Detecting responses to treatment with fenofibrate in pedigrees.


BACKGROUND:Fenofibrate (Fb) is a known treatment for elevated triglyceride (TG) levels. The Genetics of Lipid Lowering Drugs and Diet Network (GOLDN) study was designed to investigate potential contributors to the effects of Fb on TG levels. Here, we summarize the analyses of 8 papers whose authors had access to the GOLDN data and were grouped together because they pursued investigations into Fb treatment responses as part of GAW20. These papers report explorations of a variety of genetics, epigenetics, and study design questions. Data regarding treatment with 160 mg of micronized Fb per day for 3 weeks included pretreatment and posttreatment TG and methylation levels (ML) at approximately 450,000 epigenetic markers (cytosine-phosphate-guanine [CpG] sites). In addition, approximately 1 million single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were genotyped or imputed in each of the study participants, drawn from 188 pedigrees. RESULTS:The analyses of a variety of subsets of the GOLDN data used a number of analytic approaches such as linear mixed models, a kernel score test, penalized regression, and artificial neural networks. CONCLUSIONS:Results indicate that (a) CpG ML are responsive to Fb; (b) CpG ML should be included in models predicting the TG level responses to Fb;


BMC Genet


BMC genetics


Cherlin S,Wang MH,Bickeböller H,Cantor RM




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2018-09-17 00:00:00




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  • Genetic diversity of Bm86 sequences in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus ticks from Mexico: analysis of haplotype distribution patterns.

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  • Comparisons of methods for linkage analysis and haplotype reconstruction using extended pedigree data.

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  • Correction to: Landraces of snake melon, an ancient Middle Eastern crop, reveal extensive morphological and DNA diversity for potential genetic improvement.

    abstract::Following publication of the original article [1], the authors reported the need for a more detailed acknowledgement of the source of the samples that were analyzed and their coordinates, which are discussed in the 'Methods' section of the article. This Correction provides an addition to the 'Methods' section, and a s...

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  • The genetic variants in 3' untranslated region of voltage-gated sodium channel alpha 1 subunit gene affect the mRNA-microRNA interactions and associate with epilepsy.

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  • Analysis of an independent tumor suppressor locus telomeric to Tp53 suggested Inpp5k and Myo1c as novel tumor suppressor gene candidates in this region.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several reports indicate a commonly deleted chromosomal region independent from, and distal to the TP53 locus in a variety of human tumors. In a previous study, we reported a similar finding in a rat tumor model for endometrial carcinoma (EC) and through developing a deletion map, narrowed the candidate regi...

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  • A modifier screen in the Drosophila eye reveals that aPKC interacts with Glued during central synapse formation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Glued gene of Drosophila melanogaster encodes the homologue of the vertebrate p150Glued subunit of dynactin. The Glued1 mutation compromises the dynein-dynactin retrograde motor complex and causes disruptions to the adult eye and the CNS, including sensory neurons and the formation of the giant fiber sys...

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  • Fusion of the NUP98 gene with the LEDGF/p52 gene defines a recurrent acute myeloid leukemia translocation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The NUP98 gene is involved in multiple rearrangements in haematological malignancy. The leukemic cells in an acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patient with a t(9;11)(p22;p15) were recently shown to have a fusion between the NUP98 gene and the LEDGF gene but it was not demonstrated that this fusion was recurrent i...

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  • Genome scan linkage analysis comparing microsatellites and single-nucleotide polymorphisms markers for two measures of alcoholism in chromosomes 1, 4, and 7.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We analyzed 143 pedigrees (364 nuclear families) in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA) data provided to the participants in the Genetic Analysis Workshop 14 (GAW14) with the goal of comparing results obtained from genome linkage analysis using microsatellite and with results obtaine...

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  • Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Major population movements, social structure, and caste endogamy have influenced the genetic structure of Indian populations. An understanding of these influences is increasingly important as gene mapping and case-control studies are initiated in South Indian populations. RESULTS:We report new data on 155 i...

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  • Genome-wide linkage analysis of congenital heart defects using MOD score analysis identifies two novel loci.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Congenital heart defects (CHD) is the most common cause of death from a congenital structure abnormality in newborns and is often associated with fetal loss. There are many types of CHD. Human genetic studies have identified genes that are responsible for the inheritance of a particular type of CHD and for s...

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  • The use of the SLC16A1 gene as a potential marker to predict race performance in Arabian horses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Arabian horses are commonly believed to be one of the oldest and the most popular horse breeds in the world, characterized by favourable stamina traits and exercise phenotypes. During intensive training, the rates of lactate production and utilization are critical to avoid muscle fatigue and a decrease in ex...

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  • The association of the PON1 Q192R polymorphism with coronary heart disease: findings from the British Women's Heart and Health cohort study and a meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There have been inconsistent results from case-control studies assessing the association of the PON1 Q192R polymorphism with coronary heart disease (CHD). Most studies have included predominantly men and the association in women is unclear. Since lipid levels vary between the sexes the antioxidant effect of ...

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  • Characterization of the late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) proteins family and their role in drought stress tolerance in upland cotton.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) proteins are large groups of hydrophilic proteins with major role in drought and other abiotic stresses tolerance in plants. In-depth study and characterization of LEA protein families have been carried out in other plants, but not in upland cotton. The main aim of this rese...

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  • A variance component analysis on recombination rate in the COGA pedigrees.

    abstract::We estimated the crossover frequency in 1,232 gametes from 356 subjects in pedigrees from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics on Alcoholism. We examined the effect of covariates including age, ethnicity, and years with ALDX1 on recombination rate, and found a positive correlation between recombination rate and yea...

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  • Genomic and expression analysis of multiple Sry loci from a single Rattus norvegicus Y chromosome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sry is a gene known to be essential for testis determination but is also transcribed in adult male tissues. The laboratory rat, Rattus norvegicus, has multiple Y chromosome copies of Sry while most mammals have only a single copy. DNA sequence comparisons with other rodents with multiple Sry copies are incon...

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  • Association study of stuttering candidate genes GNPTAB, GNPTG and NAGPA with dyslexia in Chinese population.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dyslexia is a polygenic speech and language disorder characterized by an unexpected difficulty in reading in children and adults despite normal intelligence and schooling. Increasing evidence reveals that different speech and language disorders could share common genetic factors. As previous study reported a...

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  • A colorectal cancer prediction model using traditional and genetic risk scores in Koreans.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Genome-wide association studies have identified numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) risk in populations of European descent. However, their utility for predicting risk to CRC in Asians remains unknown. A case-cohort study (random sub-cohort N=1,685) from...

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  • SNP discovery in swine by reduced representation and high throughput pyrosequencing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Relatively little information is available for sequence variation in the pig. We previously used a combination of short read (25 base pair) high-throughput sequencing and reduced genomic representation to discover > 60,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in cattle, but the current lack of complete geno...

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  • Recombination of the porcine X chromosome: a high density linkage map.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Linkage maps are essential tools for the study of several topics in genome biology. High density linkage maps for the porcine autosomes have been constructed exploiting the high density data provided by the PorcineSNP60 BeadChip. However, a high density SSCX linkage map has not been reported up to date. The ...

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  • Quantitative trait loci for variation in immune response to a Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus peptide.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Infectious disease of livestock continues to be a cause of substantial economic loss and has adverse welfare consequences in both the developing and developed world. New solutions to control disease are needed and research focused on the genetic loci determining variation in immune-related traits has the pot...

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  • Wild barley introgression lines revealed novel QTL alleles for root and related shoot traits in the cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare L.).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Root is the prime organ that sucks water and nutrients from deep layer of soil. Wild barley diversity exhibits remarkable variation in root system architecture that seems crucial in its adaptation to abiotic stresses like drought. In the present study, we performed quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping of r...

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  • Freeze-thaw Caenorhabditis elegans freeze-thaw stress response is regulated by the insulin/IGF-1 receptor daf-2.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Adaption to cold temperatures, especially those below freezing, is essential for animal survival in cold environments. Freezing is also used for many medical, scientific, and industrial purposes. Natural freezing survival in animals has been extensively studied. However, the underlying mechanisms remain uncl...

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  • Evidence for bivariate linkage of obesity and HDL-C levels in the Framingham Heart Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Epidemiological studies have indicated that obesity and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels are strong cardiovascular risk factors, and that these traits are inversely correlated. Despite the belief that these traits are correlated in part due to pleiotropy, knowledge on specific genes commonly affecti...

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    authors: Arya R,Lehman D,Hunt KJ,Schneider J,Almasy L,Blangero J,Stern MP,Duggirala R,Framingham Heart Study.

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  • GWAS of habitual coffee consumption reveals a sex difference in the genetic effect of the 12q24 locus in the Japanese population.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Studies on genetic effects of coffee consumption are scarce for Asian populations. We conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of habitual coffee consumption in Japan using a self-reporting online survey. RESULTS:Candidate genetic loci associated with habitual coffee consumption were searched within...

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  • Fine-scale genetic analysis of the exploited Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus) in Sahelian Africa.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Overexploitation of wildlife populations results in direct consequences, such as extinction and local extirpation, as well as indirect effects including genetic diversity loss and changes in genetic structure. A clear understanding of the underlying genetic patterns of harvested species is necessary for sust...

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  • A nonsense mutation in the tyrosinase gene causes albinism in water buffalo.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is an autosomal recessive hereditary pigmentation disorder affecting humans and several other animal species. Oculocutaneous albinism was studied in a herd of Murrah buffalo to determine the clinical presentation and genetic basis of albinism in this species. RESULTS:Clinical e...

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  • Worldwide distribution of NAT2 diversity: implications for NAT2 evolutionary history.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) gene plays a crucial role in the metabolism of many drugs and xenobiotics. As it represents a likely target of population-specific selection pressures, we fully sequenced the NAT2 coding region in 97 Mandenka individuals from Senegal, and compared these sequences to extant da...

    journal_title:BMC genetics

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    authors: Sabbagh A,Langaney A,Darlu P,Gérard N,Krishnamoorthy R,Poloni ES

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  • A second generation genetic map for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Genetic maps characterizing the inheritance patterns of traits and markers have been developed for a wide range of species and used to study questions in biomedicine, agriculture, ecology and evolutionary biology. The status of rainbow trout genetic maps has progressed significantly over the last decade due ...

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    authors: Rexroad CE 3rd,Palti Y,Gahr SA,Vallejo RL

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  • GpnmbR150X allele must be present in bone marrow derived cells to mediate DBA/2J glaucoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Gpnmb gene encodes a transmembrane protein whose function(s) remain largely unknown. Here, we assess if a mutant allele of Gpnmb confers susceptibility to glaucoma by altering immune functions. DBA/2J mice have a mutant Gpnmb gene and they develop a form of glaucoma preceded by a pigment dispersing iris ...

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  • Hemi-nested touchdown PCR combined with primer-template mismatch PCR for rapid isolation and sequencing of low molecular weight glutenin subunit gene family from a hexaploid wheat BAC library.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) possesses a large genome that contains 1.6 x 1010 bp of DNA. Isolation of a large number of gene sequences from complex gene families with a high level of gene sequence identity from genomic DNA is therefore difficult and time-consuming. Bacterial artificial chromosome ...

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