Unscrambling phylogenetic effects and ecological determinants of chromosome number in major angiosperm clades.


:As variations in the chromosome number are recognized to be of evolutionary interest but are also widely debated in the literature, we aimed to quantitatively test for possible relationships among the chromosome number, plant traits, and environmental factors. In particular, the chromosome number and drivers of its variation were examined in 801 Italian endemic vascular plants, for a total of 1364 accessions. We estimated phylogenetic inertia and adaptation in chromosome number - based on an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process - and related chromosome numbers with other plant traits and environmental variables. Phylogenetic effects in chromosome number varied among the examined clades but were generally high. Chromosome numbers were poorly related to large scale climatic conditions, while a stronger relationship with categorical variables was found. Specifically, open, disturbed, drought-prone habitats selected for low chromosome numbers, while perennial herbs, living in shaded, stable environments were associated with high chromosome numbers. Altogether, our findings support an evolutionary role of chromosome number variation, and we argue that environmental stability favours higher recombination rates in comparison to unstable environments. In addition, by comparing the results of models testing for the evolvability of 2n and of x, we provide insight into the presumptive ecological significance of polyploidy.


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Carta A,Bedini G,Peruzzi L




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2018-09-24 00:00:00












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  • Nano-TiO2 reinforced CoCr matrix wear resistant composites and high-temperature tribological behaviors under unlubricated condition.

    abstract::The CoCrMo matrix composites with nano-TiO2 particle (2 wt.%, 4 wt.% and 6 wt.%) were fabricated by using a powder metallurgy technique (P/M), and the nano-TiO2 content was optimized in matrix. The microstructures, mechanical and high-temperature tribological properties of the synthesized composites were systematicall...

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  • Effects of maneuver of hair-washing motion and gender on oxygen uptake and ventilation in healthy people.

    abstract::It is known that patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease experience dyspnea during unsupported arm exercise (UAE). We examined the respiratory variables in during a hair-washing motion for healthy young people requiring the UAE to find the effects across gender, motion, and speed. In this study, 33 healthy...

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  • On forward inferences of fast and slow readers. An eye movement study.

    abstract::Unimpaired readers process words incredibly fast and hence it was assumed that top-down processing, such as predicting upcoming words, would be too slow to play an appreciable role in reading. This runs counter the major postulate of the predictive coding framework that our brain continually predicts probable upcoming...

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