Interplay of Histone Marks with Serine ADP-Ribosylation.


:Serine ADP-ribosylation (Ser-ADPr) is a recently discovered protein modification that is catalyzed by PARP1 and PARP2 when in complex with the eponymous histone PARylation factor 1 (HPF1). In addition to numerous other targets, core histone tails are primary acceptors of Ser-ADPr in the DNA damage response. Here, we show that specific canonical histone marks interfere with Ser-ADPr of neighboring residues and vice versa. Most notably, acetylation, but not methylation of H3K9, is mutually exclusive with ADPr of H3S10 in vitro and in vivo. We also broaden the O-linked ADPr spectrum by providing evidence for tyrosine ADPr on HPF1 and other proteins. Finally, we facilitate wider investigations into the interplay of histone marks with Ser-ADPr by introducing a simple approach for profiling posttranslationally modified peptides. Our findings implicate Ser-ADPr as a dynamic addition to the complex interplay of modifications that shape the histone code.


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Cell reports


Bartlett E,Bonfiglio JJ,Prokhorova E,Colby T,Zobel F,Ahel I,Matic I




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  • Retinal Cell Type DNA Methylation and Histone Modifications Predict Reprogramming Efficiency and Retinogenesis in 3D Organoid Cultures.

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  • The Coding Regions of Germline mRNAs Confer Sensitivity to Argonaute Regulation in C. elegans.

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  • Iterative Single-Cell Analyses Define the Transcriptome of the First Functional Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

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  • Motile axonal mitochondria contribute to the variability of presynaptic strength.

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  • Developmental Rewiring between Cerebellar Climbing Fibers and Purkinje Cells Begins with Positive Feedback Synapse Addition.

    abstract::During postnatal development, cerebellar climbing fibers alter their innervation strengths onto supernumerary Purkinje cell targets, generating a one-to-few connectivity pattern in adulthood. To get insight about the processes responsible for this remapping, we reconstructed serial electron microscopy datasets from mi...

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  • Conversion of MyoD to a neurogenic factor: binding site specificity determines lineage.

    abstract::MyoD and NeuroD2, master regulators of myogenesis and neurogenesis, bind to a "shared" E-box sequence (CAGCTG) and a "private" sequence (CAGGTG or CAGATG, respectively). To determine whether private-site recognition is sufficient to confer lineage specification, we generated a MyoD mutant with the DNA-binding specific...

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  • The TIP60 Complex Is a Conserved Coactivator of HIF1A.

    abstract::Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) are critical regulators of the cellular response to hypoxia. Despite their established roles in normal physiology and numerous pathologies, the molecular mechanisms by which they control gene expression remain poorly understood. We report here a conserved role for the TIP60 complex as ...

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  • Ten-Eleven Translocation Proteins Modulate the Response to Environmental Stress in Mice.

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  • Perineurial Barrier Glia Physically Respond to Alcohol in an Akap200-Dependent Manner to Promote Tolerance.

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  • High-throughput screening for bioactive molecules using primary cell culture of transgenic zebrafish embryos.

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  • Crosstalk between the Rb pathway and AKT signaling forms a quiescence-senescence switch.

    abstract::Cell-cycle arrest in quiescence and senescence is largely orchestrated by the retinoblastoma (Rb) tumor-suppressor pathway, but the mechanisms underlying the quiescence-senescence switch remain unclear. Here, we show that the crosstalk between the Rb-AKT-signaling pathways forms this switch by controlling the overlapp...

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  • Bactericidal Antibiotics Induce Toxic Metabolic Perturbations that Lead to Cellular Damage.

    abstract::Understanding how antibiotics impact bacterial metabolism may provide insight into their mechanisms of action and could lead to enhanced therapeutic methodologies. Here, we profiled the metabolome of Escherichia coli after treatment with three different classes of bactericidal antibiotics (?-lactams, aminoglycosides, ...

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  • Sox9-Positive Progenitor Cells Play a Key Role in Renal Tubule Epithelial Regeneration in Mice.

    abstract::The kidney has a tremendous capacity to regenerate following injury, but factors that govern this response are still largely unknown. We isolated cells from mouse kidneys with high proliferative and multi-lineage differentiation capacity. These cells expressed a high level of Sox9. In regenerating kidneys, Sox9 expres...

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  • Importin α and vNEBD Control Meiotic Spindle Disassembly in Fission Yeast.

    abstract::In metazoans, the nuclear envelope (NE) breakdown (NEBD) occurs during "open" mitosis and meiosis. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, the mitosis and the first meiotic division (MI) are "closed," during which the NE is maintained. Intriguingly, during the second meiotic division (MII), the NE is also main...

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  • p53 Integrates Temporal WDR5 Inputs during Neuroectoderm and Mesoderm Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.

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  • A RhoA-FRET Biosensor Mouse for Intravital Imaging in Normal Tissue Homeostasis and Disease Contexts.

    abstract::The small GTPase RhoA is involved in a variety of fundamental processes in normal tissue. Spatiotemporal control of RhoA is thought to govern mechanosensing, growth, and motility of cells, while its deregulation is associated with disease development. Here, we describe the generation of a RhoA-fluorescence resonance e...

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    authors: Nobis M,Herrmann D,Warren SC,Kadir S,Leung W,Killen M,Magenau A,Stevenson D,Lucas MC,Reischmann N,Vennin C,Conway JRW,Boulghourjian A,Zaratzian A,Law AM,Gallego-Ortega D,Ormandy CJ,Walters SN,Grey ST,Bailey J,Chta

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  • Post-translational Modifications of OLIG2 Regulate Glioma Invasion through the TGF-β Pathway.

    abstract::In glioblastoma, invasion and proliferation are presumed to be mutually exclusive events; however, the molecular mechanisms that mediate this switch at the cellular level remain elusive. Previously, we have shown that phospho-OLIG2, a central-nervous-system-specific transcription factor, is essential for tumor growth ...

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    authors: Singh SK,Fiorelli R,Kupp R,Rajan S,Szeto E,Lo Cascio C,Maire CL,Sun Y,Alberta JA,Eschbacher JM,Ligon KL,Berens ME,Sanai N,Mehta S

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  • Antibiotics Disrupt Coordination between Transcriptional and Phenotypic Stress Responses in Pathogenic Bacteria.

    abstract::Bacterial genes that change in expression upon environmental disturbance have commonly been seen as those that must also phenotypically matter. However, several studies suggest that differentially expressed genes are rarely phenotypically important. We demonstrate, for Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, that th...

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    authors: Jensen PA,Zhu Z,van Opijnen T

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  • Small-Molecule Targeting of RNA Polymerase I Activates a Conserved Transcription Elongation Checkpoint.

    abstract::Inhibition of RNA polymerase I (Pol I) is a promising strategy for modern cancer therapy. BMH-21 is a first-in-class small molecule that inhibits Pol I transcription and induces degradation of the enzyme, but how this exceptional response is enforced is not known. Here, we define key elements requisite for the respons...

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  • Local Resting Ca2+ Controls the Scale of Astroglial Ca2+ Signals.

    abstract::Astroglia regulate neurovascular coupling while engaging in signal exchange with neurons. The underlying cellular machinery is thought to rely on astrocytic Ca2+ signals, but what controls their amplitude and waveform is poorly understood. Here, we employ time-resolved two-photon excitation fluorescence imaging in acu...

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  • A Positive Twist to the Centromeric Nucleosome.

    abstract::Centromeric nucleosomes are critical for chromosome attachment to the mitotic spindle. In this issue of Cell Reports, Diaz-Ingelmo et al. (2015) propose that the yeast centromeric nucleosome is stabilized by a positively supercoiled loop formed by the sequence-specific CBF3 complex. ...

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