[The inadequacy of official classification of work accidents in Brazil].


:Traditionally, work accidents in Brazil have been categorized in government documents and legal and academic texts as typical work accidents and commuting accidents. Given the increase in urban violence and the increasingly precarious work conditions in recent decades, this article addresses the conceptual inadequacy of this classification and its implications for the underestimation of work accidents in the country. An alternative classification is presented as an example and a contribution to the discussion on the improvement of statistics on work-related injuries in Brazil. :Tradicionalmente, os acidentes do trabalho no Brasil vêm sendo categorizados em documentos governamentais, bem como em textos jurídicos e acadêmicos, como típicos e de trajeto. Face ao aumento da violência urbana e à precarização do trabalho em décadas recentes, discute-se a inadequação conceitual dessa classificação e sua implicação no subdimensionamento dos acidentes do trabalho no país. É apresentada uma classificação alternativa, como ilustração e contribuição à discussão sobre o aprimoramento das estatísticas das lesões associadas ao trabalho no país. :Tradicionalmente, los accidentes de trabajo en Brasil están siendo categorizados en documentos gubernamentales, así como en textos jurídicos y académicos, como típicos y de desplazamiento. Ante el aumento de la violencia urbana y la precarización del trabajo en las décadas recientes, se discute la inadecuación conceptual de esa clasificación y su implicación en el subdimensionamiento de los accidentes de trabajo en el país. Se presenta una clasificación alternativa, como ilustración y contribución a la discusión sobre el perfeccionamiento de las estadísticas de las lesiones asociadas al trabajo en el país.


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  • Facebook recruitment of smokers: comparing gain- and loss-framed ads for the purposes of an Internet-based smoking cessation intervention.

    abstract::Gain- and loss-framed messages about smoking behavior have commonly been used to promote cessation. However, there are still no clear conclusions as to what kind of message is more effective for motivating smokers to quit. This study compared the effectiveness of loss- and gain-framed messages in the online recruitmen...

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  • Falls, cuts and burns in children 0-4 years of age: 2004 Pelotas (Brazil) birth cohort.

    abstract::Knowledge on the incidence of childhood accidents according to the child's stage of development is important for designing preventive programs targeting each age bracket. The aim of this study was to describe the incidence of falls, cuts, and burns in children up to four years of age according to family economic statu...

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  • [Validity and reliability of a scale to assess self-efficacy for physical activity in elderly].

    abstract::This study aimed to analyze the confirmatory factor validity and reliability of a self-efficacy scale for physical activity in a sample of 118 elderly (78% women) from 60 to 90 years of age. Mplus 6.1 was used to evaluate the confirmatory factor analysis. Reliability was tested by internal consistency and temporal sta...

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  • HPV vaccine introduction at the local level in a developing country: attitudes and criteria among key actors.

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  • [An oral health care network organized by large municipalities in Santa Catarina State, Brazil].

    abstract::This study aims to analyze the oral health care network in Santa Catarina State, Brazil, in municipalities with 100,000 inhabitants or more, focusing on the identification and integration of the network's essential elements. Primary data were obtained through a structured questionnaire applied to oral health care admi...

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  • [Models of care for individuals with obesity in primary healthcare in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil].

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  • Demographic dynamics of the Suyá, a Jê people of the Xingu Indigenous Park, Central Brazil, 1970-2004.

    abstract::This paper analyses the demographic dynamics of the Suyá, a Jê people, inhabitants of the Xingu Indigenous Park, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, during the years 1970-2004. Data was gathered from medical records of the São Paulo Federal University Health Program at the Xingu Indigenous Park. The demographic characteristics...

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  • [Dental fluorosis in Brazil: a critical review].

    abstract::This paper discusses dental fluorosis as a relevant public health problem, using a review of epidemiological studies published in the last 10 years on the disease's prevalence, severity, and risk factors. The results suggest that there are already more cases than expected, although few studies refer to major severity....

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  • Going open source: some lessons learned from the development of OpenRecLink.

    abstract::Record linkage is the process of identifying and merging records across different databases belonging to the same entity. The health sector is one of the pioneering areas of record linkage techniques applications. In 1998 we began the development of a software package, called RecLink that implemented probabilistic rec...

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  • Factors associated with preterm birth: from logistic regression to structural equation modeling.

    abstract::This study proposed the application of structural equation modeling (SEM) to investigate variables associated with preterm birth based on a theoretical model analyzed previously by hierarchical logistic regression. The data came from a population-based case-control observational study of hospital births to mothers res...

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  • [Social support and breast self-examination in the Pró-Saúde Study].

    abstract::The authors investigated the association between the reported frequency of breast self-examination and five dimensions of social support (material, emotional, affective, information, and positive social interaction) among 2,240 female employees from a university in Rio de Janeiro who were participants in Phase 1 of a ...

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  • [Impact of a Well Baby Care Program on the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding].

    abstract::A historical cohort of children born between January 2000 and December 2002 from low-income families attending a primary health care facility on the periphery of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, was studied in relation to prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding. Analysis was based on a life table focusing on interrup...

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  • [Family odysseys: the search for infant mental health care].

    abstract::The aim was to analyze the peregrination of families of children treated in a Center for Psychosocial Care for Children and Adolescents in their search for mental health care. The study included participant observations at the clinic and focus groups with the children's families. The qualitative study used institution...

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  • [The effect of folic acid fortification on the reduction of neural tube defects].

    abstract::Neural tube defects are congenital malformations that occur during initial fetal development, leading to anencephaly and spina bifida; folic acid deficiency is the most important risk factor identified to date. Brazil has one of the world's highest neural tube defect rates. Food consumption surveys among pregnant Braz...

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  • [Dialogues on the work process in oral health in Brazil: an analysis based on the PMAQ-AB survey].

    abstract::The study aimed to: (1) describe the work process in Brazil's oral health teams, based on the essential attributes of primary health care, according to geographic region, type of team, and the municipality's socioeconomic characteristics and (2) verify whether the data in the work process of the oral health teams in t...

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  • Perceived enforcement of anti-smoking laws in bars and restaurants of three Brazilian cities: data from the ITC-Brazil survey.

    abstract::Passive smoking causes severe and lethal effects on health. Since 1996 Brazil has been moving forward in the implementation of anti-smoking legislation in enclosed public spaces. This article aims to evaluate the perceived enforcement of anti-smoking legislation in the cities of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul State),...

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  • [Effects of violence and discrimination on the mental health of bisexuals, lesbians, and gays in Mexico City].

    abstract::The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, mental disorders, and alcoholism in bisexuals, lesbians, and gays in Mexico City and analyze the possible relationship between violence, discrimination, and the mental health of these population groups. A questionnaire...

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  • [Health education for triatomine control in an area under epidemiological surveillance in Paraná State, Brazil].

    abstract::This paper describes a health education project targeting a rural community and health professionals from counties undergoing epidemiological surveillance for Chagas disease vectors in the State of Paraná, Brazil. A group of technicians from the Brazilian National Health Foundation (FUNASA) was trained, together with ...

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    authors: Falavigna-Guilherme AL,Costa AL,Batista O,Pavanelli GC,de Araujo SM

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  • Childhood tuberculosis incidence in Southeast Brazil, 1996.

    abstract::This study aims to describe childhood tuberculosis incidence in Southeast Brazil in 1996. It is a descriptive study based on secondary records from the Tuberculosis Division of the Sao Paulo State Health Department. The study area includes 40 cities, has some 1,800,000 inhabitants, and is located between Sao Paulo and...

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  • [Integrated control of the filariasis vector with community participation in an urban area of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil]

    abstract::A pilot study for the control of Bancroftian filariasis transmission was developed in two areas of Recife, Brazil, where microfilaraemic prevalence was 10% in 1991. Mass treatment with diethylcarbamazine (DEC) using low and spaced doses was employed in both areas. In one such instance, DEC therapy was associated with ...

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    authors: Regis L,Furtado AF,Oliveira CM,Bezerra CB,Silva LR,Araújo J,Maciel A,Silva-Filha MH,Silva SB

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  • [Lessons from health education for HIV/AIDS prevention: theoretical elements for the construction of a new integrated practice].

    abstract::There is an evident contrast between health education practices and theoretical reflection concerning them as models. Health education practices have undergone considerable development in terms of strategies, methods, and modalities, while theoretical models have remained deficient, reductionist, fragmentary, and focu...

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    authors: Merchán-Hamman E

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  • [Meningococcal disease: epidemiological profile in the Municipality of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, 1998/2002].

    abstract::This epidemiological study focused on meningococcal meningitis in the Municipality of Manaus, Brazil from 1998 and 2002, considering the following aspects: incidence and case-fatality, age, sex, clinical manifestations, evolution, diagnostic criteria, and predominant meningococcal strains. The mean incidence rate for ...

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  • [Comments on studies of industrial and non-industrial environments in Brazil: a comparative approach].

    abstract::Air quality in industrial environments has been studied since the second half of the 20th century. Well-documented results show that exposure to chemical pollutants through their consumption, production, and storage can damage workers' health. New research focusing on non-industrial environments has shown unexpected c...

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    authors: Gioda A,de Aquino Neto FR

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  • [Cost-effectiveness analysis on the reutilization of coronary artery catheters in a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil].

    abstract::The aim of this study was to compare the cost-effectiveness ratio of new versus reprocessed coronary artery catheters in a Federal public hospital. This was an analytical decision-making model prepared to estimate the cost-effectiveness ratio between two strategies in the use of materials in coronary artery catheteriz...

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  • [Factors associated with smoking in the elderly: a health survey in São Paulo (ISA-SP)].

    abstract::This article reports on smoking prevalence and associated factors in the elderly, based on a population-based cross-sectional study with multi-stage sampling including 1,954 individuals 60 years or older living in four areas of São Paulo State, Brazil. Overall smoking prevalence was 12.2%, and higher rates were associ...

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  • The evolution of pathogenic trypanosomes.

    abstract::In the absence of a fossil record, the evolution of protozoa has until recently largely remained a matter for speculation. However, advances in molecular methods and phylogenetic analysis are now allowing interpretation of the "history written in the genes". This review focuses on recent progress in reconstruction of ...

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  • Physical activity in adults from two Brazilian areas: similarities and differences.

    abstract::Lack of comparability has been a major limitation in studies on physical activity, due to the utilization of different methodological instruments and inconsistent cut-off points. This study aims to compare the levels of physical activity in adults from two Brazilian areas: (a) São Paulo, the richest State in the count...

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    authors: Hallal PC,Matsudo SM,Matsudo VK,Araújo TL,Andrade DR,Bertoldi AD

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  • [Patient satisfaction with pharmacy services: translation and validation of the Pharmacy Services Questionnaire for Brazil].

    abstract::The aim of this study was to translate into Portuguese and validate the Pharmacy Services Questionnaire (PSQ). The instrument includes 20 questions that measure user satisfaction with pharmacy services, and is organized according to two factors. It uses a Likert scale of answers from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). The PSQ...

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    authors: Correr CJ,Pontarolo R,Melchiors AC,Paula e Souza RA,Rossignoli P,Fernández-Llimós F

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  • [External quality assessment in coproparasitology in Havana City Province, Cuba]

    abstract::An external quality assessment in coproparasitology was carried out in 77 laboratories from Havana City. A questionnaire and ten plastic vials with different intestinal parasites in a small nylon bag, duly sealed, were sent to each laboratory. Answers were collected during the 72 hours after delivery. Results were ana...

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    authors: Angel Núñez F,Ginorio DE,Finlay CM

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  • [Contemporary themes and approaches in Social and Human Sciences in Brazil: manifestations and trends in the field's fifth national congress].

    abstract::The central theme of the 5th National Congress on Social and Human Sciences in Health held by ABRASCO in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2011 was The Place of Social Sciences in Public Health, fostering a broad process of reflection on the scope and importance of this area's contributions to the field of public health. The arti...

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