The role of epithelial cell differentiation in the expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 in normal human oral mucosa in culture.


:We have examined by immunofluorescent antibody staining technique the expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) in organ cultures of the normal human oral mucosa. The expression of HSV-1 antigen was found selectively in the epithelial cell layers in relatively undifferentiated states such as basal layer and lower prickle cell layer in addition to the basement membrane. When the epithelial cells dissociated from the oral mucosa were infected with HSV-1 and association of the HSV-1 expression with the cellular differentiation was examined, the epithelial cells containing laminin in an undifferentiated state were permissive for the expression of HSV-1 antigen whereas terminally differentiated epithelial cells with the cornified envelope did not express HSV-1 antigen. These findings indicate that the expression of HSV-1 antigen is restricted in the mucosal epithelial cells in a differentiated state, although the possibility that the cornified envelope might protect the cells from infection is not excluded.


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Archives of virology


Yura Y,Iga H,Terashima K,Yoshida H,Yanagawa T,Hayashi Y,Sato M




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