A Brief Review-EPR Dosimetry and the Use of Animal Teeth as Dosimeters.


:The technique of electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry using tooth enamel was established in the late 1960s, and considerable research has been conducted to learn more about the benefits of using human teeth as dosimeters for the purpose of retrospective dose reconstruction. Comparatively few studies have been done which have investigated animal teeth for the same purpose. The potential exists for utilizing animal teeth as dosimeters to reconstruct doses received by a species, as well as by humans. Animals investigated in electron paramagnetic resonance studies included cows, rats, mice, dogs, pigs, rhesus monkeys, goats, reindeer, walruses, bison, polar foxes, moose, and polar bears. Much has been determined regarding the characteristics of animal teeth, and overall the use of animal teeth for electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry appears to be a viable means of estimating external dose. Although much has been learned from animal studies, there remain unanswered questions related to electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry and the use of animal teeth as electron paramagnetic resonance dosimeters. This article summarizes the findings of animal electron paramagnetic resonance studies and outlines what is still unknown.


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  • Determining 222Rn diffusion lengths in soils and sediments.

    abstract::Radon-222 diffusion length has been measured for 28 Danish soils and sediments. Samples were placed in a diffusion column connected to a 222Rn reservoir and the transport of 222Rn through the column was measured. The diffusion length was found by comparing the measured data to time-dependent diffusion theory. Dry silt...

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  • The Time Course of Radiation-induced Lung Injury in a Nonhuman Primate Model of Partial-body Irradiation With Minimal Bone Marrow Sparing: Clinical and Radiographic Evidence and the Effect of Neupogen Administration.

    abstract::The primary objectives of two companion manuscripts were to assess the natural history of delayed radiation-induced lung injury in a nonhuman primate model of acute high-dose, partial-body irradiation with 5% bone marrow sparing, to include the clinical, radiographic, and histopathological evidence and the effect of N...

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  • Reconstruction of Enriched Uranium Released to Air from the Former Apollo Facility, Apollo, Pennsylvania.

    abstract::The former Apollo facility converted enriched uranium hexafluoride into uranium oxide for shipment to nuclear fuel fabrication plants from 1957 to 1983. This paper describes quantification of the source term from the Apollo facility in terms of quantities of uranium released, particle size, and solubility characterist...

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  • Evaluation of aperture efficiency of a radiofrequency electric field strength meter antenna.

    abstract::With present-day rapid increases in the applications of radiofrequency microwave radiation in research, medicine, defense, communications, and industry, it has become necessary to have simple inexpensive portable radiofrequency microwave field strength meters for health and safety surveys around operating equipment. T...

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  • Description of the properties of unattached 218Po and 212Pb particles by means of the classical theory of cluster formation.

    abstract::A review is given of the classical theory of cluster formation to see whether it is a useful description of the behaviour of unattached radioactive particles. Special attention is given to the predictions concerning the size of the clusters, their growth, and their dependency on humidity and other trace gases. The the...

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  • Volume traps--a new retrospective radon monitor.

    abstract::A new method to trace back average radon concentrations in dwellings over several decades in time has been developed. This retrospective radon monitor is based on the measurement of the alpha activity of 210Po deposited in volume traps, e.g., spongy materials used for mattresses and cushions. Polyester samples with di...

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  • Mitigating radiation-induced toxicity: an overview of new approaches developed at the French Military Biomedical Research Institute.

    abstract::Acute radiation syndrome represents the clinical response of radiation-sensitive key tissues (i.e., hematopoietic, gastrointestinal and neurovascular) following exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation. In this context, the hematopoietic syndrome remains the first therapeutic challenge. Today, identifying new drug...

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  • Use of radiopharmaceuticals in diagnostic nuclear medicine in the United States: 1960-2010.

    abstract::To reconstruct reliable nuclear medicine-related occupational radiation doses or doses received as patients from radiopharmaceuticals over the last five decades, the authors assessed which radiopharmaceuticals were used in different time periods, their relative frequency of use, and typical values of the administered ...

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    authors: Drozdovitch V,Brill AB,Callahan RJ,Clanton JA,DePietro A,Goldsmith SJ,Greenspan BS,Gross MD,Hays MT,Moore SC,Ponto JA,Shreeve WW,Melo DR,Linet MS,Simon SL

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  • A simple approximation for estimating centerline gamma absorbed dose rates due to a continuous Gaussian plume.

    abstract::A simple approximation for estimating the centerline gamma absorbed dose rates due to a continuous Gaussian plume was developed. To simplify the integration of the dose integral, this approach makes use of the Gaussian cloud concentration distribution. The solution is expressed in terms of the I1 and I2 integrals whic...

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    authors: Overcamp TJ,Fjeld RA

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  • A strategy for a rapid radiological screening survey in large scale radiation accidents: a lesson from an individual survey after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accidents.

    abstract::To establish a strategy for a rapid screening survey of surface contamination among a large number of people after nuclear power plant (NPP) accidents, the authors analyzed the measured surface contamination of subjects. From 12 March through 25 March 2011, a screening survey was conducted in a hospital on 336 subject...

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    authors: Ohba T,Miyazaki M,Sato H,Hasegawa A,Sakuma M,Yusa T,Shishido F,Ohtsuru A

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  • Uncertainty of (222)Rn concentrations in the usepa radiation and indoor environments National Laboratory Exposure Chamber.

    abstract::The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) operates an environmentally controlled chamber for purposes of exposing various radon and decay product measurement equipment to known (222)Rn concentrations. Exposure durations range from 1 h to several months, and (222)Rn concentrations vary between 37 and 4,440 Bq m(-3...

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  • Chernobyl fallout on Alpine glaciers.

    abstract::Measurements of the gross beta activity of snow samples from four Alpine glaciers contaminated by radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident and a gamma-spectrum analysis of selected samples are reported. The results are discussed with respect to possible risks to the population from using meltwater from ...

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  • Application of in-vitro bioassay for 137Cs during the emergency phase of the Goiânia accident.

    abstract::In the Goiânia accident, many individuals suffered external and internal contamination. The screening of internal contamination was done through 137Cs urinary excretion. During the first month after the accident, only in-vitro bioassay procedures were done. Incorporation into the body and committed doses were estimate...

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    authors: Lipsztein JL,Bertelli L,Melo DR,Azeredo AM,Julião L,Santos MS

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  • On being understood: clarity and jargon in radiation protection.

    abstract::While much of the language used to express the concepts of radiation protection works effectively, there are many ill-chosen names and phrases and much jargon that permeate our professional speech and writing. From the oxymoron "internal exposure" to the "snarl word" "decay," there is much room for improvement. This e...

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    authors: Strom DJ,Watson CR

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  • Distribution of radiocesium in the soil-plant systems of upland areas of Europe.

    abstract::The distribution and behavior of Cs in the soil-plant systems at some upland sites in Northeastern Italy, Scotland, and Norway have been investigated. From the limited range of samples taken, there appears to be no dominant physicochemical control on the plant availability of Cs. The presence of micaceous minerals or ...

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    authors: Livens FR,Horrill AD,Singleton DL

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  • Basis for the ICRP's age-specific biokinetic model for uranium.

    abstract::In an effort motivated largely by the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) is developing age-specific biokinetic models and dose coefficients for environmentally important radionuclides. This paper describes the ICRP's age-specific biokinetic model for uranium. The...

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    authors: Leggett RW

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  • Effect of contrast material on radiation dose in an adult cardiac dual-energy CT using retrospective ECG-gating.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of contrast material and retrospective ECG-gating on radiation dose in an adult cardiac dual-energy computed tomography (DECT). Sixty-two patients underwent CT cardiac examination with a Somatom Definition Flash DECT using tube voltages of 100 kV without filter and...

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    authors: Paul J,Jacobi V,Bazrafshan B,Farshid P,Vogl T

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  • Measurement of 220Rn in exhaled breath of Th plant workers.

    abstract::The concentration of 220Rn in the exhaled breath of workers currently employed in a Th plant was measured using a double filter system. The results are expressed in terms of the equivalent activity of 224Ra freely emanating 220Rn at the mouth. Measurements performed on 176 subjects, without isolating them from day-to-...

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    authors: Mayya YS,Prasad SK,Nambiar PP,Kotrappa P,Somasundaram S

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  • Measurement of absorbed dose in water irradiated by 2.5-GeV bremsstrahlung.

    abstract::Plane shields made of Pb with a water tank behind them were irradiated by 2.5-GeV bremsstrahlung. The longitudinal distribution of the absorbed dose in water was measured using a scintillation counter. The results are compared with Monte Carlo calculations and published depth dose tables. ...

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    authors: Ban S,Hirayama H,Miura S

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  • The 15th Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address-Jus•ti•fied and Com•men•su•rate.

    abstract::When patients are exposed to ionizing radiation for medical diagnosis or treatment, the procedure being performed should be justified, and the amount of ionizing radiation used should be commensurate with the medical purpose. A legal limit on the amount of ionizing radiation used for medical exposure of a patient does...

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    authors: Rosenstein M

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  • Determination of the shielding for an unoccupied roof of a radiation therapy facility to account for adjacent buildings--modification of a computer program.

    abstract::An addition has been made to an existing software program for calculating shielding thicknesses of barriers for megavoltage radiation therapy beams. This addition calculates the shielding thicknesses required for the roof of a single-story building when adjacent, multi-level buildings are occupied. ...

    journal_title:Health physics

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    authors: Biggs PJ

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  • Uncertainty of the tritium dose conversion factor.

    abstract::Environmental releases of tritium oxide at a number of Department of Energy nuclear weapons facilities contribute to a significant portion of environmental dose. Several conversion factors are utilized in the estimation of human impact from these releases, e.g., dispersion coefficients, consumption rates, uptake facto...

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    authors: Hamby DM

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  • Low-dose extrapolation of radiation health risks: some implications of uncertainty for radiation protection at low doses.

    abstract::Ionizing radiation is a known and well-quantified human cancer risk factor, based on a remarkably consistent body of information from epidemiological studies of exposed populations. Typical examples of risk estimation include use of Japanese atomic bomb survivor data to estimate future risk from radiation-related canc...

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  • Inferences, Risk Modeling, and Prediction of Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation.

    abstract::The combined expertise of radiation epidemiologists and laboratory experimentalists is required to accurately define health risks from exposure to a low/very low radiation dose. Although stochastic risk can be estimated when a known threshold dose is exceeded, risk must be inferred from data transference at sub-thresh...

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  • An analytically based model for the simultaneous leaching-chain decay of radionuclides from contaminated ground surface soil layers.

    abstract::This paper describes an analytically based method for modeling the time-dependent radionuclide areal densities of contaminated soil surface layers when the soil experiences simultaneous leaching, surface erosion and chain radioactive decay. The model is used to predict time-dependent radionuclide areal densities in a ...

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    authors: Jarzemba MS,Manteufel RD

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  • Dose rate distribution from a standard waste drum arrangement.

    abstract::The evaluation of the dose rate distributions from radioactive sources, together with the specific detector locations with respect to those sources, in many cases presents a significant analytical challenge. With the exception of a few, simple source-detector geometries, it is not possible to find an analytical expres...

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    authors: Zoeger N,Brandl A

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  • Measuring Workload with Paired Detectors.

    abstract::Linear accelerator workloads for each available photon energy are important quantities to know for radiation safety considerations, and presented is a technique to measure the workload using paired detectors. The signals from the two detectors can give sufficient information to separate the signal contributions from 6...

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  • Uranium in vitro bioassay action level used to screen workers for chronic inhalation intakes of uranium mill tailings.

    abstract::A uranium in vitro bioassay (urinalysis) action level was derived for use at the Department of Energy's Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project sites to identify chronic inhalation intakes of uranium mill tailings causing 0.5 mSv (50 mrem) annual effective dose equivalent. All radionuclides in the 238U decay cha...

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    authors: Reif RH,Turner JB,Carlson DS

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  • Thermal Modeling for the Next Generation of Radiofrequency Exposure Limits: Commentary.

    abstract::This commentary evaluates two sets of guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy, focusing on the frequency range above the "transition" frequency at 3-10 GHz where the guidelines change their basic restrictions from specific absorption rate to incident power density, through the end of the RF band at...

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    authors: Foster KR,Ziskin MC,Balzano Q

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  • Body K and 40K in Chinese subjects measured with a whole-body counter.

    abstract::More than 380 Chinese adults of both sexes were studied for their total body K and 40K using the National Tsing Hua University whole-body counter. The K values were found to have an average of 1.75 +/- 0.4 g K kg-1 body weight for males and 1.41 +/- 0.1 g K kg-1 body weight for females. The average K value for both se...

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    authors: Lan CY,Weng PS

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