Engineering Kluyveromyces marxianus as a Robust Synthetic Biology Platform Host.


:Throughout history, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has played a central role in human society due to its use in food production and more recently as a major industrial and model microorganism, because of the many genetic and genomic tools available to probe its biology. However, S. cerevisiae has proven difficult to engineer to expand the carbon sources it can utilize, the products it can make, and the harsh conditions it can tolerate in industrial applications. Other yeasts that could solve many of these problems remain difficult to manipulate genetically. Here, we engineered the thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus to create a new synthetic biology platform. Using CRISPR-Cas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats with Cas9)-mediated genome editing, we show that wild isolates of K. marxianus can be made heterothallic for sexual crossing. By breeding two of these mating-type engineered K. marxianus strains, we combined three complex traits-thermotolerance, lipid production, and facile transformation with exogenous DNA-into a single host. The ability to cross K. marxianus strains with relative ease, together with CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing, should enable engineering of K. marxianus isolates with promising lipid production at temperatures far exceeding those of other fungi under development for industrial applications. These results establish K. marxianus as a synthetic biology platform comparable to S. cerevisiae, with naturally more robust traits that hold potential for the industrial production of renewable chemicals.IMPORTANCE The yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus grows at high temperatures and on a wide range of carbon sources, making it a promising host for industrial biotechnology to produce renewable chemicals from plant biomass feedstocks. However, major genetic engineering limitations have kept this yeast from replacing the commonly used yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in industrial applications. Here, we describe genetic tools for genome editing and breeding K. marxianus strains, which we use to create a new thermotolerant strain with promising fatty acid production. These results open the door to using K. marxianus as a versatile synthetic biology platform organism for industrial applications.






Cernak P,Estrela R,Poddar S,Skerker JM,Cheng YF,Carlson AK,Chen B,Glynn VM,Furlan M,Ryan OW,Donnelly MK,Arkin AP,Taylor JW,Cate JHD




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  • The Vibrio cholerae VexGH RND Efflux System Maintains Cellular Homeostasis by Effluxing Vibriobactin.

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  • Phosphorylation of Rhoptry Protein RhopH3 Is Critical for Host Cell Invasion by the Malaria Parasite.

    abstract::Merozoites formed after asexual division of the malaria parasite invade the host red blood cells (RBCs), which is critical for initiating malaria infection. The process of invasion involves specialized organelles like micronemes and rhoptries that discharge key proteins involved in interaction with host RBC receptors....


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  • Chromatin Modulation of Herpesvirus Lytic Gene Expression: Managing Nucleosome Density and Heterochromatic Histone Modifications.

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  • Influenza virus resistance to human neutralizing antibodies.

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  • Low Polymerase Activity Attributed to PA Drives the Acquisition of the PB2 E627K Mutation of H7N9 Avian Influenza Virus in Mammals.

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  • Live-Cell FRET Reveals that Malaria Nutrient Channel Proteins CLAG3 and RhopH2 Remain Associated throughout Their Tortuous Trafficking.

    abstract::Malaria parasites increase their host erythrocyte's permeability to various nutrients, fueling intracellular pathogen development and replication. The plasmodial surface anion channel (PSAC) mediates this uptake and is linked to the parasite-encoded RhopH complex, consisting of CLAG3, RhopH2, and RhopH3. While interac...


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  • Bats, Primates, and the Evolutionary Origins and Diversification of Mammalian Gammaherpesviruses.

    abstract::Gammaherpesviruses (γHVs) are generally considered host specific and to have codiverged with their hosts over millions of years. This tenet is challenged here by broad-scale phylogenetic analysis of two viral genes using the largest sample of mammalian γHVs to date, integrating for the first time bat γHV sequences ava...


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  • HIV-1 Uncoating and Reverse Transcription Require eEF1A Binding to Surface-Exposed Acidic Residues of the Reverse Transcriptase Thumb Domain.

    abstract::Once HIV-1 enters a cell, the viral core is uncoated by a poorly understood mechanism and the HIV-1 genomic RNA is reverse transcribed into DNA. Host cell factors are essential for these processes, although very few reverse transcription complex binding host cell factors have been convincingly shown to affect uncoatin...


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  • High Zika Virus Seroprevalence in Salvador, Northeastern Brazil Limits the Potential for Further Outbreaks.

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  • Pig Movement and Antimicrobial Use Drive Transmission of Livestock-Associated Staphylococcus aureus CC398.

    abstract::The epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus has changed considerably over the last 3 decades, including the recognition of lineages associated with the community and with livestock exposure, in addition to nosocomial strains. A recent study by R. N. Sieber, R. L. Skov, J. Nielsen, J. Schulz, et al....


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  • Population genetics of Vibrio cholerae from Nepal in 2010: evidence on the origin of the Haitian outbreak.

    abstract::Cholera continues to be an important cause of human infections, and outbreaks are often observed after natural disasters, such as the one following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Once the cholera outbreak was confirmed, rumors spread that the disease was brought to Haiti by a battalion of Nepalese soldiers serving as U...


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  • Restricted Localization of Photosynthetic Intracytoplasmic Membranes (ICMs) in Multiple Genera of Purple Nonsulfur Bacteria.

    abstract::In bacteria and eukaryotes alike, proper cellular physiology relies on robust subcellular organization. For the phototrophic purple nonsulfur bacteria (PNSB), this organization entails the use of a light-harvesting, membrane-bound compartment known as the intracytoplasmic membrane (ICM). Here we show that ICMs are spa...


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  • Multi-Omic Analyses Provide Links between Low-Dose Antibiotic Treatment and Induction of Secondary Metabolism in Burkholderia thailandensis.

    abstract::Low doses of antibiotics can trigger secondary metabolite biosynthesis in bacteria, but the underlying mechanisms are generally unknown. We sought to better understand this phenomenon by studying how the antibiotic trimethoprim activates the synthesis of the virulence factor malleilactone in Burkholderia thailandensis...


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  • Structural basis for the inhibition of the chromatin repressor BAHD1 by the bacterial nucleomodulin LntA.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The nucleus has emerged as a key target for nucleomodulins, a family of effectors produced by bacterial pathogens to control host transcription or other nuclear processes. The virulence factor LntA from Listeria monocytogenes stimulates interferon responses during infection by inhibiting BAHD1, a nuclear pro...


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  • HIV-1 Nef Interacts with LMP7 To Attenuate Immunoproteasome Formation and Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Antigen Presentation.

    abstract::The proteasome is a major protein degradation machinery with essential and diverse biological functions. Upon induction by cytokines, proteasome subunits β1, β2, and β5 are replaced by β1i/LMP2, β2i/MECL-1, and β5i/LMP7, resulting in the formation of an immunoproteasome (iProteasome). iProteasome-degraded products are...


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  • Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocyte knob density is linked to the PfEMP1 variant expressed.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Members of the clonally variant Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PfEMP1) family mediate adhesion of infected erythrocytes (IEs) to vascular receptors. PfEMP1 expression is normally confined to nanoscale knob protrusions on the IE surface membrane. To investigate the relationship between ...


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  • Kinetics of uropathogenic Escherichia coli metapopulation movement during urinary tract infection.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The urinary tract is one of the most frequent sites of bacterial infection in humans. Uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) strains are the leading cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and are responsible for greater than 80% of uncomplicated cases in adults. Infection of the urinary tract occurs in an a...


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  • Neisseria meningitidis Uses Sibling Small Regulatory RNAs To Switch from Cataplerotic to Anaplerotic Metabolism.

    abstract::Neisseria meningitidis (the meningococcus) is primarily a commensal of the human oropharynx that sporadically causes septicemia and meningitis. Meningococci adapt to diverse local host conditions differing in nutrient supply, like the nasopharynx, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid, by changing metabolism and protein repe...


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    authors: Pannekoek Y,Huis In 't Veld RA,Schipper K,Bovenkerk S,Kramer G,Brouwer MC,van de Beek D,Speijer D,van der Ende A

    更新日期:2017-03-21 00:00:00

  • Efficient and Highly Specific Gene Transfer Using Mutated Lentiviral Vectors Redirected with Bispecific Antibodies.

    abstract::Despite their exceptional potencies, the broad tropism of most commonly used lentivirus (LV) vectors limits their use for targeted gene delivery in vivo We hypothesized that we could improve the specificity of LV targeting by coupling (i) reduction of their binding to off-target cells with (ii) redirection of the vect...


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    authors: Parker CL,Jacobs TM,Huckaby JT,Harit D,Lai SK

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  • Commensal Protection of Staphylococcus aureus against Antimicrobials by Candida albicans Biofilm Matrix.

    abstract::Biofilm-associated polymicrobial infections, particularly those involving fungi and bacteria, are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality and tend to be challenging to treat. Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus specifically are considered leading opportunistic fungal and bacterial pathogens, respect...


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  • SpxA1 and SpxA2 Act Coordinately To Fine-Tune Stress Responses and Virulence in Streptococcus pyogenes.

    abstract::SpxA is a unique transcriptional regulator highly conserved among members of the phylum Firmicutes that binds RNA polymerase and can act as an antiactivator. Why some Firmicutes members have two highly similar SpxA paralogs is not understood. Here, we show that the SpxA paralogs of the pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes,...


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    authors: Port GC,Cusumano ZT,Tumminello PR,Caparon MG

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  • Intercellular diffusion of a fluorescent sucrose analog via the septal junctions in a filamentous cyanobacterium.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Many filamentous cyanobacteria produce specialized nitrogen-fixing cells called heterocysts, which are located at semiregular intervals along the filament with about 10 to 20 photosynthetic vegetative cells in between. Nitrogen fixation in these complex multicellular bacteria depends on metabolite exchange b...


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