Mll-COMPASS complexes mediate H3K4me3 enrichment and transcription of the osteoblast master gene Runx2/p57 in osteoblasts.


:Expression of Runx2/p57 is a hallmark of the osteoblast-lineage identity. Although several regulators that control the expression of Runx2/p57 during osteoblast-lineage commitment have been identified, the epigenetic mechanisms that sustain this expression in differentiated osteoblasts remain to be completely determined. Here, we assess epigenetic mechanisms associated with Runx2/p57 gene transcription in differentiating MC3T3 mouse osteoblasts. Our results show that an enrichment of activating histone marks at the Runx2/p57 P1 promoter is accompanied by the simultaneous interaction of Wdr5 and Utx proteins, both are components of COMPASS complexes. Knockdown of Wdr5 and Utx expression confirms the activating role of both proteins at the Runx2-P1 promoter. Other chromatin modifiers that were previously described to regulate Runx2/p57 transcription in mesenchymal precursor cells (Ezh2, Prmt5, and Jarid1b proteins) were not found to contribute to Runx2/p57 transcription in full-committed osteoblasts. We also determined the presence of additional components of COMPASS complexes at the Runx2/p57 promoter, evidencing that the Mll2/COMPASS- and Mll3/COMPASS-like complexes bind to the P1 promoter in osteoblastic cells expressing Runx2/p57 to modulate the H3K4me1 to H3K4me3 transition.


J Cell Physiol


Rojas A,Sepulveda H,Henriquez B,Aguilar R,Opazo T,Nardocci G,Bustos F,Lian JB,Stein JL,Stein GS,van Zundert B,van Wijnen AJ,Allende ML,Montecino M




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  • Adenosine receptor-mediated changes in cyclic AMP production and DNA synthesis in cultured arterial smooth muscle cells.

    abstract::The effects of adenosine and two analogs, L-phenylisopropyladenosine (L-PIA) and 5'-N-ethylcarboxamidoadenosine (NECA), on cAMP production and on platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-stimulated initiation of DNA synthesis in growth-arrested cultures of rat arterial smooth muscle cells (SMC) were studied. The intracel...

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  • Regulation of Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase in bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells.

    abstract::To evaluate the regulation of endothelial cell Cu,Zn-SOD, we have exposed bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells in culture to hyperoxia and hypoxia, second messengers or related agonists, hormones, free radical generating systems, endotoxin, and cytokines and have measured Cu,Zn-SOD protein of these cells by an EL...

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  • Extracellular acidification enhances DNA binding activity of MafG-FosB heterodimer.

    abstract::Cells are quite sensitive to a change of the extracellular pH and respond to it through detection of the H+/HCO3- level in extracellular fluid. However, little is known about molecular details induced by acidosis, such as intracellular pathways and gene expression. Here we describe properties of gene expression, prote...

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    abstract::During interphase, the centrosome concentrates cell stress response molecules, including chaperones and proteasomes, into a proteolytic center. However, whether the centrosome functions as proteolytic center during mitosis is not known. In this study, cultured mammalian cells were treated with the proteasome inhibitor...

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