A Brief Review-EPR Dosimetry and the Use of Animal Teeth as Dosimeters.


:The technique of electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry using tooth enamel was established in the late 1960s, and considerable research has been conducted to learn more about the benefits of using human teeth as dosimeters for the purpose of retrospective dose reconstruction. Comparatively few studies have been done which have investigated animal teeth for the same purpose. The potential exists for utilizing animal teeth as dosimeters to reconstruct doses received by a species, as well as by humans. Animals investigated in electron paramagnetic resonance studies included cows, rats, mice, dogs, pigs, rhesus monkeys, goats, reindeer, walruses, bison, polar foxes, moose, and polar bears. Much has been determined regarding the characteristics of animal teeth, and overall the use of animal teeth for electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry appears to be a viable means of estimating external dose. Although much has been learned from animal studies, there remain unanswered questions related to electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry and the use of animal teeth as electron paramagnetic resonance dosimeters. This article summarizes the findings of animal electron paramagnetic resonance studies and outlines what is still unknown.


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  • Impact of comparison group on cohort dose response regression: an example using risk estimation in atomic-bomb survivors.

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  • A prioritization and analysis strategy for environmental surveillance results.

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  • Evaluation of two thermoluminescent detection systems for medical imaging environments.

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  • Summertime elevation of 222Rn levels in Huntsville, Alabama.

    abstract::Indoor Rn concentrations and Rn in adjacent karst terrains were studied at four houses with crawlspaces in Huntsville, AL. In warm summertime weather, Rn-rich air may vent through limestone solution cavities exposed as holes at the surface of the properties. A probable interrelated-finding is that the indoor levels of...

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  • Chernobyl-derived radiocesium in heather honey and its dependence on deposition patterns.

    abstract::Gamma-ray spectra were measured from Scottish heather honey samples gathered from hive locations with associated airborne gamma-ray survey data. The honeys all contained radiocesium, with activity concentrations ranging from 43-680 Bq kg(-1) 137Cs, and 134Cs/137Cs ratios consistent with Chernobyl deposition. Activity ...

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  • Reevaluation of (241)Am content in the USTUR case 0102 leg phantom.

    abstract::The (241)Am contents in the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries' (USTUR) case 0102 leg phantom were previously estimated to be 1,243 ± 11 Bq. Recent analysis of the computed tomography images of the phantom revealed multiple bone structures missing from various regions of the phantom skeleton including: ...

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  • The Gaussian atmospheric transport model and its sensitivity to the joint frequency distribution and parametric variability.

    abstract::Reconstructed meteorological data are often used in some form of long-term wind trajectory models for estimating the historical impacts of atmospheric emissions. Meteorological data for the straight-line Gaussian plume model are put into a joint frequency distribution, a three-dimensional array describing atmospheric ...

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  • Estimation of human gonadal Pu and Ce concentrations from animal data.

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  • U.S. Transuranium Registry report on the 239Pu distribution in a human body.

    abstract::The distribution of 239Pu in a human whole body is reported. The body contained 246 Bq of 239Pu of which 130 Bq (52.8%) was found in the lungs and associated lymph nodes. Of the remaining 116 Bq (47.2%) that constituted the systemic deposition, 51.2 Bq (44%) were in the skeleton, 48.6 Bq (42%) in the liver, and the re...

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  • Assessment of the natural radioactivity in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

    abstract::Fifty-one soil samples were collected to a depth of 30 cm in the central and eastern region of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Concentrations of background radionuclides in soil samples were determined by gamma ray spectrometry with an HPGe detector. The average concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in t...

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  • An approach to radiation safety department benchmarking in academic and medical facilities.

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  • Results of surveys at United States pulp and paper mills for the presence of scales and precipitates containing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

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  • Organ Doses From Diagnostic Medical Radiography-Trends Over Eight Decades (1930 to 2010).

    abstract::This study provides a retrospective assessment of doses to 13 organs for the most common radiographic examinations conducted between the 1930s and 2010, taking into account typical technical parameters used for radiography during those years. This study is intended to be a resource on changes in medical diagnostic rad...

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  • Physical models and dose factors for use in internal dose assessment.

    abstract::Internal dose assessment depends on the use of mathematical formulas for dose calculation and models of the human body and its organs. A simple, unified method for internal dose calculations is described, which brings together and simplifies concepts used in nuclear medicine and occupational internal dose systems prev...

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  • A study on radon absorption efficiencies of edible oils produced in India.

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  • A test of the influence of cyclotron resonance exposures on diatom motility.

    abstract::An attempt was made to test the hypothesis (McLeod et al. 1987; Smith et al. 1987) that a certain combination of direct current and alternating current magnetic field exposures at room temperature results in an increase in motility of a marine diatom (Amphora coffeaeformis) to a maximum value. Diatom motility increase...

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  • Spatial and temporal distribution of energy.

    abstract::Studies of the spatial and temporal distribution of microscopic radiation doses lead to potentially important questions regarding conventional approaches to radiation protection. The short ranges of alpha-particle and Auger-electron emissions from radionuclides lead to uncertainties in assessing their hazards. The con...

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  • Uranium in drinking water: effects on mouse oocyte quality.

    abstract::The aim of this work was to evaluate the reproductive toxicological effects of uranium (U) at 2.5, 5, and 10 mgU/kg/d chronically administered in drinking water for 40 d. Swiss female control mice (n = 28) and mice chronically contaminated with uranyl nitrate in drinking water (n = 36) were tested. The number and qual...

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  • Projected Cancer Risks to Residents of New Mexico from Exposure to Trinity Radioactive Fallout.

    abstract::The Trinity nuclear test, conducted in 1945, exposed residents of New Mexico to varying degrees of radioactive fallout. Companion papers in this issue have detailed the results of a dose reconstruction that has estimated tissue-specific radiation absorbed doses to residents of New Mexico from internal and external exp...

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  • Internal dose following a major nuclear war.

    abstract::The PATHWAY model results were used, in conjunction with a hypothetical major nuclear attack on the U.S., to arrive at the ratio of internal to external dose for humans from early (48 h) fallout. Considered were the four nuclides (137Cs, 89Sr, 90Sr, 131I) that account for most of the reconstructed whole-body committed...

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  • Operational radiation safety for PET-CT, SPECT-CT, and cyclotron facilities.

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  • Cancer mortality in counties near two former nuclear materials processing facilities in Pennsylvania, 1950-1995.

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  • Pennsylvania's technologically enhanced, naturally occurring radioactive material experiences and studies of the oil and gas industry.

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  • Toxicity of 99Tc: can it represent a risk to man?

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  • A Case Study of the NCRP 156 Wound Model of Embedded DU Using Data From Urine Uranium Concentrations of Wounded Veterans.

    abstract::Depleted uranium (DU) munitions were initially used by the United States (U.S.) military during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 in order to penetrate heavily armored vehicles. However, as a result of friendly fire, several U.S. military personnel received intakes from DU munitions. One of the ongoing concerns for t...

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