Video-rate volumetric neuronal imaging using 3D targeted illumination.


:Fast volumetric microscopy is required to monitor large-scale neural ensembles with high spatio-temporal resolution. Widefield fluorescence microscopy can image large 2D fields of view at high resolution and speed while remaining simple and costeffective. A focal sweep add-on can further extend the capacity of widefield microscopy by enabling extended-depth-of-field (EDOF) imaging, but suffers from an inability to reject out-of-focus fluorescence background. Here, by using a digital micromirror device to target only in-focus sample features, we perform EDOF imaging with greatly enhanced contrast and signal-to-noise ratio, while reducing the light dosage delivered to the sample. Image quality is further improved by the application of a robust deconvolution algorithm. We demonstrate the advantages of our technique for in vivo calcium imaging in the mouse brain.


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Xiao S,Tseng HA,Gritton H,Han X,Mertz J




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2018-05-21 00:00:00












  • Anaerococcus urinimassiliensis sp. nov., a new bacterium isolated from human urine.

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  • Taxonomic and functional diversity increase the aesthetic value of coralligenous reefs.

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  • High-energy, Long-cycle-life Secondary Battery with Electrochemically Pre-doped Silicon Anode.

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  • Human GV oocytes generated by mitotically active germ cells obtained from follicular aspirates.

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  • Co-expression of BirA with biotin bait achieves in vivo biotinylation of overexpressed stable N-glycosylated sRAGE in transgenic silkworms.

    abstract::Here, we demonstrated the expression of the N-glycosylated extracellular ligand binding domain of receptor for advanced glycation end products (sRAGE) in middle silk glands (MSGs) of transgenic silkworms using the GAL4/UAS system. Over 1 mg of sRAGE was obtained from one transgenic silkworm. sRAGE purified from the si...

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  • Lufenuron induces reproductive toxicity and genotoxic effects in pregnant albino rats and their fetuses.

    abstract::Insecticides and other agrochemicals have become indispensable components of the agricultural system to ensure a notable increase in crop yield and food production. As a natural consequence, chemical residues result in significantly increased contamination of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The present study ...

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  • Scanning laser optical tomography resolves developmental neurotoxic effects on pioneer neurons.

    abstract::Developmental neurotoxic compounds impair the developing human nervous system at lower doses than those affecting adults. Standardized test methods for assessing developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) require the use of high numbers of laboratory animals. Here, we use a novel assay that is based on the development of an in...

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  • Digitalization of the IOM: A comprehensive cadaveric study for obtaining three-dimensional models and morphological properties of the forearm's interosseous membrane.

    abstract::State-of-the-art of preoperative planning for forearm orthopaedic surgeries is currently limited to simple bone procedures. The increasing interest of clinicians for more comprehensive analysis of complex pathologies often requires dynamic models, able to include the soft tissue influence into the preoperative process...

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  • An absorption-free and Doppler-improved optical waveguide for diffractionless light propagation.

    abstract::We propose a novel scheme to realize an optical waveguide induced by an active Raman gain (ARG) process in a four-level N-type atomic system. Because of the nature of the ARG, there are two distinct features related to the waveguide: i) It is not absorptive, on the contrary, weak gain is presented; ii) It can be impro...

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  • Α 10-gigawatt attosecond source for non-linear XUV optics and XUV-pump-XUV-probe studies.

    abstract::The quantum mechanical motion of electrons and nuclei in systems spatially confined to the molecular dimensions occurs on the sub-femtosecond to the femtosecond timescales respectively. Consequently, the study of ultrafast electronic and, in specific cases, nuclear dynamics requires the availability of light pulses wi...

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  • Removal of back-reflection noise at ultrathin imaging probes by the single-core illumination and wide-field detection.

    abstract::Thin waveguides such as graded-index lenses and fiber bundles are often used as imaging probes for high-resolution endomicroscopes. However, strong back-reflection from the end surfaces of the probes makes it difficult for them to resolve weak contrast objects, especially in the reflectance-mode imaging. Here we propo...

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  • Nodulation Characterization and Proteomic Profiling of Bradyrhizobium liaoningense CCBAU05525 in Response to Water-Soluble Humic Materials.

    abstract::The lignite biodegradation procedure to produce water-soluble humic materials (WSHM) with a Penicillium stain was established by previous studies in our laboratory. This study researched the effects of WSHM on the growth of Bradyrhizobium liaoningense CCBAU05525 and its nodulation on soybean. Results showed that WSHM ...

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  • Evaluation of the Structure of Myodural Bridges in an Equine Model of Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.

    abstract::Myodural bridges have been described in various species as connective tissue structures "bridging" small cranio-cervical muscles to the dura. Myodural bridges are thought to stabilize the dural sac during head and neck movements and promote cerebrospinal fluid motion; however, their role in neurological diseases has n...

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  • Copper(II) complexes as potential anticancer and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents: In vitro and in vivo studies.

    abstract::Copper-based compounds are promising entities for target-specific next-generation anticancer and NSAIDS therapeutics. In lieu of this, benzimidazole scaffold plays an important role, because of their wide variety of potential functionalizations and coordination modes. Herein, we report three copper complexes 1-3 with ...

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  • Trends in cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic patients in comparison to general population in Iran: findings from National Surveys 2007-2016.

    abstract::To determine levels of change in risk factors for cardiovascular disease among people with and without a previous diagnosis of diabetes from 2007 to 2016 in Iran. Data were obtained from five rounds of the World Health Organization STEPwise approach to Surveillance (STEPS) cross-sectional surveys. Participants were 76...

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  • Association between C4, C4A, and C4B copy number variations and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases: a meta-analysis.

    abstract::Although several studies have investigated the association between C4, C4A, and C4B gene copy number variations (CNVs) and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases, the results remain inconsistency for those diseases. Thus, in this study, a comprehensive meta-analysis was conducted to assess the role of C4, C4A, and C4B ...

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  • Landscape limits gene flow and drives population structure in Agassiz's desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii).

    abstract::Distance, environmental heterogeneity and local adaptation can strongly influence population structure and connectivity. Understanding how these factors shape the genomic landscape of threatened species is a major goal in conservation genomics and wildlife management. Herein, we use thousands (6,859) of single nucleot...

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    authors: Sánchez-Ramírez S,Rico Y,Berry KH,Edwards T,Karl AE,Henen BT,Murphy RW

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  • Function of alanine racemase in the physiological activity and cariogenicity of Streptococcus mutans.

    abstract::The enzyme alanine racemase (Alr) has been a new target for the development of antibacterial drugs based on the involvement of D-Ala in bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. Our previous study noted that Alr is essential for the growth and interspecies competitiveness of S. mutans, the major causative organism of dental c...

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    authors: Liu S,Wei Y,Zhou X,Zhang K,Peng X,Ren B,Chen V,Cheng L,Li M

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  • A Joint Modeling Approach for Childhood Meat, Fish and Egg Consumption and the Risk of Advanced Islet Autoimmunity.

    abstract::Several dietary factors have been suspected to play a role in the development of advanced islet autoimmunity (IA) and/or type 1 diabetes (T1D), but the evidence is fragmentary. A prospective population-based cohort of 6081 Finnish newborn infants with HLA-DQB1-conferred susceptibility to T1D was followed up to 15 year...

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    authors: Syrjälä E,Nevalainen J,Peltonen J,Takkinen HM,Hakola L,Åkerlund M,Veijola R,Ilonen J,Toppari J,Knip M,Virtanen SM

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  • On-Surface Synthesis within a Porphyrin Nanoring Template.

    abstract::On-surface synthesis provides a route for the production of 1D and 2D covalently bonded polymeric structures. Such reactions are confined to the surface of a substrate and the catalytic properties of the substrate are often utilised to initiate the reaction. Recent studies have focused on the properties of various cry...

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  • Maintaining physical activity during refeeding improves body composition, intestinal hyperpermeability and behavior in anorectic mice.

    abstract::A role of gut-brain axis emerges in the pathophysiology of anorexia nervosa and maintaining adapted physical activity during refeeding remains discussed. We aimed to assess gastrointestinal protein metabolism and investigate the contribution of physical activity during refeeding in C57BL/6 mice with activity-based ano...

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    authors: Achamrah N,Nobis S,Breton J,Jésus P,Belmonte L,Maurer B,Legrand R,Bôle-Feysot C,do Rego JL,Goichon A,Rego JC,Déchelotte P,Fetissov SO,Claeyssens S,Coëffier M

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  • CREDO: Highly confident disease-relevant A-to-I RNA-editing discovery in breast cancer.

    abstract::Adenosine-to-Inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing is the most prevalent post-transcriptional modification of RNA molecules. Researchers have attempted to find reliable RNA editing using next generation sequencing (NGS) data. However, most of these attempts suffered from a high rate of false positives, and they did not conside...

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  • A new perspective on the 137Cs retention mechanism in surface soils during the early stage after the Fukushima nuclear accident.

    abstract::The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident caused serious radiocesium (137Cs) contamination of the soil in multiple terrestrial ecosystems. Soil is a complex system where minerals, organic matter, and microorganisms interact with each other; therefore, an improved understanding of the interactions of 137Cs wit...

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  • Forms and Lability of Phosphorus in Algae and Aquatic Macrophytes Characterized by Solution 31P NMR Coupled with Enzymatic Hydrolysis.

    abstract::Solution Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance (31P NMR) spectroscopy coupled with enzymatic hydrolysis (EH) with commercially available phosphatases was used to characterize phosphorus (P) compounds in extracts of the dominant aquatic macrophytes and algae in a eutrophic lake. Total extractable organic P (Po) conc...

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    authors: Feng W,Zhu Y,Wu F,He Z,Zhang C,Giesy JP

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  • Improvement of osteogenesis by a uniform PCL coating on a magnesium screw for biodegradable applications.

    abstract::A polymer coating as polycaprolactone (PCL) is applied to improve the initial corrosion resistance of biodegradable magnesium. In addition, plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) is performed to increase adhesion between the polymer and the metal. However, when a complex-shaped material such as a screw is implanted in a ...

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    authors: Kim YK,Lee KB,Kim SY,Jang YS,Kim JH,Lee MH

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  • Near-instant automatic access to visually presented words in the human neocortex: neuromagnetic evidence.

    abstract::Rapid and efficient processing of external information by the brain is vital to survival in a highly dynamic environment. The key channel humans use to exchange information is language, but the neural underpinnings of its processing are still not fully understood. We investigated the spatio-temporal dynamics of neural...

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    authors: Shtyrov Y,MacGregor LJ

    更新日期:2016-05-24 00:00:00

  • Influence of OATP1B1 and BCRP polymorphisms on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of rosuvastatin in elderly and young Korean subjects.

    abstract::A lack of information regarding whether genetic polymorphisms of SLCO1B1 and ABCG2 affect the pharmacokinetics (PKs)/pharmacodynamics (PDs) of rosuvastatin in elderly subjects prevents optimal individualized pharmacotherapy of rosuvastatin in clinical settings. This study aimed to investigate the effect of age and gen...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Kim Y,Yoon S,Choi Y,Yoon SH,Cho JY,Jang IJ,Yu KS,Chung JY

    更新日期:2019-12-19 00:00:00

  • High Speed Computational Ghost Imaging via Spatial Sweeping.

    abstract::Computational ghost imaging (CGI) achieves single-pixel imaging by using a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) to generate structured illuminations for spatially resolved information encoding. The imaging speed of CGI is limited by the modulation frequency of available SLMs, and sets back its practical applications. This pa...

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    authors: Wang Y,Liu Y,Suo J,Situ G,Qiao C,Dai Q

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  • ADAMTS-7 is associated with a high-risk plaque phenotype in human atherosclerosis.

    abstract::Several large-scale genome-wide association studies have identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the genomic region of A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase with ThromboSpondin type 1 repeats (ADAMTS)-7 and associations to coronary artery disease. Experimental studies have provided evidence for a functional role o...

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    authors: Bengtsson E,Hultman K,Dunér P,Asciutto G,Almgren P,Orho-Melander M,Melander O,Nilsson J,Hultgårdh-Nilsson A,Gonçalves I

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  • Genome-wide identification, phylogeny and expression analysis of the PME and PMEI gene families in maize.

    abstract::Pectins, the major components of cell walls in plants, are synthesized and secreted to cell walls as highly methyl-esterified polymers and then demethyl-esterified by pectin methylesterases (PMEs). The PMEs are spatially regulated by pectin methylesterase inhibitors (PMEIs). In this study, 43 and 49 putative PME and P...

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