Polygraphical study on age dependent epileptic encephalopathy--relationship between body movements during sleep and prognosis.


:Body movements (BMs) during sleep in patients with age dependent epileptic encephalopathy (ADEE) were studied polysomnographically in order to clarify the underlying mechanism of intractability and the age dependent trend. Twenty patients were divided into two groups according to the prognosis of convulsions. In the good prognosis group, BMs were nearly normal except for a low frequency in some cases. In the intractable group with seizures which were uncontrollable by medication and recurred within a year, BMs showed abnormalities as follows: abnormal distribution according to sleep stages, and/or a low frequency; increased BMs on therapy with prednisolone or ACTH. Moreover, a paradoxical increase of BMs with age and recurrence of seizures concomitantly occurred in the course of the disease. Status epilepticus appeared in cases under 1-DOPA administration or with a strikingly high frequency of BMs. Since electrophysiological evidence indicates that BMs during sleep are modulated by the dopaminergic (DA) system, the present data might suggest that prognosis of convulsions in ADEE depend upon, at least in part, the DA system. And denervated supersensitivity of that system might give rise to recurrence of seizures and status epilepticus.


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Iwakawa Y,Ogiso M,Suzuki H,Kawano Y,Koyama J,Shimohira M




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1986-01-01 00:00:00














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