Academic-clinical service partnerships are innovative strategies to advance patient safety competence and leadership in prelicensure nursing students.


:Nurse-graduates today must be prepared to practice in a complicated healthcare system with numerous safety challenges. Although patient safety and quality competencies are a priority in nursing education, effective strategies for applying this knowledge into practice are needed. To meet this challenge, the Helene Fuld Leadership Program for the Advancement of Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has developed an academic-clinical service partnership. Students are assigned to mentored, quality improvement projects in which they complete 100 hours over 2 semesters. This partnership links the Fuld Fellows with an interprofessional network of Johns Hopkins Medical Entity clinical Quality Improvement leaders. The partnerships have lead to manuscripts, professional job opportunities, and quality networking for both our students and mentors. Our strategic, academic-service partnership has improved student knowledge of patient safety principles and promoted nursing competence in patient safety with the development of future patient safety and QI nurse leaders.


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Nursing outlook


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  • Determinants for effective collaboration among DNP- and PhD-prepared faculty.

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  • Newly graduated nurses' intention to leave in their first year of practice in Shanghai: A longitudinal study.

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  • Models for evaluating nursing education programs.

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  • The use of focus group methodology in health disparities research.

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  • Nursing's contribution to research about parenting children with complex chronic conditions: an integrative review, 2002 to 2012.

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  • The unrecognized paradigm shift in nursing: implications, problems, and possibilities.

    abstract::An important paradigm (or worldview) shift is occurring in science that affects the nature of nursing education, practice, and research. The shift from positivism to postmodernism and now to neomodernism has received little attention in US nursing and as such may forestall many opportunities related to such change. Th...

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  • Research productivity following nursing research initiative grants.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In 1995, VA's Office of Research and Development launched the Nursing Research Initiative (NRI), to encourage nurses to apply for research funding and to increase the role of nurse investigators in the VA's research mission. This program provides novice nurse researchers the opportunity to further develop th...

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  • Nursing diagnoses in elderly residents of a nursing home: a case in Turkey.

    abstract::There are limited studies on nursing diagnoses of the elderly living in nursing homes worldwide. This study aimed to define the most frequent nursing diagnoses in the elderly residents of a nursing home elder care and rehabilitation center. Seventy-four elderly individuals were included in the study. Data were collect...

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  • Project EFECT: a case study of collaboration and cooperation. Education for Effective Collaborative Training.

    abstract::Many service professionals have little opportunity during their educational experience to collaborate directly with others outside of their discipline or to have real-life experiences in teamwork and cooperation. Project EFECT provided laboratory experiences in area schools for students from 4 different disciplines to...

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  • Entrustable professional activities for quality and patient safety.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Further efforts are warranted to identify innovative approaches to best implement competencies in nursing education. To bridge the gap between competency-based education, practice, and implementation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, one emerging approach is entrustable professional activities (EPAs). PU...

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  • Entry: a new approach.

    abstract::Despite all of the protections promised through grandfathering and pathways to educational mobility, the entry movement tends to be perceived by many to be "demoting" the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of RNs who do not possess the education to meet the proposed standard. Here is a proposal for a way o...

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  • Strategic innovation between PhD and DNP programs: Collaboration, collegiality, and shared resources.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:At least 111 schools and colleges of nursing across the nation provide both PhD and DNP programs (AACN, 2014a). Collaboration between nurses with doctoral preparation as researchers (PhD) and practitioners (DNP) has been recommended as essential to further the profession; that collaboration can begin during ...

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  • A systematic assessment of strategies to address the nursing faculty shortage, U.S.

    abstract::This article provides an assessment of strategies implemented nationwide to counter the nursing faculty shortage, highlights those indicating most promise, and proposes a basis for evaluating outcomes. The deficit of educators is a key impediment to filling the growing demand for nurses generated by an aging populatio...

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  • Family self-tailoring: Applying a systems approach to improving family healthy living behaviors.

    abstract::The adoption and maintenance of healthy living behaviors by individuals and families is a major challenge. We describe a new model of health behavior change, SystemCHANGE (SC), which focuses on the redesign of family daily routines using system improvement methods. In the SC intervention, families are taught a set of ...

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  • Nursing and the informatics revolution.

    abstract::The Institute of Medicine's quality initiatives have collectively emphasized the importance of information technology to the transformation of health care. Not coincidentally, federal initiatives in 2004 have signaled the start of "the decade of health information technology." Building on those reports, this article d...

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  • The interprofessional VA quality scholars program: Promoting predoctoral nursing scientists and their career trajectories.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) program is an interprofessional fellowship that provides a unique opportunity for predoctoral nurse scientists to embed their work in quality improvement learning "laboratories" to inform their scholarship, science, and research. PURPOSE:To describe the VAQS program in relatio...

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  • Current assessments of quality and safety education in nursing.

    abstract::Concerns about the quality and safety of health care have changed practice expectations and created a mandate for change in the preparation of health care professionals. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses project team conducted a survey to assess current levels of integration of quality and safety content in ...

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  • Credentialing: the need for a national research agenda.

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  • Military nurse deployments: Similarities, differences, and resulting issues.

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  • Integrating emerging areas of nursing science into PhD programs.

    abstract::The Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science aims to "facilitate and recognize life-long nursing science career development" as an important part of its mission. In light of fast-paced advances in science and technology that are inspiring new questions and methods of investigation in the health sciences, the Cou...

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