Changes in Gut Microbiota Prior to Influenza A Virus Infection Do Not Affect Immune Responses in Pups or Juvenile Mice.


:Previous studies demonstrated that oral antibiotic (ABX) treatment prior to and during influenza A virus (IAV) infection of adult mice profoundly altered gut microbiota (GM) and was associated with increased susceptibility and impaired immunity to IAV. We examined the impact of ABX during critical times relevant to the establishment of GM in early life (using perinatal treatment of neonates and direct treatment of juvenile mice) and asked whether cessation of ABX treatment in early life had lasting effects on GM composition and anti-IAV immunity. ABX treatment significantly changed GM composition in juvenile mice and in ABX-treated dams. However, if ABX treatment ceased at the time of infection, neither neonates nor juvenile mice showed enhanced susceptibility to IAV, nor were major differences detected in cellular and humoral adaptive antiviral immunity. Thus, while ABX treatment alters GM diversity in early life, cessation and subsequent re-colonization correlates with effective immunity against IAV.


Fuglsang E,Pizzolla A,Krych L,Nielsen DS,Brooks AG,Frøkiær H,Reading PC




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2018-09-12 00:00:00








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  • iTRAQ-Based Global Phosphoproteomics Reveals Novel Molecular Differences Between Toxoplasma gondii Strains of Different Genotypes.

    abstract::To gain insights into differences in the virulence among T. gondii strains at the post-translational level, we conducted a quantitative analysis of the phosphoproteome profile of T. gondii strains belonging to three different genotypes. Phosphopeptides from three strains, type I (RH strain), type II (PRU strain) and T...

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  • Pathogenesis of cerebral malaria: new diagnostic tools, biomarkers, and therapeutic approaches.

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