A new urethral catheterisation device (UCD) to manage difficult urethral catheterisation.


:The cost of urethral catheterisation injury (UCI) is significant, but the true incidence of patient care error is difficult to establish in the absence of specific hospital codes recording difficult urethral catheterisation (DUC) and UCI. For many years urologists are familiar passing a non-traumatic hydrophilic guidewire blindly into the bladder to aid urethral catheter insertion in difficult circumstances. However, so far, no purpose-built regulated medical device was available on the market and clinicians had to improvise. Urethrotech filled that gap and developed the Urethral Catheterisation Device (UCD®), which integrates a standard hydrophilic Nitinol guidewire into a 3-way 16F Silicone urethral catheter design to enable safe second-line urethral catheterisation when first-line catheterisation with a standard urethral catheter is unsuccessful. The safety and efficacy of UCD® catheterisation were evaluated in consecutive cohorts of men undergoing cardiac surgery and compared to the incidence of DUC and UCI with standard Foley catheterisation. A simple new Male Catheterisation Algorithm is proposed that can deliver a safe male urethral catheterisation treatment protocol for all clinical settings of healthcare services, which is easy to implement and integrate into standard catheterisation training programs to manage DUC and avoid UCI, empowering a frontline workforce to deliver better patient care.


World J Urol


World journal of urology


Bugeja S,Mistry K,Yim IHW,Tamimi A,Roberts N,Mundy AR




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  • Experimental animal model and RNA interference: a promising association for bladder cancer research.

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  • Detection of prostate cancer with 18F-DCFPyL PET/CT compared to final histopathology of radical prostatectomy specimens: is PSMA-targeted biopsy feasible? The DeTeCT trial.

    abstract:PURPOSE:In primary prostate cancer (PCa) patients, accurate staging and histologic grading are crucial to guide treatment decisions. 18F-DCFPyL (PSMA)-PET/CT has been successfully introduced for (re)staging PCa, showing high accuracy to localise PCa in lymph nodes and/or osseous structures. The diagnostic performance o...

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  • The role of [(18)F] FDG-PET, CT/MRI and tumor marker kinetics in the evaluation of post chemotherapy residual masses in metastatic germ cell tumors--prospects for management.

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  • The electrified catheter. Role in sterilizing urine and decreasing bacteriuria.

    abstract::A catheter was designed to decrease the incidence of catheter-induced urinary infections. A randomized, controlled study was performed to assess its safety and efficacy. The study comprised 24 patients subjected to hemorrhoidectomy. The criteria for entry were a preoperative urinary pathogen count below 10(5) colony-f...

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  • The ileal neobladder in female patients with bladder cancer: long-term clinical, functional, and oncological outcome.

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  • A prospective risk-stratified follow-up programme for radically treated renal cell carcinoma patients: evaluation after eight years of clinical use.

    abstract:PURPOSE:In mid-2007, we introduced a new risk-stratified follow-up programme (FUP) for surgically treated localized renal cell carcinoma. After inclusion, the patients have been followed prospectively. In this study, we present the results in regard to stratification, completeness of the FUP and recurrences. METHODS:T...

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  • The effectiveness of targeted relative to empiric prophylaxis on infectious complications after transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy: a meta-analysis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Rectal culture screening for fluoroquinolone (FQ)-resistant Enterobacteriaceae before transrectal ultrasound guided prostate (TRUSPB) biopsy and targeted antibiotic prophylaxis (TAP) may decrease post-TRUSPB infection rates compared to empiric (EAP) regimens. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effe...

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  • Longer length improvement and more covert incision: a single-center, prospective study of two innovative surgical methods "one stitch" and "four stitch" for pediatric buried penis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:To introduce the detailed procedures of two innovative surgical options for pediatric buried penis and prospectively compare their efficacy and safety. METHODS:A single-center, non-randomized, prospective study was conducted at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, where patients were operated on using...

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  • Manganese dioxide coating reduces bacterial adhesion and infection in silicon implants in animal model.

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  • Biopsy standards for detection of prostate cancer.

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  • Correction to: National trends in the use of PSA, urinalysis, and digital rectal exam for evaluation of lower urinary tract symptoms in men.

    abstract::The original article can be found online. ...

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  • The effect of delayed percutaneous nephrolithotomy on the risk of bacteremia and sepsis in patients with neuromuscular disorders.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine whether a delayed percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) reduces the rate of bacteremia/sepsis in patients with neuromuscular disorders. Patients with neuromuscular disorders are at higher risk of developing complications after PCNL. One strategy to reduce the risk of infectious complications is to pl...

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  • Oxytocin plasma levels in the systemic and cavernous blood of healthy males during different penile conditions.

    abstract::It is well established that transmitters of the nonadrenergic-noncholinergic (NANC) system are involved in the control of sexual arousal and penile erection in healthy males. The proerectile activity of dopamine D1/D2 receptor agonist apomorphine-HCl (IXENSE, UPRIMA) involves oxytocinergic pathways descending from the...

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  • Urological surgery in patients with hemorrhagic bleeding disorders Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, von Willebrand disease: a retrospective study with matched pairs analysis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine retrospectively the perioperative management and outcome of transurethral prostate/bladder surgery (TURP, TURB) and transrectal prostate biopsy in hemophiliacs. METHODS:Thirty-seven hemophilic patients underwent TURP (12 patients), TURB (13 patients), or transrectal prostate biopsy (12 patients) w...

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  • Cabazitaxel inhibits prostate cancer cell growth by inhibition of androgen receptor and heat shock protein expression.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Cabazitaxel, a semi-synthetic taxane of the third generation, inhibits prostate cancer (PC) cell growth by affecting the microtubule architecture. Since cabazitaxel has also been demonstrated to inhibit androgen receptor (AR) functionality, AR and AR-associated heat shock protein (HSP) expressions in the presen...

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  • Identification of molecular targets in urologic oncology.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Molecular targets in cancer diagnosis and therapy have come to the fore of the oncology field in the last decade. Their identification is rooted in basic science investigation and enhanced knowledge in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, molecular and tumor biology, and pathology among others. METHODS:A m...

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  • Microbiological outcomes in women with diabetes and untreated asymptomatic bacteriuria.

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