Varanita T,Andrea Desbats M,Morbidoni V,Tezze C,Albiero M,Canato M,Gherardi G,De Stefani D,Mammucari C,Blaauw B,Boncompagni S,Protasi F,Reggiani C,Scorrano L,Salviati L,Sandri M

    更新日期:2019-06-12 00:00:00

  • Dynamic changes of muscle insulin sensitivity after metabolic surgery.

    abstract::The mechanisms underlying improved insulin sensitivity after surgically-induced weight loss are still unclear. We monitored skeletal muscle metabolism in obese individuals before and over 52 weeks after metabolic surgery. Initial weight loss occurs in parallel with a decrease in muscle oxidative capacity and respirato...

    journal_title:Nature communications

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    authors: Gancheva S,Ouni M,Jelenik T,Koliaki C,Szendroedi J,Toledo FGS,Markgraf DF,Pesta DH,Mastrototaro L,De Filippo E,Herder C,Jähnert M,Weiss J,Strassburger K,Schlensak M,Schürmann A,Roden M

    更新日期:2019-09-13 00:00:00

  • Victoria continental microplate dynamics controlled by the lithospheric strength distribution of the East African Rift.

    abstract::The Victoria microplate between the Eastern and Western Branches of the East African Rift System is one of the largest continental microplates on Earth. In striking contrast to its neighboring plates, Victoria rotates counterclockwise with respect to Nubia. The underlying cause of this distinctive rotation has remaine...

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    authors: Glerum A,Brune S,Stamps DS,Strecker MR

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  • In planta study of photosynthesis and photorespiration using NADPH and NADH/NAD+ fluorescent protein sensors.

    abstract::The challenge of monitoring in planta dynamic changes of NADP(H) and NAD(H) redox states at the subcellular level is considered a major obstacle in plant bioenergetics studies. Here, we introduced two circularly permuted yellow fluorescent protein sensors, iNAP and SoNar, into Arabidopsis thaliana to monitor the dynam...

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  • Voltage-induced spreading and superspreading of liquids.

    abstract::The ability to quickly spread a liquid across a surface and form a film is fundamental for a diverse range of technological processes, including printing, painting and spraying. Here we show that liquid dielectrophoresis or electrowetting can produce wetting on normally non-wetting surfaces, without needing modificati...

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