Formulation characteristics and in vitro release testing of cyclosporine ophthalmic ointments.


:The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between formulation/process variables versus the critical quality attributes (CQAs) of cyclosporine ophthalmic ointments and to explore the feasibility of using an in vitro approach to assess product sameness. A definitive screening design (DSD) was used to evaluate the impact of formulation and process variables. The formulation variables included drug percentage, percentage of corn oil and lanolin alcohol. The process variables studied were mixing temperature, mixing time and the method of mixing. The quality and performance attributes examined included drug assay, content uniformity, image analysis, rheology (storage modulus, shear viscosity) and in vitro drug release. Of the formulation variables evaluated, the percentage of the drug substance and the percentage of corn oil in the matrix were the most influential factors with respect to in vitro drug release. Conversely, the process parameters tested were observed to have minimal impact. An evaluation of the release mechanism of cyclosporine from the ointment revealed an interplay between formulation (e.g. physicochemical properties of the drug and ointment matrix type) and the release medium. These data provide a scientific basis to guide method development for in vitro drug release testing of ointment dosage forms. These results demonstrate that the in vitro methods used in this investigation were fit-for-purpose for detecting formulation and process changes and therefore amenable to assessment of product sameness.


Int J Pharm


Dong Y,Qu H,Pavurala N,Wang J,Sekar V,Martinez MN,Fahmy R,Ashraf M,Cruz CN,Xu X




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2018-06-10 00:00:00














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