Direct induction of microtubule branching by microtubule nucleation factor SSNA1.


:Microtubules are central elements of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton that often function as part of branched networks. Current models for branching include nucleation of new microtubules from severed microtubule seeds or from γ-tubulin recruited to the side of a pre-existing microtubule. Here, we found that microtubules can be directly remodelled into branched structures by the microtubule-remodelling factor SSNA1 (also known as NA14 or DIP13). The branching activity of SSNA1 relies on its ability to self-assemble into fibrils in a head-to-tail fashion. SSNA1 fibrils guide protofilaments of a microtubule to split apart to form daughter microtubules. We further found that SSNA1 localizes at axon branching sites and has a key role in neuronal development. SSNA1 mutants that abolish microtubule branching in vitro also fail to promote axon development and branching when overexpressed in neurons. We have, therefore, discovered a mechanism for microtubule branching and implicated its role in neuronal development.


Nat Cell Biol


Nature cell biology


Basnet N,Nedozralova H,Crevenna AH,Bodakuntla S,Schlichthaerle T,Taschner M,Cardone G,Janke C,Jungmann R,Magiera MM,Biertümpfel C,Mizuno N




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  • Formins direct Arp2/3-independent actin filament assembly to polarize cell growth in yeast.

    abstract::Formins have been implicated in the regulation of cytoskeletal structure in animals and fungi. Here we show that the formins Bni1 and Bnr1 of budding yeast stimulate the assembly of actin filaments that function as precursors to tropomyosin-stabilized cables that direct polarized cell growth. With loss of formin funct...

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  • New protease inhibitors prevent gamma-secretase-mediated production of Abeta40/42 without affecting Notch cleavage.

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    abstract::Adenomatous polyposis coli protein (APC) is an important tumour suppressor in the human colon epithelium. In a complex with glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3), APC binds to and destabilizes cytoplasmic ('free') beta-catenin. Here, using a yeast two-hybrid screen for proteins that bind to the Drosophila beta-catenin ho...

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  • Adherens junction treadmilling during collective migration.

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  • S-nitrosylation of microtubule-associated protein 1B mediates nitric-oxide-induced axon retraction.

    abstract::Treatment of cultured vertebrate neurons with nitric oxide leads to growth-cone collapse, axon retraction and the reconfiguration of axonal microtubules. We show that the light chain of microtubule-associated protein (MAP) 1B is a substrate for S-nitrosylation in vivo, in cultured cells and in vitro. S-nitrosylation o...

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  • Drosophila Ric-8 regulates Galphai cortical localization to promote Galphai-dependent planar orientation of the mitotic spindle during asymmetric cell division.

    abstract::Localization and activation of heterotrimeric G proteins have a crucial role during asymmetric cell division. The asymmetric division of the Drosophila sensory precursor cell (pl) is polarized along the antero-posterior axis by Frizzled signalling and, during this division, activation of Galphai depends on Partner of ...

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