SIRT6 overexpression inhibits cementogenesis by suppressing glucose transporter 1.


:Cementum, which shares common features with bone in terms of biochemical composition, is important for the homeostasis of periodontium during periodontitis and orthodontic treatment. Sirtuin 6 (SIRT6), as a member of the sirtuin family, plays key roles in the osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. However, the involvement of SIRT6 in cementoblast differentiation and mineralization and the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. In this study, we observed that the expression of SIRT6 increased during cementoblast differentiation initially. Analysis of the gain- and loss-of-function indicated that overexpressing SIRT6 in OCCM-30 cells suppresses cementoblast differentiation and mineralization and downregulating SIRT6 promotes cementogenesis. GLUT1, a glucose transporter necessary in cementogenesis, was inhibited by SIRT6. Overexpressing GLUT1 in SIRT6-overexpressed OCCM-30 cells rescued the inhibitory effect of SIRT6 on cementoblast differentiation and mineralization. Moreover, AMPK was activated after overexpressing SIRT6 and inhibited cementoblast differentiation and mineralization. Downregulating the expression of SIRT6 inhibited AMPK activity. Meanwhile, GLUT1 overexpression significantly decreased AMPK activity. Overall, on one hand, SIRT6 inhibited cementoblast differentiation and mineralization by suppressing GLUT1. On the other hand, SIRT6 inhibited cementoblast differentiation and mineralization by activating the AMPK pathway. GLUT1 overexpression also rescued the increased AMPK pathway activated by SIRT6.


J Cell Physiol


Huang L,Sun H,Song F,Cao Z,Jiang X,Zhang L,Li Z,Huang C




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