Automated semen analysis by SQA Vision® versus the manual approach-A prospective double-blind study.


:Next to clinical investigations, the evaluation of male fertility relies mainly on detailed sperm analyses, for example, cell counting, motility, cell morphology and vitality testing. The manual creation of a spermiogram is time- and material-consuming. Therefore, reliable high-throughput systems that may be substituted for manual methods are urgently needed. The present study aimed to compare conventional sperm analysis performed as per WHO 5th guidelines and semen analysis performed with the SQA Vision® machine. SQA Vision® is a commercial device for automated sperm analysis. Data obtained independently by both methods were compared by statistical analyses using Bland-Altman plots and Passing-Bablok regression analyses. The analyses revealed that the results for sperm concentration and total motility were comparable. The agreement for progressive motility was poor, and there were clear deviations in the determination of normal sperm morphology. Passing-Bablok regression analyses and the consideration of the 95% confidence intervals pointed out systematic and proportional differences between the manual semen analysis and the automated approach.






Engel KM,Grunewald S,Schiller J,Paasch U




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  • Azoospermia in a renal transplant recipient during sirolimus (rapamycin) treatment.

    abstract::Sirolimus is used as a powerful immunosuppressant drug in patients after organ transplantation. It was shown to block spermatogenesis by interrupting the stem cell factor/c-kit system. Oligozoospermia was shown in single patients. In addition, a decrease of testosterone and an increase of gonadotropin levels were obse...


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  • Testosterone, FSH and LH in human spermatic and cubital venous plasma in varicocele patients.

    abstract::The plasma level of testosterone, FSH and LH were determined simultaneously in spermatic and cubital veins in 12 patients with varicocele. The testosterone levels in spermatic veins were 13.4 +/- 5.3 times higher than in cubital veins. FSH and LH levels were higher in cubital than in spermatic vein. No correlation was...


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    abstract::The spontaneous acrosomal reaction of mouse spermatozoa during their passage through the male and female genital tract was studied by indirect immunofluorescence staining techniques using antibodies against the outer acrosomal membrane (OAM). Low rates of spontaneously acrosome-reacted spermatozoa could be observed du...


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