Exploring NCLEX Failures and Standardized Assessments.


BACKGROUND:Nurse educators seek valid and reliable tools to assist in early identification and intervention for students at-risk of NCLEX-RN failure. PURPOSE:The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to use principal component analysis to explore relationships within standardized assessment (SA) scores from a sample of students who failed the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt. METHODS:Standardized assessment scores were collected from prelicensure programs between 2009 and 2016 (n = 296). Mixed modeling sought to reveal SA scores that represented redundancy or duplication. RESULTS:The principal component analysis found 2 distinct components emerging from the 8 SAs included in the study, signifying duplication in the content assessed. Within these 2 components, maternal newborn and pharmacology had the strongest correlations among the SA scores. CONCLUSIONS:Discovering those SAs that assess similar content and have the strongest correlations can provide additional information for decision making when implementing these tests throughout the nursing curriculum.


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  • Education about death, dying, and bereavement in nursing programs.

    abstract::The authors report the results of a March 1992 survey of 650 baccalaureate nursing education programs concerning the education that they provide in the area of death, dying, and bereavement. The survey inquired about death education content in the curriculum, theoretic models, and whether organ/tissue donation is addr...

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  • Service learning: a tuberculosis screening clinic in an adult residential care facility.

    abstract::Service learning is an educational experience that equally benefits the educational institution and the organization where the service is provided.A tuberculosis screening clinic was a mutually agreed upon service learning project that was conducted by baccalaureate nursing students for residents of an adult residenti...

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  • A strategy for introducing diagnostic reasoning: hypothesis testing using a simulation approach.

    abstract::The ability to generate a number of hypotheses, so all possibilities in a situation are recognized, is a vital component in arriving at a correct nursing diagnosis. Students need learning experiences in this aspect of the diagnostic reasoning process. The authors discuss the four phase simulation method of teaching, w...

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  • A comparison of NLNAC and CCNE accreditation.

    abstract::Baccalaureate and graduate nursing education programs now have a choice of professional accrediting bodies and must make a decision about which best suits the needs of their individual programs. The authors describe the accreditation process and procedures of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and ...

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  • The dialectic of freedom and accountability: balancing faculty work load.

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  • Faculty-facilitated remediation: a model to transform at-risk students.

    abstract::A remediation program was implemented during the semester break in an associate degree nursing program to increase the pass rate on the NCLEX-RN of at-risk students in a targeted medical-surgical nursing course. Through the use of a course management system and an adaptive quizzing program, participants were facilitat...

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  • Avoiding student-faculty litigation.

    abstract::Nursing faculty have a duty to meet a standard of care to the patient and a standard of conduct to the student. Their double responsibility puts them at increased risk for potential lawsuits. The author presents an overview of the American legal system and discusses three areas of the law and its effect on the student...

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  • Social integration of the advanced placement LPN: a peer mentoring program.

    abstract::The shortage of registered nurses (RN) had made licensed practical nurse (LPN) to RN educational programs common. These programs give credit for previous learning and advance place the LPN in the nursing curriculum. Faculty have developed courses to ensure that the LPN is academically prepared to enter the nursing pro...

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  • Implementing the virtual reality learning environment: Second Life.

    abstract::Today, faculty members are challenged to find meaningful learning activities that enhance online nursing education. Second Life is an innovative Internet-based strategy that may be used to engage students in active learning. The authors discuss how this technology was implemented into an accelerated online nursing pro...

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  • Comparison of Virtual Simulation to Clinical Practice for Prelicensure Nursing Students in Pediatrics.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) pandemic has required a transition from in-person clinical practice to virtual learning. PURPOSE:This study compares the standardized assessment test scores of prelicensure nursing students who completed their pediatric clinical practicum in person for both the clinical an...

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  • A picture is worth a thousand words: helping students visualize a conceptual model.

    abstract::Communicating the functional applicability of a conceptual framework to nursing students can be a challenge of considerable magnitude. Nurse educators are convinced that nursing practice and process should stem from theory. However, when attempting to teach this, many educators have struggled with the expressions of c...

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  • Teaching for creativity.

    abstract::Although nurse education programs state that creativity is a valued attribute of the nursing student, some programs do not stimulate creative nursing approaches in their students. The author applies the psychophysiological theory of brain hemisphericity to nurse education to identify teaching approaches that model and...

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  • Can caring for critically ill patients be taught by reading a novel?

    abstract::Just before graduating, nursing students read Bed Number 10, a reflective account of an author's experience of being hospitalized with Guillain-Barre syndrome, which left every muscle in her body paralyzed. Students' wrote about the meaning of the story to their practice. The findings are heartwarming and remind us wh...

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  • An academic fairy tale: a metaphor of the work-role transition from clinician to academician.

    abstract::The author relates the findings of a qualitative study of the work-role transition of a clinical expert to novice nurse educator in a baccalaureate program. The information is presented in the form of a metaphor to provide a figurative way of reading research that can serve to stimulate thinking about the phenomenon w...

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  • Integrating your experience and opportunities to prepare for nurse educator certification.

    abstract::Certification is accepted as a universal affirmation of expertise. Nurse educators validate and demonstrate expertise in nursing education by earning the Certified Nurse Educator credential offered through the National League for Nursing's Academic Nurse Educator Certification Program. Educators can prepare to achieve...

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  • Using film clips to enhance nursing education.

    abstract::Film clips in nursing education provide a unique way to promote active learning. Several methods for using film clips and combining them with other teaching strategies are discussed. Suggestions for the use of popular clips, logistical aspects of showing clips in class, and legal issues associated with copyright are a...

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  • Impact of Simulation-Enhanced Pharmacology Education in Prelicensure Nursing Education.

    abstract::Student and novice nurses are susceptible to committing medication errors related to lack of experience. To address medication safety, a quasi-experimental design (N = 120) was used to test the effect of adding simulation to an undergraduate nursing pharmacology course on students' confidence and competence, medicatio...

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  • Professional commitment in RN-BSN and basic BSN students: program evaluation.

    abstract::This program evaluation study compared the outcome of professional commitment in RN-BSN, full-time basic, and part-time basic nursing students using the Health Care Professional Attitude Inventory. Students' responses did not differ on a pretest during the first course of the nursing major. Posttest professional commi...

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  • Outcomes assessment: choosing a psychometrically sound nursing achievement test.

    abstract::Summative assessment of nursing education is a common pre-graduation activity. The author describes how nursing faculty members can ensure that they have chosen a psychometrically sound nursing achievement test. First, the criteria by which standardized examinations should be evaluated are explored. Then, two common a...

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  • A 5-Year Evaluation of Faculty Use of Practical Within-Course Writing Development Strategies in a DNP Program.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nursing students are underprepared for the rigors of graduate writing. The lack of sufficient writing opportunities and skill development in prelicensure nursing education creates barriers that threaten course and program progression. APPROACH:This study used a prospective, repeated-measures design to evalu...

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  • The ripple effect: advancing faculty research?

    abstract::Many new nursing leaders assuming deanships or assistant or interim deanships have limited education, experience, or background to prepare them for the job. To assist new deans and those aspiring to be deans, the authors of this department, 2 deans, offer survival tips based on their personal experiences and insights....

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  • Effect of Psychoacoustic Learning on Cardiac Auscultation Proficiency in Nurse Practitioner Students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Assessment is a vital role of all nurses, yet cardiac murmur identification remains difficult for students. Cardiac auscultation is a technical, not intellectual, skill, and a psychoacoustic approach to learning is recommended. A psychoacoustic approach involves repetition of cardiac sounds to facilitate aud...

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  • Navigating the challenges of prison research with women.

    abstract::Despite the healthcare needs of an increasing number of incarcerated women in the United States, few researchers access this underserved population. The authors provide practical information to help novice researchers navigate potential institutional challenges including obtaining institutional review board approval, ...

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  • Nursing Student Medication Administration Performance: A Longitudinal Assessment.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Nurses must be adequately prepared for safe medication administration. PURPOSE:The specific aims of the study were to compare first- and final-semester nursing students' medication administration performance, describe graduating nursing student performance, assess the long-term effect of an Individual Simul...

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  • Distance learning through computer conferences.

    abstract::Computer conferencing offers a new delivery mode for distance education for nurses. This qualitative study examined the experiences of post-RN students taking a nursing course by computer conference. Initially, the students found the technology frustrating, but once they established contact, they appreciated participa...

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  • Educational opportunities: a nursing school model for medical special-needs sheltering.

    abstract::The devastation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina increased the awareness of persons who were unable to self-evacuate because of physical and/or mental disabilities. From that awareness, plans emerged to provide a safe haven for those who had special needs. In this article, we describe our efforts as a school of ...

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  • Concept-Based Curriculum: Changing Attitudes and Overcoming Barriers.

    abstract::Many nursing educators have considered the implementation of a concept-based curriculum, with active, conceptual teaching and learning strategies, which offers a way to respond to the overwhelming content saturation in many nursing curricula. However, barriers abound, including faculty concerns about loss of control, ...

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  • Perspectives on dichotomous thinking.

    abstract::Nursing education and practice often promote dichotomous thinking. There are serious limitations to this mode, as have been recognized by researchers in various fields. Nursing educators must overcome the entrenchment of dichotomous thinking in our teaching methods. ...

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  • Transforming impostors into heroes. Metaphors for innovative nursing education.

    abstract::Nurses negotiating professional transitions, whether they are entering an academic program or assuming a new role in the workplace, often feel like impostors. The metaphor of the hero can serve as an "antidote" to the impostor syndrome. The author describes an educational experience shaped around the impostor and hero...

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  • A method for developing faculty leaders.

    abstract::The authors explore peer review as a mechanism for developing faculty leaders who can meet the educational challenges posed by public demands for accountability in higher education and an increasingly diverse student body. How educational paradigms influence the design of peer review programs is described. Incentives ...

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